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  1. i was wondering how do we make a conference chat like with all your friends on your friends list??? because i need to tell everyone on my friends list
  2. Heys i am new to this but i want to know where we get those kid clothes templates just wondering because im going to make a toddleedoo store ty PLeasee Answer ASAP
  3. hey i was uploading pictures but they are xcf not tga what do i do
  4. hey i was wondering because i seen people edit photos with photoshop and i just got photoshop CS3 so any help i want to make some photos to put on my profile in secondlife
  5. Hey i see people makeing MUSic videos on secondlife and postes them on facebook and i was wondering how i can do it is it free?
  6. hey i was wondering how do i am going to make gestures that have baby voices thanks:matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. hey i was wondering if we could build Binkys and stuff for our stores but i need some help does anyone know how?:matte-motes-little-laugh:
  8. I have been asking how do you freeze objects like houses that youbuild instead of putting it in inventory pieces and piece.so you can put whole thing in inventory.
  9. Hi im Bella,i wanted to ask how you can make Mesh Babie avatars and clothing i want to make a mesh avi because i dunt want to waste my money on toddleedoo and others please help
  10. Please Help I want to put wallpaper on my house
  11. WHAT does seocndlife have for viewers exccpt Beta
  12. I have a store but i dont know how to put things in it And my viewer is phoenix
  13. I really need to make 1 need respondes before 2 hours
  14. NEED HELP please TITLE Says it ALL
  15. Does Yabusaka mesh avatar work with Secondlife Beta viewer??? PLease answer
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