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  1. So i just got back to SL after a long time away, i almost right away came across a place i feel comfortable all the Admins were super welcoming and helpful. This is just a post to share so check it out https://www.sevaloncity.com/ [Feel free to IM me Inworld, always looking for more para roleplayers to join]
  2. MInes was crack den about 4 or so years ago
  3. i suggest creating one of your own, ive noticed the same thing and it has caused a decline in my own desire to rp.
  4. Hey their im a para-roleplayer with a deep interest in dark urban roleplay. I am currently rp'ing in DE and CD, and am looking for someone or some people to join my inner circle, and get some great storylines going. Messages me in world! [A pic of me in DE]
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scroop/55/44/1500
  6. http://princetonnorthhigh.weebly.com/index.html
  7. As I've said, the sim is still under-construction, IM Draco Bearsfoot for a group invite, where updates on the build will be sent out. Please direction all questions to- http://princetonnorthhigh.weebly.com/forum.html#/
  8. Im not going for politically correct with these roles, im going for the general stereotype which I believe is correct, how people conform or morph around it, is obviously up to them and their rp.
  9. -Nerds or Brains-These are the smart, nerdy, star-wars obsessed kids who get bullied and tormented, you get asked to be other people's lab partners because you're smart, High school is your prison, while others peek your just waiting to reach your full potential. These kids are destined to get into a ivy league school. -Band Geeks-A person involved in band who enjoys it so much that they constantly have band on their minds, known to date other "band geeks," Generally have random and/or strange thought processes, are generally some of the coolest and most talen
  10. -Outsiders-People who don't fit into the society considers normal -Goths-wear black, act sad, desperately try to make statements. They may wear clothes of the opposite gender,make out more openly in the hallway than other people, or protest general injustices in a angry and ineffective way. -Emos- people who might not have the hardest of lives, but just enough problems to make them think they do. They might write poetry, where make up, skinny jeans, and stuff, but most "emo" guys are straight.Emo's who are no
  11. Thats what this forum is for comments like those, so you think emos, punks and goths should be separate categories, IM think punks and emos be sub categories of goths.
  12. Urban School Roleplay Sim, Princeton North High is now looking for students and non students in the pre-season to the sims opening. IM-Draco Bearsfoot for more details. Student Roles- Average Student- Not bad, not good, not amazing but not boring, Just another face in the crowd, you raise your hand when you want to and don't particularly excel at anything. Popular Kid- At the top of the Social Latter, theses are the Cheerleaders, Jocks Not always the Smartest apple on the tree, but what they lack in intelligence they make up for in good looks. Shallow and easily amused, they throw
  13. Reply- very interesting,would like to join.if you dont mind i write my opinion. - noob (starting point). - average,student who talk less,average in all activities,but there must be a skill or good/bad thing behind. question: -as you said 'Title must be earned through rp',how &how long to earn point and get any title?or people free to choose their title? -"author" is needed?as it a school will need teacher,football couch,etc.if it needed,then it will be a massive RP -where and when ? Their will a general student tilt when you first enter the sim, you decided your role and fi
  14. [i wanna get you intrested and keep you updated so heres a few ideas of the roles, that will be offered.] Popular Kid- At the top of the Social Latter, theses are the Cheerleaders, Jocks Not always the Smartest apple on the tree, but what they lack in intelligence they make up for in good looks. Shallow and easily amused, they throw the best party's and are under the mindset that everyone whats to be them. [Title must be earned through rp] Rich kids/ Preps- , typically good at sports, good at being social and rich. These kids Typical run for student office and often become
  15. Welcome to Princeton North High School, A fully immersive Urban High School Roleplay Sims . Whether your sporting you Glasses and pocket protectorsm holding you pom poms or sneaking out behind the gym to smoke a joint before class. Theirs a place for you. This Sims is here to fill the void in URBAN high school rp across the grid. You can participate in sports, clubs, hang with the popular kids or pine to be one from the outside. Chill with the computer geeks or meer'ly try and make it to graduation as the loner. Every personality and style is welcome. [Sims Underproduction More Info to be
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