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  1. I had noticed it the past couple days occasionally and I had chalked it up to lag but it couldn't possibly be. My FPS is consistantly in the 90-100 range. I've tried relogging, detaching all my attachments, clearing my cache, I've tried other viewers and even my other avatars and the problem persists. It's like there are keys being pressed to make him move except the camera doesn't swing to follow beind me like I'm moving the arrow keys. It's more like being pushed. It happens in other regions as well. I'll walk around a little bit, stop for a few seconds and my avi will take a few steps to the side or forward or sometimes back. It doesn't seem to matter which direction I go or which way I move and sometimes I even see him jerking like it happens while I'm moving, too. When you double-tap forward you run and while walking around trying to get to the bottom of this madness, my avi started running like I had double-tapped forward even though my finger never left the key. I really need help with this. Normally I wouldn't even care in a game like this except that I use a combat system where percise movements are imperative and I need this resolved. Thank you in advance.
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