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  1. Hi, I have a slight issue... When i open my profile to fix it and add things and such the information spot on the secondlife tab is simply not there, and I cannot get to the first life tab either. Could anyone explain to me why this is and possibly tell me how to fix it? Thxs, Dannii
  2. Hello all. Ok Here's the thing. this started about a week or two ago and I was wondering if anyone knew what the heck was going on. About a week ago I was online and had multiple avies running for a hud game I play. I was on for about an hour and then I got a message saying that the connection was lost and to check internet connection. But ive asked around and this isnt just happening to me. I have family and friends that this is happening to as well. Anyone know why SL just feels the need to randomly kick you off recently? Dannii P.S. If this helps at all the viewer I use is Phoenix Viewer Hope to hear from someone soon!
  3. Hey Emmett, I love to chat, and build although I am only an amateur... I would love to chat with you. I am very talkative it can be a bit of a pain sometimes but hey Hope to hear from ya soon, Dannii
  4. Love both of the pics, they are gorgeous! Know anywhere I can get that dress? Dannii
  5. Hey Lycari, if you want to chat feel free to look me up inworld Id be more then happy to chat... Mrs Dannii ChatterBox Lockjaw dats ma name lolz... Cheers, Dannii
  6. Hi Aerilius, I have been in SL for quite a while and can offer you some help if you need it. I build so I am pretty good at aligning things, took me years to get the hang of it. I have some LMs in my Inventory for freebie places, also you could try searching freebies or freebies deluxe in the secondlife market place they have some pretty good things. Hit me up inworld if you need more help! Cheers, Dannii
  7. Hello, I too find SL boring without anyone to talk to even with building I get bored. Please feel free to IM me if you are interested in chatting. i live in Australia so by the time you get this i will porbably be offline but feel free to leave me an offline and I will get back to you ASAP. Hope you find someone to chat with soon. Dannii Lockjaw <3
  8. Hi Ijissy, There are several places you can meet teens in SL one being the Teen Hangout. I am only 17 so if you want to chat hit me up Dannii
  9. Hey DJ, Im underage but only by a year not even. I love to make friends, I build too. But I am still an amateur. If you want you can add me, the more friends the merrier right? lolz Dannii
  10. Hi Tailsy I am also underage, I find that if you just play it low and keep a safe profile you are fine. I have many adult friends that know I am not 18 and they are fine with it... I am happy to add you if you want someone to chat with. Cheers, Dannii P.S. I am Australian so Time zones are going to be a pain
  11. Hi Treasure, I have a very big family if you are interested. 6 sisters, 1 brother a mom a dad and a few uncles and aunts. Altho I am a teenager in RL so I will understand if you say no If not I hope you find your family soon. GL! Dannii Lockjaw
  12. Hi Kniffelig, I apologize if there is a spelling error with your name. I have been in SL for quite a while and I know how to do pretty much anything (Im not bragging just stating a fact) I love to make new friends and I can probably help you out if you need it. Feel free to add me in SL, Dannii Lockjaw
  13. Hey Reika, I'm happy to add you I love art and chatting, and music. Pop and Country are my favourites, but i am australian so time zones could get in the way. Dannii <3
  14. Hi Limitless, I am Australian, feel free to add me if you want people to chat with, I RP too but I only do 'safe' rp as Im only a teen... Please do feel free to add me if you want tho, I am happy to chat Dannii
  15. I love the first pic, its gorgeous, makes me want the dress... is there anywhere I can get/look at it, like the MP or something?
  16. Welcome back to SL! And join the club... we'll make jackets lolz. Nice to meet ya, my name's dannii and at times my typing is horrible. Dannii
  17. Hello All, This is really bothering me, I logged on 10 minutes ago and my inventory was fine, but when I tried to change my eyes i kept getting this message... [04:48] Cannot create requested inventory. I don't know what this means all I know is that my eyes will not rezz or load the eyes I was trying to put on, someone please help me! I am on the Phoenix Viewer version, Someone please help, if you have any ideas of what could be happening please let me know. I have already tried relogging and it is doing the same thing to me.Oh yeah and when I try to buy something it won't let me. Thanks, Dannii Lockjaw <3
  18. Haha I love meeroos, great pic! <3 Dannii
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