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  1. I'm also an artist and japanese art is what made me who I am today as a Graphic Designer I would love to chat! I'll message you in world!
  2. Let's all be lonely together
  3. Heeey I love para rp, though I haven't done it in a while. I prefer not to voice, because I'm kind of a believer in not mixing my rl with sl. (Also, I'm not super comfortable with it, because I don't like being flirted with.) I love shopping and exploring every kind of sim. I don't have any friends, though I am not new to SL. So hit me up!
  4. True, but I like to stay with the trends I'm not sure why, but it's just seems more difficult for me. I guess I should actually try a bit harder and not be so lazy about it.
  5. I have 2 avatars. One is a male, and I have roleplayed with him before and I go on him occasionally. I don't as much anymore because I find the whole mesh body and mesh heads for males to be a big pain in the booty to play with. If I do ever find the time and patience to fix him up again.. I'd probably go on him more often. *Shrug*. It's a nice break to not get hit on when going to places and.. honestly I just like playing as a guy sometimes. Nothing really much to it.
  6. Not sure if your both still looking for a sister. I'm not sure I'll be online enough.. I need more motivation to get on more tbh lol.
  7. Heeey, I'm Marissa. I'm 28 years old and I live in central USA :) I been here since 2012 and used to be super active.. but then my friends all started to leave and then I took a few years off. Now I come back on every once and while because I don't have any friends anymore. I would love to make new ones though and chat. I do work full time as a graphic designer, so I can't be on constantly, (I also like to play other games), but I think I'd come on more if I actually had some friends. In game, I enjoy shopping, exploring new areas, dancing, hang out with friends, and chatting. In real life, I
  8. You all should go check out Club Hallyu if you haven't on SL. They play all kinds of different asian music, mostly korean.
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