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  1. I may be biased because I'm a guitarist. But it looks odd. The artwork for the back of the guitar is upside down. Most guitarist would have artwork rotated the other way. Normally on the front of the guitar as well because that's the side everyone sees when you perform. I suppose because it's an art piece you could argue it doesn't matter. Which is fine, but for a guitar player it would definitely look nicer the other way around. The question is: could you make the artwork fit? So, I'd vote for rotate or flip the photo so that the subject's heads are closest to the neck of the guitar. Then I'd I would rotate or flip the whole guitar so the neck is pointing up as well. Voila! Guitar players will be happy. Good luck with your art.
  2. I'm not an expert, but I just do polygon modeling in 3dMax. Start with a box or just a plane and keep extruding and positioning the verts as you go along. Or you can copy parts of the body mesh polygons and detach as a copy and shape things out from there. There's a lot tweaking to do and it can be a long process. there aren't many short cuts. Good luck.
  3. Tim3D

    Visa Debit card

    On the billing page, I entered my Visa Debit card info but the billing page jams up every time after entry. Do you not accept visa debit cards? Also, I'm an American living in Cambodia so the Visa Debit card is issued from a bank in Phnom Penh. I use my Visa Debit all over the world and in America. I noticed some stores had a problem swiping, but when they use the embedded "smart" chip it works fine. Update: Well, it actually worked this time. Maybe it was some other glitch. Anyway, it appears SL does acept Visa Debit from outside the U.S.A. .
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