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  1. A group of friends just hanging out and talking alot. im a 5'4-5'6 ish height avatar. and not overly tall o-o . im a quiet person but mabey i can change? oh and i also like building/texturing , and love cute things and overly random half the time .. :smileyvery-happy:
  2. Ok , I played SL before and i always had ethernet connection , my computer is ancient but runs sl smoothly in mid-high sometimes with my PowerColor 4850. A few days ago in Virginia ( where i am) there was a thunder storm, it was raining and the thunder could be heard all the way across the city. I was thinking it was going to come later and i had time to get off , but the storm came and everything flickered. i took the plug out the wall and waited after the storm was over. Came back to recconect i had a internet error. saying the local area connection was enabled for 1 second then switched rig
  3. Ok , i have a musical walking gesture ( everytime i walk it plays the song) , and now im curious on how to make it musical? i have audacity , and clipped out part of the instrumental to the limit of 10 seconds and made it a .wav then i rezzed out a prim , and now im stuck. How do i make it make Sound? , i dont know how to script and was wondering if there was a open sourced script around for one already ., i really want to make custom music walking gestures. Any Help is Appreciated , Thanks! :) -------------------------------------------------- Edit* @Ryota , yeah , thank you!
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