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  1. Well, aren't we all a bunch of Debbie and Donny Downers. EVERYONE IM ME. I'll hug you and snuggle you and love you forevers.
  2. It almost sounds like the Chibi AO or the Small Furry AO (I can't remember.. and too lazy to look through my AOs)
  3. Welcome back! It's sooo nice to see some SL familiars running around sims. And might I say, good luck with the club! I'll have to hit you up for a TP sometime. What kind of music is it, Shadow?
  4. \o/ Now to wait for the online-at-the-same-time thing We're only 6 days apart in avatar age, Hunni
  5. Ugh.. I have this SAME issue. The same with gestures.. I don't actively have a store, but I'm always being asked "Oh.. who made that gesture?" "oooh.. who did your profile picture?" I've been in SL a number of years now, so I tend to make my own gestures, shapes, and do most of my own photo work as well. So how do you charge somebody for what you do because you ENJOY it, while at the same time making the lindens that it's "worth"? I always have to consider that I'm doing it for the joy of it.. not because I'm trying to pay tier (although tier is nice! ). I once had a very nice lady take a couples photo for me and my partner (who is now deceased iRL, sadly). She did an amazing job, but she was also working for a photostudio at the time. Now, I think I paid 1200 for that ONE picture (i got a 5x5 size and a profile picture size). Was it an amazing picture? Yeah.. it was pretty good. Yeah.. I could have done it myself.. but I was feeling lazy. Plus, it was nice to NOT fuss over critiquing my own work for once. That's why i was more than willing to ask her to do another one for me, and tipped her 600L on top of it... I was so thankful for the peace of mind. I trusted her. Normally, I wouldn't advise paying that much for a photo, but really.. that's what most decent photographers in SL charge nowadays. Unfortunately, what about the little guys? I don't know how much to charge for my own work, simply because I don't think it's THAT amazing. There's always room for improvement. .... what a worthless response.
  6. You sound just about like me! I tend to make my own shapes, though... just because I'm never happy with what I find on the MP. I've been in SL for a few years now, so I suppose it's easier for me. ORACUL (in Kuso) is an amazing place for cheaper, high quality animations (I know somebody mentioned them already ). They have an AO called the female assassin that would be close to what you want, I think, but it really is best to create your own individual avatar. I'm a huge fan of mesh clothing and hair right now. Dura and Drot are both amazing places to get shorter, unisex hair. As far as clothes.. searching the MP for key words does wonders.
  7. Awe.. you poor dears. Have you tried searching any adoption agencies in SL?
  8. Have you tried swinging by any adoption agencies? "Making Adoption Wishes Come True" and "Next Gen. Adoptions" are two very wonderful places... it's where I met my SL family, actually! (we ARE looking for a brother, too! So perhaps I ought to just message you in-world, eh? ) - :DDD Jeri
  9. Kyle! Nice to meet you! Are you new to SL then? Or just coming back?! Either way, we can get you straightened out and boogying in no time! -Jeri
  10. Awe, darlin. You poor thing. I never post in the forums, but for some reason I felt the urge to today! I'm coming back from a little break myself, and I always LOVE making new friends! I have my own homestead with little tucked away areas if you'd like to borrow it. *laughs* And of course, makeovers and shopping trips can be arranged (I'm pretty much a shopping master ). I'll shoot you an IM in-world! -Jeri
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