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  1. i want to leave from the premium membership , i follow all instruction but it is impossible to abandone the land because there is no space to select ground in premium home. This is very frustrating
  2. i want to downgrade my premium account in basic account , why i am not able to make this change? The strange thing is that i don't have donated or owned any land, and i never request any land also
  3. this is my last post on this blog, it was a pleasure to know and admire the beautiful images I've seen and not trouble you further with my images. Thank you for everything ... Maveryck Breen
  4. How does one submit an image for candidacy? Is it a group or one person arbitrarily deciding that any particular SL photo gets to become 'the pic of the day'? Is whether or not a picture is chosen based on the quality of the shot or the subject matter?
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