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  1. Last month I was able to buy Vanilla Visa Gift Cards to buy Linden. And then this month I bought a Mastercard Gift Card and it for some reason denies it when I try to buy Linden with it. And then I read the FAQ. Is Second Life cutting off the Debit Gift Card Option?
  2. It makes no sense to have a limit on the ban list because some clubs on Second Life are trying to help each other out with keeping certain people out from causing any harm to people. And there is a huge Blacklist that will not fit into the ban list because of the limit of 300 or 500. Why not make it to where the ban list is unlimited because of people making alternate accounts? With the ban list being limited, if it gets full it can give newer comers after an advantage to harm people with that ability to ban the person being kept from being able to keep someone from harming one another. Especially with how the block list is limited. Linden Labs should make the block list and ban list unlimited because there are possibilities for those lists to be filled quickly to some people and it's not good to have features not fully support someone enjoying what they pay for as far as renting a place on Second Life. This defeats the purpose of having a club or hangout on Second Life, so I'm no longer keeping my hangout on it. Until further notice, I hope Linden Labs reconsider fixing that problem.
  3. https://gyazo.com/eb5bf71f569f41d8f8701de94af4be4b I wasn't able to pull up the UI scaling slider because the Ok button was out of the screen and so I couldn't tell how to click it. Thank you so much! I also found an alternative fix as well. Just go to the settings file and open with notepad. Find "UI" and then change the number, it had on the preferences window, to 1 and save it and that is how I fixed my problem.
  4. https://gyazo.com/e499398a55c8860095b232d2ac39068d I was changing a few settings in the preferences and before I clicked save, I accidentally pressed something on my keyboard to where it rose the UI Scaling on the Firestorm. I thought of reinstalling Firestorm to fix this, but unfortunately it did not help even if the settings and the files were removed along with the uninstalling. So, I'm not sure what to do right now in how to fix this. My Windows 10 is at 100 percent. And I can't reach the save button and my keyboard isn't working with selecting anything on the preferences either. Is there a way to reset the preferences outside of Firestorm?
  5. I have read some forums on about how some Anti-virus softwares could possibly spike the CPU when getting on Firestorm or Second Life. I am hoping to see if any freeware anti-virus would be good for to have the scanning not bother the SL viewer folders.
  6. I need help with this. The CPU spikes when I use either the Second Life viewer or the Firestorm viewer. Both of them spikes the CPU to where it kicks me off either of the viewers few minutes later.
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