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  1. I've been working on this fitmesh body for a while, and the last test I tried, I noticed that the breasts had dents in them. I don't know what it is, the mesh itself looks fine, and the weights and rigging seem okay. The dents only show inworld, so I assumed it was the weights, but I've tweaked them repeatedly, and nothing seems to alter the dents at all. What else could it be and how do I fix it?
  2. Thank you once again Mastah, grasshopper learns well. ouo
  3. I've just uploaded a test hoodie, to check the rigging and faces, and I've noticed that some tris on the main face of my hoodie aren't tinting? I've never had this before, and I'm not sure what to search in google to fix it. Snapshot inworld, and blender screen: My Tumblr
  4. A wireframe in edit or object mode? 'Cause uh... edit mode, it's a mess. Screencap of both: http://basementcritter.tumblr.com/post/88382949441 I'm probably doing something wrong, tbh. I'll try fill again in a couple hours. [Gotta go afk soon.] And if there's something horribley wrong with my geometry, I'll probably scrap it and try again.
  5. I tried a few times and it won't work. I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong and I've googled it/watched videos. Guessing your advice is to just keep trying? And I kind of want to know why it's doing it so I can avoid the issue later. It just seems random at the moment.
  6. I'm having something weird happen when I use the Loop Tools/Bridge add-on. I'm using it to make doorways/windows. Here's two pictures [render and screencap in edit mode] showing what it's meant to look like, as well as the twisted one. It's twisted only in three spots. Two doorways and one window, everything else is fine. I've used this plenty times before, and I've never had this happen. What does it mean/how do I fix it? [Dumb down your answers/suggestions, I'm really new to Blender. :p]
  7. It's more of uh... pass to ignore those who are being rude, sarcastic, or general **bleep** wrinkles. Before all my frustration decided to ooze out my every orofice, I bought a nice skybox, where I built basically a forest setting. It was calming and I love to be there. Added some underground tunnels to amuse myself too. But... everything started annoying me. I thought about making an alt... the only thing holding me back was that I would still very much want to be an anthro and my first time around, I was lucky enough to meet friends that provided old but fantastic looking avis for free. Literally hundreds of them too. I just don't want to be stuck with bad anthro avis forever... and I don't want to try to spend vaulable money on an alt too. I'm low on funds all the time as it is. My partner has just sorted out his own life. He was on the streets because his mother was a **bleep**, got stuck in a hostel, and finally his grandfather gave him a place to stay. Then he had to go and sort out money and benefits and such. He's helped mostly by keeping me from getting too frustrated and giving me a shoulder to cry on when I have an emotional-woman fit. I don't think he knows much about this stuff either, so I don't really wanna drag him in it.
  8. I think I'd like to try out some 'blowing **bleep** up.' I really do. I tried venting my frustration in video games outside SL, for one night, and now I'm even more frustrated because something on my computer is very **bleep**ed and there's not a fix for it yet. So, basically, all my games are temporarily unavailable. Did you have any particular places in mind? Any of your favourites? I think I just stick to clubs because it's familiar and yelling at my laptop about how such whores and assholes some people are, is very relaxing. Sorta. I've always been unsure about some things in SL, particularly shooting things and puzzles, because I get huge lag pockets. I don't want to anger myself more because of lag. My ID is a 'leave to remain' thing. The 'yeah, you can live here, immigrant' pass. My mother has one too, so I know she could easily [well, not easily, but she's got info on it.] help me save my ass from being deported. Not only that, she took a citizenship test that requires you to learn the laws and such for that kind of thing anyway.
  9. it's the ID I have that says I'm allowed to live here. I got it after I moved.
  10. Thanks but I'm in england and I want my mother to give me information that she actually has. She won't speak to me about it. And I'm ending this thread, I got what I wanted and a few sarcastic comments to coat, so I'm done.
  11. Yes, it crossed my mind, but I'm stupid. If you haven't noticed. I don't know what to actually search.
  12. I'll take sorting out my life as a consideration, because I really haven't thought of it before. Thanks for the advice. You've been here long enough to post three times. And I haven't spoken to you until just now. So you've had no reason to still be here. If I bore you, leave.
  13. There is only one book in the entire world that I care about right now. And it's not been published yet.
  14. It seems impossible to do anything in my life right now. 'Can't get a job because my ID is missing, can't move out 'cause I don't have money, can't volunteer because I still need an ID, I just finished college, my mother won't help me file a police report for my ID 'cause I don't know how, and a bunch of other little stuff that's annoying and a little saddening... I'm just generally sick of feeling stuck.' Quoted from one of my earlier replies. I'm feeling lost.
  15. Would I be shunned for being an anthro though? I wouldn't mind meeting nice people and trying to help a little.. Keyword there is trying.
  16. I wish I was more... easily amused. There's only one friend out of the many that went missing that I know the reason for her disappearence. She was pregnant when we started talking, and a long way through it, so I assume she just needed to go and take care of her kid. I don't know where anyone else went. It's stressful, 'cause they were really good friends of mine, and now I barely remember them.
  17. I have one. It's currently not going very well. Can't get a job because my ID is missing, can't move out 'cause I don't have money, can't volunteer because I still need an ID, I just finished college, my mother won't help me file a police report for my ID 'cause I don't know how, and a bunch of other little stuff that's annoying and a little saddening... I'm just generally sick of feeling stuck. I want a distraction.
  18. I don't have enough... anything to do volunteer work. No initiative, nothing. And I'm not very helpful even if I try real hard to be.
  19. If we're still talking SL, I don't know what to do. Nothing interests me/I'm not qualified.
  20. By silly games, I mean both SL and other games. I always play the same games, and I can't afford to play any others that even remotely interest me. I've tried revisiting old games on Steam for nostalgia, but now Steam is all buggered up and crashing every time I load it up. I honestly can't remember any of my hobbies before SL, it's been so long. I do know I used to be a lot more artsy... but blender, photoshop, and all that for SL has made me want to avoid all things creative. Even just little pencil and paper doodles. I've thought about getting a job... but my internet isn't good enough to be a DJ, I'm a very grouchy person, so I would never be able to host, I woud like to be a secuirty guard but I would kick so many people out just for pissing me off, and I don't do rp that consists of me getting naked. There are jobs in the rp sim I want to go to, but considering my character would know nothing for years, I won't be able to do even that. I tried earning money and occupying my time with my MP store, but as I've said, blender and photoshop make me want to vomit right now. I don't really know of any other jobs I could do, btw. I stopped looking after I learned about the MP. The only job I want to go for irl is to be a butcher and part time chef... I'm.. not sure how to get paid for something similar in SL.
  21. I've had quite a few great expereinces... but all those have gone and passed and no more are showing up. I love SL, but... it's boring and some things are ruining it for me. And my partner is my partner in real life. He introduced me to SL before we got together. I've told him I was bored and will probably take a break, and his only suggestion was the only thing I could think of to keep me online; the roleplay sim. I'm taking a break anyway, though... now my issue is that I don't even remember my old hobbies.. derp
  22. Ugh, it sucks. I don't want to pull the plug. I've got nothing else to do. I recently come back from a break and I don't want another already. When I returned this time, nearly everyone was gone, and the few people left threw drama all over me because they suddenly decided they hated each other. I guess that buggered it this time. I don't want another break. :c
  23. I'm worried my character won't be excepted, because.. well, it's... A bio-luminescent dragon from another planet, in a medieval fantasy roleplay sim. I've had enough of creating things now, I think. Everything is stressful. Textures, mesh, blegh. I have so many ideas that I want to carry out, but I just can't do it anymore. And as for random IMing... I don't have luck with it. Either they get the wrong idea or I'm ignored after a few sentences. I'm one of those people who would just like to have things work out without me feeling stressed or rejected. I'm looking to hang out with people that will help me unwind, seeing as everything else is annoying or stressful.
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