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  1. **ahm** I'm also seeking for parents. Do you want to search together? We could be siblings ^^ I'm very open minded and I want a family with parents and siblings at least... I'm also an adult... Perhaps we could start from that... Hehe Contact me in-land (Hookky Resident) Regards - Kyle
  2. Hmm... I am new and came back! Haha I used to walk with no destiny through SL, but I got bored 'cause there's nothing to do, hehehe. And I still know how to do nothing at all... =P Contact me in world ^^ :smileyvery-happy:
  3. Hey! Kyle here! I also want friends... Whose wanna be nice and open minded... I'm also completely lost and have no idea of what I am doing, really, hehehe. If you want, you can contact me in-world (hookky)... I'll be glad to be a mate... -Kyle
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    Hey everyone! I am Kyle, I'm an "old newby" avi, something like, ahm, 19/20 years old, seeking for a family (parents, siblings, cousins, nephews/niece, step-mother/step-father... Whatever (I just don't want children, hehe). It can can be gay, bisexual, straight parents, I don't mind (I'm gay myself and want a nice family, who won't mind for it ^.^). It can be humans or vampires (I could become one, no problems, hehe). And people to help me improve my abilities (which I have nothing right now, lol) on SL and Role Play... Thank youu!! Kyle (hookky)
  5. hookky

    Vampire Family

    Hey! I'm Kyle I'm not a vampire, but I would like to become one, have a nice (and liberal/conformist) family, hang out, help others and be helped. I used to play SL for some time, but now I have stoped because I had nothing to do and never had contacts =( I love to talk, meet new people and help in the clan/family and I want to have nice friends on this clan, so we can do things together appart from the family too... If you are intereste, pleaaaase contact me in-world and I give you "all my prospect" heheheeh. =) - User: hookky Thank youu!! :matte-motes-little-laugh: -Kyle
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