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  1. Hi, I've just registered a new SL account and I am attempting to work my way through the basic "getting started" instructional content on the SL site. The problem I am having is that on the various pages of instructions categorized as "The Basics," which is to say the top 8 beginner tips--e.g. Customize your Appearance; Meet People & Make Friends, &c--I am unable to play the videos that are for all intents and purposes the only instructions given. I have tried this with both Firefox and Safari (I'm running an IMac with OSX 10.7.4) and have done the usual mucking about with security preferences and plug-ins, but none of these seems to help. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks and all the best, Maddalo my Quicktime is updated and I also tried using Chrome after posting the question. Any other suggestions? @charolotte (is your caxton a nod to the printer of incunabula?) & @valerie it is gratifying to know that none of these videos is working for either of you either--this means i'm not making some obvious noob mistake. Thanks also for the links to other instructional/expositional content; i've no doubt it will turn out to be rather useful. @marigold - thanks also for steering me to the orientation - i will be exploiting this resource presently again, thanks all for your kind assistance!
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