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  1. Perhaps Second Life is becoming a microcosm of the OPPRESSORS, SUPPRESSORS and COMPRESSORS of Real Life. Sasha Mayhem (sasha.paelus) "reads up...you need an education" Many who read this will want to say Second Life is just a game ....Get over it. Identify themselves to all, as if they are waving their arms in the air .. "I'm over here", As perhaps we should keep in mind these are the same ones who would support the depiction of a woman being raped , or child avatar victims and role playing pedophile perpetrators, because to them it is just a game and those mentalities cannot see conne
  2. It seems quite appeareant all over the forum this is an issue SL tech staff either has no answer to, or they can't. won't, don't, refuse, or are unwilling to resolve the problem. You wil be directed and encouraged to become a permium member to seek the support you are looking for yet the results are the same, as which can be seen in the forums
  3. Wow I have tried all these things before this post and to try them all again after your reply. It seem quite obvious and evident that perhaps it may be true that SL merchant folder is build on a house of cards and perhaps all should be leary of entrusting such fragile oe delicate system to the market place..this I dunno
  4. Merchant Outbox does not work with any viewer, I just get the white and red circle indication i canot send or transfer anything to the merchants folder. How is this resolved , will the be a resolve , i see alot of unanswered posts, and no responces from linden labs on these issues, yet many videos on how to use and transfer ones items to the market place converting from magic box to the merchant folder. How can this be accomplished when it appears as if it is built on a house of cards and lacks any responce or solutions from those promoting such a failed system.
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