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  1. 3zofe

    Issue with heel

    Realy thank you :matte-motes-delicious:
  2. 3zofe

    Issue with heel

    Hi as you see in the video I create jeans mesh but when I change heel height strength I got tweak resolte.
  3. Like this but for 3d max.
  4. Hi, Can I Convert second life shape in full rigid and weighted character mesh to 3d max ? because I wanna the same shape to make clothes on it, I don't want the default SL avatar character. :matte-motes-mad:
  5. Hi is that necessary to become Premium to upload mesh in second life using the second life aditi gird to preview mesh before i uploade it.?
  6. I'll help you, I fix that problem I'll upload video for you.
  7. can I use opensim with second life viewer? i tired with Phoenix viewer errors. and i wanna try my mesh cloth before i upload it.
  8. Please guys I still facing the problem what should I do.
  9. Thank you for reply, I do what you asked me to do but even so nothing has happened it's the same issue.
  10. 3zofe

    forgot my password

    lol i was try thank you all
  11. 3zofe

    forgot my password

    hi, i have been forgot my password it's been awhile since i logged in i was try the second life i contacted with support tame but it all the same answer send your secret question of your birthday i forget all this but i have the same email can you help me i want my account please.
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