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  1. Hi there, when you click on the map you provided it takes you to the backyard of a house that's been rented, and you can't move around unless you're a member of the group. Tried to search to see if there was a welcome center or something, but there's nothing in search for places. Edit: I found it in search but it takes you to the same backyard.
  2. Strattford County will be holding a job fair this weekend, the 25th and 26th of August. There are many roleplay jobs open, and also a couple of management positions open as well. Prefer to have citizens take on these roles, but it’s definitely not required. There aren’t many rules to the community. You must be an adult (children are not allowed at all), no *****, and you must be human. If you can’t make the job fair, or you see this before it starts and you are interested, come on over and after you leave the welcome area (which requires free group access), on your left side will
  3. Hello can you please message me inworld? Kienette Resident thank you.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a small-ish size family style community that has Life2 amenities. I'm looking for something small because I'd like to get out and walk around to a gym or store rather than just teleport to different sims. Thanks in advance!
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