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  1. My Partner and I have rented Land together (under our Original Avatars) since 2005, first in a D’alliez sim, then in Geneva before Anshe whats-her-face stuck it to her tenants. For the last 10+ years we’ve owned a good chunk of a MadLand sim and mainly lived in Skybox land. My half of our Tier was $40 usd, and that went down to $35 based on all the changes. From *my* perspectives, LL lost money on me by upping the transaction fee. My monthly tier declined and I offset the increased transaction fee by purchasing one big chunk of Lindens a month as spending money (now that I don’t work inworld any more). LL lost monthly money on tier from me and effectivly lost on Transaction fees since I only pay those once a month now. This model may not fit everyone. I’m fortunate that in RL I’m a ‘senior worker” nearing retirement, (and therefore have had a chance to work my way up the heirarchy in my profession) my kids are grown and gone and the Cat is cheap company..... so I can afford to bulk-buy Linden $ for when Skye and I make our weekly runs on the shopping events. Its possible that the reduction in tier has me purchasing a few *more* Lindens than I used-to, but thats mainly because I no longer DJ in-world and I had to replace the shopping-cash I was previously collecting in the form of tips. Can the tier reduction be stimulating other segments of the inworld economy? Possibly, but virtual macro-economics is really not my thing so i can’t speak intelligently to the subject. What I can opine to is that this might be a move to retain more of the current tier-paying customer-base (the part of LL’s income which is steadier than transaction fees) and to encourage more Residents to buy Land and become part of the “steady, monthly income stream” for LL. My guess is that LL is looking at “long term survival strategy” and trying to normalize their revenue, which in turn would give them better access to expansion-credits from RL banks so that servers can be maintained and updated, staff can be paid and Sl can evolve. Again, I am a “cat-herder” and not a Finance nabob - so these are just subjective impressions based on hanging about a business for a few decades now....... free-input is usually worth what you pay for it.
  2. I advocated for extending the respect of personal communication, not for toleration of the intolerable ? “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -The Dalai Lama
  3. One of my observations about Second Life since I landed here in 2005 is that; (a) People often complain about people-related subjects (can’t find friends, can’t find a Group, can’t find a Partner, nobody talks in social settings) because they themselves are waiting for the other person to initiate contact or they view the burden of communication as “not THEIR problem” (b) People frequently over-rely on the Lindens to intervene in situations where a polite word between Adults would obviate the need for mediation (simple misunderstandings fit this bill). Without a doubt, there -are- people whose idea of Performace Art is reallly just a troll on everyone else around them, or who come to SL specifically to be a bigger butt-head than they could survive being in RL - and those are the folks ARs were intended for; the willfully obnoxious. IMHO, as we are all human beings behind the keyboards, attempting the Polite Word before jumping to the AR is the best way to go. If it fails, the AR is ready to drop anyway. If it succeeds, it’s one less issue for overworked Admins to have to burn-out on ? This particular issue seems to have been heinous enough for LL to use the nuclear option. This does encourage me; maybe this is the precursor to doing something about my stalker from multiple years past ?
  4. I can understand that AR-bombing people without talking to them is less-awkward......but is it proper just because we can? ?
  5. I do get your point ? Personally, I like to think that taking the (sometimes uncomfortable) route of treating other people as People pays more karmic dividends. Even if the effort fails, you can always say; “I tried to do it the respectful way first”.
  6. I’m on my lunch-break and don’t have time to detail-read the thread as yet; but did anyone take the step of contacting the home-owner directly and asking them to lock-down their security settings? If they took the simple step of hiding their personal activity from people not involved in it, this would go a long way towards ending the “broadly offensive” portion of the situation. The land-encroachment is a different issue, but a lot of new residents have had issues with land and build rules in the past. Now, if this isn’t a New Resident; that excuse goes right out the window ?
  7. You want them to marry you AND your husband? You are my new polyamorous heroes!
  8. “Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.” -The Comedian, Watchmen
  9. Aretha Franklin’s Music will be moving hearts as long as civilization exists, so she will always be with us ?
  10. The fun thing about this for me personally is how much if this I MISSED due to being in a Roleplay sim as an Admin. That essentially ate the rest of my SL and if it wasn’t directly affecting the sim - I had a good chance of missing the drama completely.. Because.....we had enough drama IN the sim .....
  11. That would depend on how many alts the Stalker was using, how much time they had to devote to Stalking activities, how much trouble they caused for SL friends of yours and their persistence in creating new stalker alts to keep their activity up despite the old ones being blocked. SL seems to be hamstrung by its desire to be an Open Community, to the point that enforcement is generally ineffective where a determined psycho is involved.
  12. It pays to consider that not all of us who post and experience SL on an avatar that is not our original are not Hiding Behind an Alt for nefarious reasons. :-) My original picked up and out-of-the-blue Stalker and made my SL absolute hell. LL was appealed to in multiple occasions for help, but was unable to provide any useful remediation. So, my 2005 Avatar is essentially mothballed and my options were “make an alt” or leave SL. Maybe a better objective would be for LL to develop -effective- anti-griefer/stalker tools, which could also serve to deal with weaponized alts.
  13. Given the frequency that humans think about sex, the lengths and expense they go through to pursue looking good for potential sexual partners (I’m thinking Torture Heels, salon visits and Impractical Underwear) - why is it surprising that SL reflects something that is embedded so deeply in the human condition?
  14. Of itself SL requires communications to function; -Data communications with the Mothership to perform any and all activity affecting the world. -Communications with LL staff to resolve issues All SL uses are reliant upon electronic and other communication, even just sitting in a sandbox building. SL remains a communications platform :-)
  15. How about this; ”SL is a *communications platform* with supplemental graphic rendering that can also be used as a gaming, education or artistic tool?”
  16. Second Life is not a game; Real Life is an unmoderated game designed by a madman.
  17. Well - the post that follows should be a forum-sensitivity-safe response; /me logs off the forum and goes back to reading a book for a while.
  18. I’m starting to feel like posting to the forums is a dangerous thing for us older folks.
  19. Maybe we should send an SL spacecraft to go measure the distance to the SL sun. We could build a nice Mesh spaceship, I could select three avatars (who I don’t care for) as the crew and launch them to glory as “first to land on the sun”
  20. I think you lost a bit of interest when you said “game”. Also, what kind of MASH avatar were you looking for? Radar, Trapper John, Hawkeye or Hotlips? I’m guessing Hotlips....
  21. As a compromise, can I just leave the thread? Leaving the entire forum seems a little extreme to me....
  22. Phil, the post I quoted “die hard trumpettes” and my full question would have been “are there any such (die-hard trumpettes) in SL?” That would include anyone enthusiastically speaking up for the current US President without considering national affiliation. I’m really not interested in discussing the politics of the temporary occupant of the White House, but I am always very interested in the freedom of dissenters (regardless of stance) to be able to speak up.
  23. I’m curious - ARE there any such in SL? 99.9% of what I hear in SL leans in support of the American Left.
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