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  1. Tari, I always enjoy reading your take on things! I suppose my stance on this is that it’s almost impossible to be objective in how we view and define Oppression. Someone whose life experiences include seeing friends hauled off and shot because they prayed to the wrong graven image will have a whole different sensitivity then someone who attaches that same level of moral outrage to not having “their” candidate win an election. Both people’s sense of indignation is real to -them- even if the events that caused it are magnitudes apart in severity. But it’s hard to get them to talk about it civilly at times due to the perceived “difference in severity”.
  2. I kinda like what my Partner and I already have in SL; a Spanish-style home in a largish skybox with lots of grass, water features, wandering goats and a gigantic rabbit wandering the grounds. Most important is a large seating area around the house so we can have people over to do that really dull and old-school “talk and socialise” thing. Since we’re on the MadLands, there really is no specific “community” as we’ve had to build up high in order to escape the bordering tacky-strip-club builds and wandering griefers. We didn’t start off as Altitude Isolationists, but hard experience drove us up there. I like to socialize and except for a “no RL politics” ground rule I like having a diverse range of guests who appreciate music and all things Geek :-)
  3. The new improved “Second Hub”
  4. Mummy XXIV: “Rise of the Necroposters”
  5. The Forum Cartel might be what you’re looking for. Surviving the initiation is a real Status-Builder... Its kinda like Fight Club tho....we don’t talk about what it is.... J/K on the initiation.....maybe :-)
  6. Please don't think I'm a bad person - but my thoughts on that may sound cynical :-) "Connection" is actually entirely subjective. Lacking mental telepathy, the sense of "connection" is entirely one-sided and is implied by the other feelings the person has for the other individual they feel connected to.....admiration, respect...coupled with presumed common interests. Maybe a better statement would be "someone who makes someone feel connected to them". Inspirational leaders and salesmen can both manage this, at both ends of the moral spectrum. So...if she were to find a Dominant with a good social skillset, who evoked feelings of connection and she found that subjectively comforting........then it works :-)
  7. A substantial chunk of the BDSM community is non-sexual and does not even engage in the use of fetishistic clothing, equipment or practices. There are folks who crave structure and to temporarily cede “control” to a trusted dominant. But...this control is limited by the boundaries of what satisfies the Submissive partner’s specific needs. For some, “Benevolent Control” conflates with “Protected and Loved”. I see this a lot amongst people in the Community who grew up with inattentive RL parents who let TV, the Internet and Childcare Experts raise them with minimal attention from mom and dad. They crave the Dominants attention - and don’t want sexual engagement with that parental-figure.
  8. Some kind of venue or inworld device to get people together socially where they actually talk and interact. Many times, the club scene in Sl consists of people who stand around waiting for someone else to initiate contact. If you could crack the "icebreaker" code and get people (especially new Residents) socializing outside of "hey, do you do the sexxorz?" it would be a legitimate social contribution to SL.
  9. I tend to be a bit of a cynic where historians are concerned. I was present for some rather dramatic/traumatic events in the 1980’s and 1990’s and since then have heard “history” tell a highly revised version of those events. When my children came home from school talking about the “new version” I was more than a little bit shocked. History is written by the winners, and not always by the obvious ones.
  10. Every generation feels compelled to vilify its predecessors. Part of that is the clarity that perfect 20-20 hindsight delivers and part of that is rationalization. Rationalization because when a new generation wants to make its own questionable decisions, part of the PR campaign involves making their elders look silly, depraved, incompetent or evil. Its wasteful and undignified, but it is very much a component of human nature. Every generation sees itself as Crusaders To Save the World, even the ones lining mass graves with its dissenters.
  11. I’m pretty sure if I went there, this would be the response :-) They probably have me on a list...
  12. There are many who agree with you :-) Not every living-arrangement is suitable for *everyone*, like anything else its a matter of taste.
  13. Phroumities, as counter-intuitive as it may seem SL has folks who are looking for a low-maintenance, casual relationship. Looking at it, for a partner who does not want someone else getting all clingy - this might be great. Someone pursuing a relationship with an Owned Submissive would be assuming no responsibilities for "stuff" (financial stuff breaks many relationships). Since the final "decider" on many things will be the Dominant (outside the relationship) - it would probably serve to keep the emotional commitment low (because "Master says I can't do that" would be a barrier to deep emotional connection for many) and just allow them to enjoy the "sharing" aspects of having someone you can talk to on a casual, unstructured basis. Now *I* enjoy my complicated, messy, emotionally deep Partnership - but several people I have met are looking for just the opposite in their love life. My concern would be that they type of Partner attracted to this might be a "taker" type and that always ends badly. I'm not Dear Abby and I'm no expert - but SL is home to any number of unusual romantic arrangements. Mine is unusual, so I can't really toss rocks at anyone else's :-)
  14. Well, if its closed, we'll have to think up other stuff to do......
  15. Frequently, I find it good to remind myself that 99% of the time - a vast conspiracy is a less likely an answer than good old fashioned General Incompetence :-)
  16. someone had to say it.... ...and where better than a Closed Thread?
  17. I learned my lesson about the veracity of BBC a few decades past when my semi-forensic skill set was needed in another part of the world. BBC covered it and did so fairly, the domestic news organs either ignored what was happening or spun it sideways. Same for many of the humanitarian crises of the 1980’s and 90’s.
  18. I’m fond of the BBC. Their Global News Podcast is one I stream every day on Overcast as I drive to work. Their coverage of the US is less-domestically-partisan than Fox/CNN/MSNBC and very often covers global news I would otherwise have to scrub through my news-amagmamation feed to even know about.
  19. My weakness is for margaritas while being unreachable on my deck with a good book :-) I started with a Song of Fire and Ice this year and will probably end up on something trashier :-)
  20. That’s wonderful ! Part of my “deal” when the headhunter convinced me to put off early-retirement was that I would work 80% “flexible hours”. Literally, as long as I worked 80 hours every 2 weeks and attended all the mandatory meetings I could pretty much only keep office hours on my own schedule (the theory was that most of my employee contact outside of training sessions would be via electronic media). Reality was much different :-)
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