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  1. Are you representing a specific labor union?
  2. Bitterthorn wrote: Hello there. I've been in SL for awhile now (6 months) and hope to soon use it as a roleplay platform. I've been roleplaying online for years so I'm pretty well versed in it, as well as seeking out some RP Sims but right now I'm itching for a specific sort of roleplay: I am, shamelessly, a sucker for a fluffy romance. I don't mean unrealistic instant hookups, but well written and intense romantic pairings. I like romances with the backbone of a good story, a good plot, drama, direction, etc. I would like a roleplay partner comfortable with crafting stories with me. I keep a small sky box I love to decorate for various roleplay scenes. I'd also love to explore unique places as backdrops for RP. I am also happy to join a roleplay sim and roleplay with a larger group. I'm not shy and happily toss myself into new settings. My three main settings: Fantasy Steampunk Horror I have no issue with adult roleplay, though I prefer it to be part of a story. My characters exist below the waist as well as above it. As an aside, I am a married woman irl and not interested in OOC hookups, I expect a strong understanding of OOC vs IC. Current characters I'm itching to play; -Elven huntress who is very socially awkward. (Often an avariel elf) -Steampunk setting smith and watchmaker. -A dark-eyed half dragon who collects a hoard of forbidden knowledge. -A demon blooded witch with malicious intentions. I do also roleplay Furries but I prefer my human avatars. Most characters listed are female and open to any gender. If this sounds of interest to you, message me and let's get in touch! Hi Bitter! Are you on any during US Daytime? 8am - 4pm SL time?
  3. Karissa Furse wrote: hi there! the title says it all. I'm just not sure. am I looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, to be a mother or have a family? if can help me decide that would be awesome! Maybe it'd be best to go hang out somewhere with a fun, diverse crowd of people and see what happens. SL has some REALLY diverse dance clubs and events, and more than one person has had their horizons broadened based on people they met by happenstance. Club Retro and Wet Willies are examples of dance clubs that stay busy and attract a broad spectrum of avatars, altho they are probably geared more to people who in Real Life are past 30 :-) Of course, thats why I hang out there :-D\ Drama Libre does only two events a week, but they seem to draw some really interesting people and the effort they put in on those events is really brilliant!
  4. Tremere Ember wrote: Laurin Sorbet wrote: I am on the mesh body bandwagon. I have a pair of Lolas but also like to be more athletically/reasonably endowed and Lolas never really looked right shrunked down. The Slink Physique is a good choice for the mroe slender/athletic sized woman, Like I said if she set it between size (20 to 80) she would be fine, they always looked good on me. Where girls were going wrong is that were making them too large or too small, If you stayed within the recommended sizes they actually worked fine. What I was telling her is that I couldn't see the reason anyone would get them if they wanted them really shrunk down. To each their own, I use the Maitreya mesh body but never liked Slink Physique. Trem, I always had a bad time with Lolas when I lowered the breast size to "real" proportions. I kept seeing patches of the system-body skin showing thry the Lolas right below the base of the neck. Much sympathy to the OP.....I finally gave up and went to a mesh body. I use both SLINK and Maitreya (Lara), as both are compatible with Pink Fuel appliers. Which one I use depends on what clothing I need to wear and how the Alpha-layer segments work on the bodies in question.
  5. The Ultima HUD is nice, but make sure you're using it in an area where such things are allowed. The previous posters are spoton about how people using Magic Huds are sometimes treated in non-Roleplay (and in some RP) sims when they use spell-effects without the permission of others
  6. Faces were tough for me to learn! After a while, I found that I could get quite a bit of differentiation in my "look" by working the cheekbone sliders (puffiness and how high the cheekbones are) and working the jaw angle up or down. Forehead height makes a lot of visible difference as well, especuially now that many SL womens hairstyles are going to a more swept-back look. Body Doubles sells shapes and are not TOO expensive, but try the demos a lot on the skin you plan to wear (or a demo of it) before you spend Linden! "DemoCHurning" is also a good way to get a better feel for what you're looking for. Personally, I really like Pink Fuel skins - but everyone has their go-to ;-)
  7. I'm a Para-Roleplayer :-) I'm in SL a lot during the (United States) Daytime and in the evenings till about 7:30PM SL time. Para-RP DOES seem to be getting harder and harder to find, but feel free to ping me. There are also several SL Groups devoted to Para; Paragraph Roleplayer Paragraph Roleplay Lovers Paragraph Roleplayers Unite Erotic Paragraph Roleplay System Name: Amandakeen Resident Display Name: Amanda Keen
  8. Tremere Ember wrote: "I don't see this happening honestly like I said in my post the owner of Mystara was paying a whopping ($800/Month)!!! I think that is ridiculous, I know it was a big Sim but why are Public Sim owners that are not commercializing their land playing this much?!!! Like I said I don't see this happening because personally I think Sim owners shouldn't be paying this much to begin with when they are providing an area for people to enjoy in SL and many of us are already spending thousands of lindens per month in SL on other things like, paying for our land and our other shopping needs. I am not saying that these Sims should not accept donations or should not get help to support their Sim but asking people to pay $5 a month to be a member of the Sim is something that I don't see myself doing. I have MMORPG's that I play that require a subscription to play and feel that this would not be appropriate in this situation because honestly we are already paying so much as it is in SL. Personally I don't live Role-Play in SL, so this would make it undesirable for casual role-players (like myself) to participate. Hi Tremere! I'm glad other people are interested in the subject too :-) I'm really not pushing for any one particular solution, but I think its a discussion thats worth having. *Maybe* a sim owner will see an idea someone posts here and it will help their particular situation. I enjoy RP in Second Life, its a major draw for me. Maybe there are some ideas out there that will benefit all of us :-) PS: I'm insanely jealous of your forum avatar!
  9. Its been discussed a lot on these forums that the number of sims devoted to Roleplay have been shrinking a bit. Based on my experiences and what I've seen on these forums, it looks like the *difficulty* of Administering a roleplay sim (its like Herding Cats) and the expense (its hard to monetize tier for roleplay thru vendors on a reliable basis) of the Owner paying for a sim for others to play in are largely the culprit, altho some of the decline might be related to trends in popular culture and general turnover in the SL population. I'm just looking for ideas here from the general RP community....how can we ensure that we have places here to play? Do Players move more towards organizing in Roleplay Groups that play across whatever sms will permit it in addition to whatever else pays the bills in the sim? Do sim owners need to "take the next step" and make membership in a roleplay sim a subscription-based service? Players pay $5 a month to be a member and use the sim, but moving to that sort of arrrangement would also set an expectation that the Owner would maintain the sim to a high standard. That means keeping compentent Management within the sim, maintaining the sim's build well and keeping it updated as SL evolves, and dealing with subscribers who "don't play well with others" Doubtless some sims are still doing well and are monetizing thru vendors, donations and Owner Financing. The "bigs" like Crack Den seem to do well at this, so my question/concern is really targeted at the smaller RP niche-sims that are not such a big tent as "modern/urban" On one hand, its easy to say that "if it can't pay for itself, then let it fail", but in doing so we lose a lot of RP content. I'd personally like to see a lot of variety remain in SL's RP community. I'm sure Linden Lab has some idea that people are out spending money inworld to maintain and equip roleplay characters, as are the content creators - who would also take a loss should the RP community dwindle. Thoughts on preserving our options on places to play ?
  10. Interesting ! What time of the SL day are you looking for players to be around?
  11. At one time Midian City combined sci-fi elements in a dystopian futuristic setting. Doomed Ship is interesting as well.
  12. Back from a real-life interruption (darn RL) The intent behind TAP is to allow people to network with others who share a common approach to SL, not to protest anything or "raise awareness". The reality is that there are folks in SL who *do* care about other people's Real Life status - just based on the number of groups and Personal Profiles that cater to "voice verified" avatars. TAP is for those of us wo really don't care because we have no interest in "jumping to real-life" with anyone we meet inworld. That doesn't mean we can't be great friends/others in SL.....but it does mean that TAP members are probably a lower risk-factor when it comes to concerns about someone trying to invade your RL pricacy :-)
  13. Touch of Pleasure might be your cup of tea. They have some very good DJs and are LGBT oriented.
  14. "The Acceptance Project" is an open-enrollment Second Life group whose goal is to allow networking between people who want to be accepted in Second Life as the -Avatar- in which they choose to present themselves. TAP membership is open to anyone who agrees to be accepting of the lifestyles others choose in Second Life, be they Furry, Gorean, Roleplayer, BDSM lifestylist, Transgender, Cross-Gender, Draconian, Gay, Straight, Alien, Demon....whatever. Our premise is that for some people, Second Life is an opportunity to be and do what Real Life has denied them. SL offers an opportunity for residents to overcome Real Life disabilities and disadvantages and be accepted on the same plane as anyone else. Through TAP, members can network with other people who are willing to accept them as they choose to present themselves, and without bias based on real life status. If you are looking for a social network based entirely on your second life perspna, a place where people will not delve into your Real Life or look askance at you because you choose to march to the beat of a different drummer, we really want you with us. We have no agenda except to provide networking and support. We're not out to oppose anyone who chooses to see Second Life as as an extension of Real Life - but we do want to offer an accepting environment for any who seek ine. Feel free to look TAP up in groups or message me (Amandakeen Resident) up inwould for a full notecard.
  15. The clients available for Android and iOS are essentially texting/IM clients with some inventory management. So, you won't get a full SL experience, but you'll also be able to communicate with Groups and your Friends when you're mobile.
  16. IMO, the key concept here is Deception. Different people have differing levels of open-mindedness about sexuality - and when someone tramples on someone else's Limits by decieving them - drama is sure to follow. Personally I have no issue with the gender of the typist, I am not looking to bring a SL relationship into Real Life . For the benefit of the people who *are* - early honesty is probably the best policy. The blessing and curse of SL is that is is not specifically a video game, a role-play or a social network - but has elements of all three. Unfortunately, this leads to VERY differing reactions towards other Residents all of itself. Best to be clear about how *you* treat SL, and to be as careful with the feelings of others as you would like them to be with yours. Making a Disclosure that you are "off-gender" is a risk, but IMO a more ethical approach than ongoing deception.
  17. Agreed! Pocket Metaverse is about the best there is for iOS
  18. After thinking about it, I created an inworld Group called "Gender Safe - RL Not An Issue" with the following group charter; "This group is open to Avatars who just don't care about anyone else's Real Life gender. We react to you as you present yourself and support Tolerance of everyone's enjoyment of SL are privacy rights" I dunno if it will catch on or not, but maybe if we folks who *don't* really bother about Gender identify ourselves, it will make things a little easier for new Residents to build a social network.
  19. Personally, it does not matter to me as I will *not* be getting RL-involved with my SL playmates :-) I don't say that to be mean, I just have a personal rule (reinforced by having been in SL since 2005 on my Main) that I don 't mix RL and SL. Now - for people who *do* want to mix SL & RL, it seems pretty important. Therefore, honesty is the best policy, especially if the word "relationship" is being batted around. Deliberate deception really sets people off, justifiably so. Then again, you will also run into phobic people who will have issues with anyone who has an avatar that is cross-gendered from real-life. There really is no "persuading" someone who has such a visceral, gut-level negative reaction - so the best policy would be to be very careful of people who have Gender Verification groups or related blurbs in their profile. SL is a big universe, for everyone who has Issues about RL gender, there is someone else who doesn't. Personally, I have the mentality that "SL is not Facebook". I have FB for people I involve in my Real Life and SL for people I interact with here, and I stay very up-front about keeping the two seperate and drama-free :-P
  20. I suppose that the learning here is that if you require that your partner be Gender Verified - you should place that in your profile and be up front about it. Many people new to SL and who have not had a huge background in other online environments take it for granted that "what you see is what you get". Conversely, SL is escapisim on many levels and a huge chunk of SL female avatars are owned my male Typists. This is SL, not Facebook :-) Personally, that does not bother me as I interact only with the other Avatar - but if you *require* gender verification, it would be best to get that settled with a prospective partner up front and save on drama later.
  21. On my Main I have been involved in the SL Adult community for some years, and this question pops up frequently :-) We all participate in the adult aspects of SL of our own free will, therefore we should all take responsibility for our own morality and ethical bahaviour; ~If in your opinion, other people's Real Life behaviour and status affects how you interect with them in SL, put that in your profile limits "Only want to date people who are single in RL as well as SL" Over time, one of my Rules is to not make character judgements of others based on their kinks. My presumption is that the other party is grown-up enough (and age-verified) to take responsibility for the RL ethical and moral consequences of their actions. Personally, I tend to shy away from people who require too much information about Real Life in order to interact in Second Life. My preference is to keep my kink digital and my digital relationships OUT of my Real Life (I am up-front about the fact that SL will not extend into RL). Thus, someone who *must* know all about my RL is probably on some level wanting to take the digital relationship into RL, and thus would ultimately be unhappy with my "digital only" limits. This saves both of us drama :-) I am not using SL as a means to find a RL mate, so in reality I do not care overmuch about the age, gender (lets be real, MANY SL female avatars are male in RL), relational status of the other avatar's "Typist". What matters to me is if our personalities are compatible and our interests compliment one another to make for an interesting online existance. That's just my opinion of course :-)
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