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  1. Does the "Friday" dance..... well, its not much of a dance......
  2. I'm binge-watching "Glitch" currently :-) Glitch Wiki
  3. This question pops up periodically... What is the "least troublesome" PC security software when it comes to conflicts with the Second Life viewer? Is something dramatically better than others? "Troublesome" in the sense of "does not prevent SL from running correctly".....
  4. Over-arching plots have been a mixed-bag of late in SL RP. I've seen the following play out in several sims in the last two years; (1)..Moderators roll out a simwide roleplay (2)..Player clique screams "Don't tell us what to do you Fascists!" (3)..Drama That said, I like Asphyxiation Point currently :-)
  5. I feel awful for saying this - but I've caught myself looking at Rezz-Dates a lot in the past year before interacting with people.
  6. I'm not sure what my Cat calls me, but he does this a lot...... Should I worry?
  7. On this day in 1934, a massive storm sends millions of tons of topsoil flying from across the parched Great Plains region of the United States as far east as New York, Boston and Atlanta. At the time the Great Plains were settled in the mid-1800s, the land was covered by prairie grass, which held moisture in the earth and kept most of the soil from blowing away even during dry spells. By the early 20th century, however, farmers had plowed under much of the grass to create fields. The U.S. entry into World War I in 1917 caused a great need for wheat, and farms began to push their fields to the limit, plowing under more and more grassland with the newly invented tractor. The plowing continued after the war, when the introduction of even more powerful gasoline tractors sped up the process. During the 1920s, wheat production increased by 300 percent, causing a glut in the market by 1931. That year, a severe drought spread across the region. As crops died, wind began to carry dust from the over-plowed and over-grazed lands. The number of dust storms reported jumped from 14 in 1932 to 28 in 1933. The following year, the storms decreased in frequency but increased in intensity, culminating in the most severe storm yet in May 1934. Over a period of two days, high-level winds caught and carried some 350 million tons of silt all the way from the northern Great Plains to the eastern seaboard. According to The New York Times, dust “lodged itself in the eyes and throats of weeping and coughing New Yorkers,” and even ships some 300 miles offshore saw dust collect on their decks. The dust storms forced thousands of families from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico to uproot and migrate to California, where they were derisively known as “Okies”–no matter which state they were from. These transplants found life out West not much easier than what they had left, as work was scarce and pay meager during the worst years of the Great Depression. Based on my grandparents descriptions, I'm pretty sure it was not like this...
  8. On a related note - I tried one of the "other" SL-similar grids once and was back here within a week. If I'm going to see people dressed like the cast of Jersey Shore with "male attachments" on their foreheads, I want them to at least be MESH forehead-"male attachments"...
  9. I suppose that "I agree -and- disagree" So far as "stuff" is concerned; we do have better stuff.... So far as "what is Second Life; that's still widely diverse; ~For people who want to make stuff; if they have the technical skills - they can ~For people looking for sex; they still can (and be obnoxious about it) ~For people looking to network for RL relationships, they still can (and I wish them luck; they'll need it) ~For people looking to Roleplay - they still can (altho the RP presence is dwindling for various reasons) ~For people looking to club - Definitely possible Is it a Game or a World? The answer is "yes" depending on who you talk to. As in Real Life; perception is everything :-)
  10. Here are the IKON eyes;
  11. I use IKON mesh eyes. They also have the coloration around the outer eyeball *but* with Bento heads a precise fit is possible and the coloration-thing is not really noticeable. To adjust my eye height I control/select both eyes and adjust up-to-down (most people put their eyes too low). IKON eyes can adjust front-to back using the included HUD. I also found that when I went Bento, if I just opened new eyes from the box and wore them -the initial fit was spot-on, but that may just have been a lucky accident.
  12. I'm showing an even 35,000 items. I need to shop harder :-)
  13. When I saw the title of this thread, it sounded like Yoda was taking on some racially-antagonistic thugs... Yoda: "Head-Skins ! Win you shall *not*!"
  14. Its worth asking, if its generic enough :-) I'm thinking VERY basic.
  15. OK, so I found a way to get them distracted from the eyeballs........it may sting a bit :-)
  16. I just blushed! I'll give you all decade to stop talking like that :-)
  17. Maybe the answer is that we come up with a simple set of guidlelines and place them on the forum for free-will use? "Guide for Freeform Online Roleplay" kind of like the open-source pen and paper RP stuff such as OSRIC? "Light a candle as opposed to cursing the darkness?"
  18. If I did my sums correctly, I'm frequently online from 4pm - 6pm Auckland time..... I'm -17 hours away relative to you, but VERY flexible :-) I see people and get RP in at Asphyxiation Point in that window
  19. OMG, I have "village of the damned" eyes......
  20. Rocking at one of my favorite places.....
  21. Amanda slips back onto the Thread and hits it with the Adrenaline...... Happy Cinco!
  22. I have wondered if one of the *main* issues is that so many people wander into roleplay, but never learn to differentiate In Character from Out of Character activity, or what Meta and Modding really are. Something does not go their way or they wind up with egg on their face IC, and their response is to enter into a competition OOCly. I know there are folks who scoff at "roleplay schooling" or look at it as a form of micromanaging - but I see it as a chance to establish a common foundation and learn some "basic etiquette". Consider; when we were small children - our parents began training us on a common standard for communication so we could tell them when we needed to eat, pee or whatever. "Language" enabled us to easily interact with one another and formed the foundation for learning everything else. I look at some VERY basic RP education the same way; after I knew about OOC/IC, why Modding and Meta were harmful to the roleplay and how important it was to IM back and forth with other players to smooth over the rough spots - it got MUCH easier in short order. Unfortunately, many RP sims make this way too complicated in their explanation, or offer a "master class" when "RP-100" is whats needed. Stuff like that cannot be compulsory, but if Players have a common frame-of-reference; a LOT of drama can be avoided.
  23. "Lack of ethics and social skills" makes itself apparent no matter what the venue :-)
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