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  1. I have friends who would insist that all human interaction is about the Power Exchange and Dominance or Submission. They worry too much :-)
  2. Maybe we need another *NOT SERIOUS* question....... "Should Residents only be allowed to initiate cybersex after passing a course of instruction and a competency test? I mean, if they were good at THAT - they'd be otherwise occupied and maybe not getting into trouble :-) I know - I'm playing to a bad stereotype about SL ..........
  3. So.......taking care of my cat gives me a desire to tie other people up?
  4. My experience has been fairly positive when I take the step of making my home on a extreme-high-altitude skybox. My Partner and I have a lovely Spanish Villa build that she landscaped for us and we rarely (if ever) get uninvited visitors. Now, we have about 1/3 of the mainland sim we live in, so we have room to landscape and make it "pretty". I'm also fond of my dungeon build that's about 500m lower in altitude than the Villa, so maybe that's what scares the tourists away......
  5. Meow! Saw this after leaving the house for supper, but I managed to find an image :-) Amazon does not show that they have them any more, but they seem to be available in the UK from a place called Kitsons.... MY left shoe has a band-aid over one eye currently, due to a wiener-dog attack when my sister was visiting :-)
  6. Barbie Girl by Aqua always take me back, mainly because my first SL job was working at the Notorious Barbie Club in Refugio (now long gone) But the song that really evokes Second Life for me is "Forever Young" by Alphaville. In RL I have reached that place where I know my grandfather was right about "getting older being a character-test" ; you learn to deal with being less-capable than you were at 22. Also, skincare is rather a pain.... But in SL, we're forever 22 as long as we feel that way :-)
  7. Right this minute, I am posting from my sofa while wearing my flannel jammies and Grumpy Cat fuzzy slippers. Nothing new, but comfortable on a very lazy Sunday morning!
  8. So I went to an event where the theme was "Auction Block" - the picture is my costume......I wore the Block :-)
  9. /me tosses this very intimidating-looking bird onto the thread, to scare it back to life....
  10. So my Partner was DJing at Velvet Thorn today....... I actually went in-theme for the event despite the fact that I'm usually not a "Dancer Silks" kind of gal.... What we do for love....
  11. So we're saying that I can still blame SL for my lack of clothing and not any ongoing exhibitionism on my part?
  12. I have seen several of you say this before, and I'm really starting to agree; sometimes these forums are really more interesting than SL. That's not a knock at SL, that's a compliment to y'all :-) Also, I have never had to shop for an outfit to come to the forums, unlike so many events in SL......
  13. Here is a shot from Baja Norte / Baja Bay. I REALLY love the place; just make sure you find a windlight setting you like because the region default is very washed-out/pale.
  14. Wow, what a FUN question........ Amanda is not my original avatar; I started SL in 2005 - so my various shenanigans cover a bit of time :-) I've been a stripper in SL (not in RL except for my ill-advised wedding night) at the notorious Barbie Club I'm more romantically assertive here than in RL In SL, no closet can hold me.... in RL - everyone thinks I'm "very quiet" In RL, I have one of those jobs where I have to "represent" the company 100% of the time - so I have to watch what I say. In SL - not so much.... In RL I "coach" people and use respectful language in the workplace. In SL, I kind of have no filter... ...lastly, in SL I'm a bit bigger......
  15. Today has been a good day to sit in my comfy home-office chair and not accomplish much... Happy "Unproductive-Work-From-Home" day!!!
  16. This kinda ties to all the "sex in SL" posts. Humans have a sex drive and the search for procreation (even a virtual facsimile) crosses all barriers.
  17. If you're Caucasian and you have to look into the misdeeds of other Caucasians deeply enough, you start being mistrustful of them too. My big problem is that I really don't trust most *people* much any more; I've seen the aftermath of what people who "look like me" can do when we're behaving badly, and it was just as barbaric as anyone else's barbarity. That's a bad place to be in, because it leaves you isolated and in SL way too much :-) Pixel-people are somehow less threatening.
  18. Is Mandom an acronym? Messy Anxious Narcoleptic Dominant maybe? That would be someone who shows up to Scene, messes up the place, has performance issues and then passes out..... ..are there others?
  19. So I am on my way home from my son's Basic Training graduation and I stop at a McDoofers in a small Arkansas town. Not my idea, but my co-pilot craves Chicken SickNuggets. This was NOT a good McDoofers and the whole experience was a hysterical catastrophe, from the profanity used by the order-taker to the frozen chicken SickNugget on the tray she got - but she had to hustle me out of the place when my "hysterical laughter" was triggered by the cashier... She made two separate "yowels" for help that were innocent separately, but back to back they (and everything up to that point) had me short of breath due to laughter. Yowel #1: (Comment on some hot grease that was smelling up the place) "Damn! It stinks in here " Yowel #2: (about 3 seconds later) (Evidently it was shift change and she wanted to leave and needed her cash drawers swapped) "Somebody get up here and change my drawers" I'm from the Southern USA, "drawers" usually mean undies.... 30 miles later, I have recovered from my hysterical laughter .....
  20. Ok, I'll reveal a little of my inner perversity :-) Poseballs or scripted furniture are an afterthought to me; it's what's going on in the text that's interesting. Not EVERYONE can emote well, especially not the private stuff. Its not really about what I see, but how I feel about it :-)
  21. Probably the content providers and sex-workers who are dependent on this for an inworld income would not like having the prospective customer-base limited. Linden Lab might insist on it as an (ineffective) means if keeping the underage out of those areas. Speaking as one who worked in that SL industry for a bit, I really don't care. -except- that many of the Non-Premium clients who still have $ to spend are Alts of well-heeled Residents who can afford to pay for recreation but don't want to be seen doing it. While that might be ethically reprehensible if they are cheating on someone else who does not know what they are doing, it's an economic cash-funnel.
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