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  1. "Linden Lab has today announced that the previous welcome message (see below) has not been helpful with New Resident retention, and will be discontinued;"
  2. Today in 1900 - U.S. troops arrive in Peking to help put down the Boxer Rebellion.
  3. Personally, I think SL is at its best when people use the opportunity to experience facets of life that they might not in RL. I have a male avatar I keep to use while Building and on those rare occasions he has to interact with others; it's "different" and that's educational. Having spent a lot of time in role play sims, I once had occasion to play an African-origin Non-player-character to help with a sim story-arc, and she was Definitely treated differently, and that was also educational. I did an Asian character once for the same reason and got similar results. There are people (possibly insecure-ones) who default to shrieking "Cultural, Racial, Gender Appropriarion" - but I am not one of those. Learning to understand each other is also learning to get along. We need more of that.
  4. The male avatar later in the video.....his walk AO scares me......
  5. If you click to the "Worn items" tab in your inventory, it will probably be labeled "object" or something snarky if it somehow attached itself to you. Bree's suggestion will probably get it though!
  6. Hello Peoples! I'm babysitting for a friend for a couple of hours on this lovely Sunday! Either that, or I have a 3' tall RL stalker......... ME babysitting should be good for either humor or a lawsuit........can you sue small children?
  7. I wonder if SL wasn't more fun before we all go SO serious about it? I'm with Ivanova on the Skydiving - I loved it here and I'm not remembering why I stopped. I see myself landing on someone's house tonight!
  8. When you run into a Stranger who seems to know more about you than they should, and you wonder whose Alt they are.
  9. I'm a homeowner, but MOST of what I spend is on getting outfits ready for events at clubs that I either visit or work at. In RL, you can write off clothing that you buy for work as an Expense on your taxes - not so in SL...... When you Host or DJ (or Dance for that matter) you wind up having to keep your avatar updated and your wardrobe in a constant state of flux. If you host or DJ at fetish clubs, that can be VERY interesting :-) Disclosure; that's no a sacrifice for me. I was blessed with a broad kinky streak and would probably buy most of that anyway.....
  10. Sadly, we'e lost iOS access to SL from iPhones :-( I work a wonky 3rd-shift myself and it was wonderful to at least be able to log on during lunch and say hello to my Partner. I'll say this as a credit to all of *you*; I enjoy talking to you on the Forum just about as much (if not more at times) than in SL.
  11. "Real love" is whatever is meaningful to those involved. I love my Partner, but she's a LONG way from me - so we talk in SL every night and after a decade, the affection is sort of there to stay. I know a polyamorous family that seems to genuinely love one another...all three of them. SL is home to many facets of "reality" that are unfettered by traditional "Real Life" constraints; how can love be any less-mundane here?
  12. Aislin, I SO feel your pain! A few years back a stalker ran me completely off my 2005 Original Avatar. LL told me (on my Original) repeatedly that changing the Presence system would cause all kind of issues, inconvenience sellers, do bad things to Vendor systems, cause Dogs and Cats to have "relations" and generally create issues. So I gave up all that Inventory. Not a good solution. Hopefully things or regimes change and solve this.
  13. I'm really glad you specified......I was JUST about to make an intimate personal post and make someone's day....
  14. I don't think they told the angry, intimidating people where it moved too...... ..that worked with one of my ex's....
  15. TBH, I have not had any success in getting Ll to deal with stalkers. They decline to give a true "hide global Presence" tool and policing alt accounts seems to be pretty much impossible. That leaves; "make a new alt and sacrifice your existing inventory" as an option - which reeks. What stalkers think they are..... What the really are....
  16. Once, my laptop crashed to its final reward...it was the middle of the night and I had to wait for Bestbuy to open.....
  17. I've known people whose Alts role-play together...like....ONLY together. I observe from afar on those occasions.....
  18. Some minor tweaks :-) Changed skin appliers. Out hunting for music stream providers !
  19. Did you try logging to different Region? When I can't get on at my home location, I set "Refugio" (On my Original I worked there at the Barbie Club.....don't ask.....) as the Region and log on again. That gets me on as my home-region seems to go wobbly a lot.
  20. Does the "Friday" dance..... well, its not much of a dance......
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