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  1. So my partner is on a trip to her parents and the giant Easter Bunnies she released will be loose outside our home until at LEAST next week. So I'm posting a photo of our kitchen.......... ...and Mister Rabbit...terrorizing my defenseless animated pets :-)
  2. I've been paying Premium a little while now, but I'm not sure if "special privs for Premiums" is the way to go. Not because I don't think Sl is a business and membership should not have some perqs - Premium subscribers are "reliable income" for LL and having predictable income allows for capital to be spend more freely on things like server upgrades and infrastructure beyond "basic maint.". I think its a bad idea because of the demographics of SL. The population skews towards people who dislike the idea of a financial caste system (even when that caste system pays a lot of the freight). Similarly to the other recent RL protests, when this kind of thing goes sideways and active protest begins - it will not be *just* directed at Linden Lab; but also at Premium Members who have done nothing other than just pay their monthly tier. Rage is indiscriminate, and many at whom it will be directed would not really deserve to have their SL disrupted by it. So this is a bad idea because it red-flags people who have done nothing wrong and fans resentment when there is no need. Premium lets me own land and gets me a little stipend; that's enough for me. I can do without the drama ;-)
  3. Lafourche Crossing would be a modern/urban that you might like.
  4. So true :-) The Crack Den Out of Character chat is a major attraction!
  5. What kinds and styles of roleplay are you looking for? I have a long list of RP sims I like, most tend to be modern RP that use literary Para-Post - but others are just fine with simpler styles of RP. Laforche Crossing looks to be fun and has some really good people involved. CrackDen is the Biggest Game in Town and skews more urban/darker-themed. The real trick anywhere is to be a "Roleplay Initiator" and be the one to strike up in-character conversations with people. Waiting for someone else to speak first almost always leads to boredom ;-) Good luck!
  6. Mephistos Waltz would have been perfect for you; modern fantasy RP with some VERY fae-centric roleplay. Unfortunately, it left SL a while back :-( However, MW was based on Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files" series of Novels and Sl has had other folks since then who expressed an interest in re-creating that genre. If you Search on Jim Butcher or Dresden Files in-world, you can probably locate other fans who would be up for a RP :-)
  7. I met my Partner *by* shopping! It all started with an IM to ask "where did you get that..." and just sort of never stopped. That place remains my favorite store......
  8. I'm loving the photos :-) I just returned from vacation today and discovered that my Partner has unleashed a giant Easter Bunny to roam our property, so *after* the Bunny is under wraps I will try and contribute something :-) I feel a Monty Python meme coming on.....
  9. Disclaimer: I know I am a wierdo My Partner and I have been together a long time. I have avoided knowing her RL name and therefore have never looked her up on FB We have never met, although we talk for hours about almost everything and I miss her terribly when one or the other of us is offline for several days. Maintaning a SL-only relationship -works- for us. And I know way too many people who have "jumped to RL" and regretted it over the years.
  10. When you apply for a Hosting or DJ gig, you're applying for a job in SL's "Entertainment Industry". Just like the RL entertainment sector; sexy sells. Generally, contemporary mesh avatars have an advantage in Sexy - but there are also many talented folks in SL who Draw without a mesh avatar, based on talent and people skills.
  11. Rhonda Huntress wrote: AmandaKeen wrote: Unfortunately, being "about the same age" as a 21 year old is long past me, I have bunions that are around that age. I can SO relate :-D
  12. I agree with Sassy, SL survives in large part due to the inworld economy; to fragment that would harm the economy as content creators would be building for multiple platforms and there are only so many hours in the day.
  13. Role playing medical procedures treads a fine line between realism and "taking up too much Roleplay time on realism". When others are waiting for their turns to post, total realism is often not desired. I find it best to summarize and condense real procedures in RP or "Fade to Anestesia" and then pick up after the procedure. Deltal is outside by area, but Brady has a number of good EMS books available as a reference.
  14. Count me in as "highly interested" :-) I'd love to play with some other pen-and-paper gamers in SL
  15. Unfortunately, being "about the same age" as a 21 year old is long past me, but I "get" the kind of arrangement you are looking for. I hope you find someone and as diverse a SL is, I suspect you will :-) Good Luck!
  16. You really should wear the Gucchi wings with that Tutu Also....white after Labor Day? Seriously ? :-)
  17. Thank you Maddy :-) I saw that text and my eyeballs reminded me that they aren't as sharp as they used to be :-)
  18. I'm interested in this as well. Feel free to shoot Amandakeen an IM if you are recruiting :-)
  19. Rochefort was post-Zombie-Apoc, but it folded. I think Convergence is post-apoc to an extent
  20. Try Trompe Loeil in the market.....that might be them, and if not much of their work is in that genre.
  21. I live in the USA but work a strange schedule that gives me time to Roleplay during the daytime 07:00 - 13:00 Second Life time (if I did my sums correctly that's 13:00 - 19:00 GMT) 7 days out of 14. So, I'm very interested in identifying sims and Roleplay groups that are active during the daytime in the US -6 GMT. So, if you work nights in the US, Canada, Mexico or Britain- you're probably on at the same time as me :-) I am an experienced role player with few limits, I can do Para (or not) and my preference is for Modern or Scifi RP with a special love for post-apocalyptic or dystopian situations. I can have fun with fantasy, I just happen to like Moderns more :-) I have been "making the rounds" in world to see where the dots were, but this is probably a more efficient way of seeing where the possibilities are :-) Feel free to buzz Amandakeen in world .....l
  22. For the past 5 years or so, SL has had to deal with various people who are being "vigilant" for virtual pedophilia and child-cybersex in SL. With the best of intentions, those persons direct their attentions to sims that have (a) child avatars and (b) Adult Activity and it gradually created a "this is too much of a hassle" mentality amongest some RP sim administrators as Linden Lab placed tighter Controls in place to protect itself (and keep SL going) and the threat of them being litigated against as individiuals remained present. So, its the age-old story of "punish everyone to make sure you punish the few" I've never seen child avatars banned for meanness; its just a casualty of a litigous society. Well..I HAVE seen a few Child Avatars whose typists seemed determined to manifest all the most annoying behaviors small children can come up with (as well as some heavy-handed audio spam of "cute child sounds"), but a click of the Mute Button cured that.......
  23. I think they should not. People can vote with their feet of they choose not to visit regions that display objectionable (to them) material. After all, if a Linden Lab subjectively decided to ban all scantily-clad avatars from the forum; you'd need a new avatar - and that would deprive some of us of a treat :-) Just an example of what can happen when people get too happy censoring our world.........
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