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  1. Skye and I live in Kress on the Mainland, on a large sky platform that we share with several animated pets; two cheetahs, a house-cat, two foxes and a GIANT rabbit that I am still trying to get a saddle on (I'm originally from Oklahoma and a Rabbit Rodeo sounds like the ultimate flickr-opportunity). When not at home or at some event (Skye DJ's, I Host and play at being a photographer) than I am SHOPPING at "the trifecta" of stores (Not saying which due to the advertising ban) or at one of the many shopping events. I also role-play at Asphyxiation Point, but that's just getting going for me.
  2. Wow! Thank you so much! I keep flirting with the idea of going from my current Lelutka head to one with Bento, but I'm not moving until I can get a demo head to look closer to my current Stella head :-)
  3. I work an odd "overnight" schedule here in the US and so I frequently wind up being on in "European" or "Pacific" time zones; I kinda like it that way
  4. This was me -just prior- to going Mesh
  5. I had this happen once in the Firestorm viewer. I wound up detaching and taking off everything, then converting back to the Test avatar. After that as a precaution I cleared cache, rebooted my PC and Router and -somewhere- in all of that the problem was fixed. I was back to saving outfits normally.
  6. Here you go! http://allrecipes.com/recipe/254804/chef-johns-nashville-hot-chicken/
  7. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but having done my time at Parris Island, Cherry Point and worldwide - it just would not be entertaining :-) I value my time spent in those places, but I am much older and slightly calmer these days :-) Out of curiousity, how do you simulate Field Day Night in SL ? Are there animated "strip the deck" attachments and a wearable "floor buffer" attachment?
  8. Not to be ornery, but with BDSM meaning Bondage, Discipline & Sado Maschoism - probably all super-max prisons employ a little BDSM based on the nature of the population :-) The Terminology may be different. - but a Power Exchange is a Power Exchange :-)
  9. I seem to be looking for the same elements you are, with about the same conclusions. I will keep digging and post here if I find anything; but the RP Purity Wars (my term for the trend of personality conflicts destroying good sims) has eliminated a LOT of good RP locales in recent years.
  10. I had a dear friend who came over to SL at about the same time from the City of Heroes online game community (THAT dates me). We chattered back and forth on our CoH Guild and within SL and then one day he just stopped...... A mutual friend from that Guild forum lived a few doors down from him in Louisville and informed me that he'd suffered a massive heart-attack and passed a few days prior while coming home from his 50th birthday party.
  11. I do only slightly better than that, I'm near Nashville and my Partner is from southern Canada. We have an ACTIVE virtual life however :-)
  12. Currently in the Nashville, Tn , USA area... Originally from Oklahoma... By way of the military...
  13. Loch Ness Monster Sighting Although accounts of an aquatic beast living in Scotland’s Loch Ness date back 1,500 years, the modern legend of the Loch Ness Monster is born when a sighting makes local news on May 2, 1933. The newspaper Inverness Courier related an account of a local couple who claimed to have seen “an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface.” The story of the “monster” (a moniker chosen by the Courier editor) became a media phenomenon, with London newspapers sending correspondents to Scotland and a circus offering a 20,000 pound sterling reward for capture of the beast.
  14. I'm *very* sorry to hear of the loss of your Partner. Alwin's idea about the memorial Pick is a good one, although I think I'm feeling you on what you don't want to divorce them; it seems cold to have their former account get a system message saying something faux-pithy about you leaving them. It doesn't have to be entirely logical; its love :-) Still, if I'd passed-on some years ago when I had a major health scare, I would have expected Skye to move on eventually. Whenever that day comes (and it will), I want her to keep on living. Having once been in the position of being in a hospital bed and wondering; "Who will get word to her if she never sees me log on again?" I can honestly say that my focus was more on HER being able to deal with whatever comes. If your Partner cared that much about you; then that's probably what they would want. Memorialize them, be glad you had them - and move forward. That's all so much easier to type than to do :-(
  15. Today on 5-01-1931, Herbert Hoover dedicated the Empire State Building. Soon after,a giant Primate engages in shenanigans atop a neighboring building........ sort-of.....
  16. I really have only one insight; pick friends from a venue where you know their track record. Like *this* one (forum) for example :-) Here in this thread, you've seen a lot of good advice from really great *people* who care more than the average avatar. You can see a particular form user's previous postings, and that will tell you a lot about what kind of friend they'll make. Then; say hello :-)
  17. I completely agree, but the answer I got when I asked about that topic was that messing with Presence would somehow mess up vendor systems or cause issues with the economy - so no matter how badly I was being stalked, the only recourse was to make a new avatar. A true "globally invisible" system was not in the cards. I'm not technically astute on server systems, and not even a night at Holiday Inn Express could help me smart enough to make heads or tails of that :-)
  18. This is not going to be some l33t-para-gamer disrespecting Family Roleplay - although what I'm going to say surprises me.... I have been roleplaying in SL since 2005 and my characters (on my RP alt) have been in most of the better-known RP sims. I'm a frustrated writer, so I'm one of those evil "Para-posters" - altho I self-identify as a "Flexi-Poster" (I adapt my style to the group). I've played criminals, cops, "Loose Women", and done the "action stuff" as well as participated in "Dystopian", "High Fantasy" and "Modern Fantasy Sims". I have all the Snobby-Roleplayer Badges you might expect for someone who would say (disdainfully); "Oh, you do Family Roleplay; that's nice" Ok, not all Paraposters are that self-acribed-superior - but looking at some posts on this forum I can see that a few of you have bumped into "RP Purists" who have no time for any RP ideology that isn't theirs.. So when I accidentally backed my way into a Family Roleplay, I was surprised at how much I liked it. My character in a "Modern RP sim" had a neighbor whose character was Pregnant and whose family situation was "unique". Our characters became friends socially, and suddenly I'm all involved in this extended family that really *was* interesting, unpredictable and quite a bit of fun. No car chases, gun battles, fight scenes, drug deals or any of the staples that normally go with the "major" RP sims. ..and it was FUN. Looking back on it, I can see that the allure of Family Roleplay might just be that it offers a chance to simulate what we missed in Real Life. Most of us grew up in an era where Mom Works Too, or maybe Mom is the Only Parent. Family RP gives us a chance to explore a perhaps-ordinary life that's still mysterious to many of us. Its simpler than RL, but in some ways that can be comforting. So, I can understand why we see all the posting about "new Family Sim". Not all are the same - but I'm done discounting it. Roleplay is Roleplay and Character Development is Character Development; it doesn't have to be exotic to be fun as long as the Players are into it. As with all things roleplay; your personal experiences may vary :-D
  19. Imagine the hysteria that night when I came home and my neighbor asked me how work was that day.... "Well, today I helped someone perform a milk-enema......"
  20. The solution was to allow me into the men's-room where he was holed-up in a stall and enduring a LOT of pain. I sent someone to the lunchroom for bottles of milk from the machine; which I handed to him over the door and instructed him to "apply topically" (it helps to dissolve the capsaicin which causes the burn). I'm pretty sure he never ate pickled jalapenos as a snack again, or if he did - he washed his hands thoroughly before adjusting his bottom.....
  21. This would be a follow-up to my original Vanity shot.... Originally, I had posted about the Giant Bunny my partner left me for Easter. Since then "Waldo" has become a permanent resident on our property where he chomps grass and leaves the pet cheetahs we already had roaming the grounds looking very disconcerted. Cheetah #1: "What the hell IS that thing?" Cheetah #2: "I have no idea but did you see the size of its poop?" This updated photo of domestic bliss is of my Partner and I enjoying our cuddle-chair-by-the-pool, watching Waldo guard the house (he's visible up against the foundation).
  22. I've been an Industrial First Responder for about 22 years now. My most mentally-damaging call was not a CPR thing - some guy managed to get jalapeno oil on his hemorrhoids...... I still have nightmares......
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