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    You are definitely in the right place :-)
  2. I approve of the diaper. All of my ex's should probably have had one, because I kept scaring the crap out of them......
  3. I'm always quietly amused when a particular relative-by-marriage compliments me almost every summer about how well I tan (she's very scandanavian blonde and has some issues with Race). She always is SO nice to me, and I wonder if that would continue if she saw my genetic history and found out why :-) Probably so, she already knows me :-) She's not hopeless. 23-And-Me genetic testing has cause some people emotional trauma tho :-)
  4. This is an uncomfortable topic, but it needs to be aired.... BDSM is a "thing" in SL, and way too many times would-be Masters are subject to ridicule by both those they want to take as Submissives, their current Submissives and the general public. The proper term for this ridicule is "Master Baiting" and it really needs to stop! Master Baiting can have all kinds of negative consequences in Second Life! It's hard on the hands (from all that typing), and if you Master Bait too much, it can spoil your ability to experience intimate moments when you finally find that special someone.. So please; no Master-Baiting! Think of crochet or something else, anything to get your mind elsewhere. This has been part #1 of my 12 part series, each to be published as it's own individual thread. I would write more, but I need to go out and buy batteries.....
  5. /me drops a cute little monkey onto the thread..........
  6. Personally, I do believe in a higher power or at least an intelligence beyond conventional understanding. But that's the rub" "beyond conventional understanding" Human misinterpretation of any sort of higher-order has had all sorts of negative consequences. Human misappropriation of belief in a higher order has led to crusades/jihads where -everyone- claims God is on their side and where religion always seems to lead to oppression of somebody and forcing conformity to the political ruling-class's ideology. That sort of thing had me (in the 90's) living in a conflict zone and trying to locate mass-graves of people who were killed by other people who believed- they- had a mandate from their-God to slaughter people. In fairness, so was the Other Side. So, I handle organized/systemitised religion like a handful of broken glass; very carefully and without trying to get any on me. Second life is probably a poor choice of places to seek an audience; too many of us are here because we're fleeing the orthodoxy of real-life...... ......and you're poaching on the Flying Spaghetti Monster's turf.......
  7. The revival of this may be indirectly my fault :-) I mentioned in another thread that sometimes people who have social interaction issues gravitate to the internet...... Usually a good old Block handles it, but some of them are remarkably well-organized and equipped with Alts that just keep right on coming..... No good answer to that either as LL can't really police alts. My solution is to cultivate a thicker skin.......it's been unfun for me but better in the long run than tilting at untiltable windmills. I can't control the sun, but I has plenty of sunblock!
  8. Accidental repost , nothing to see here..... :-)
  9. If this makes anyone feel better about "elite" Para Roleplayers, I saw this today after attending a reunion of sorts on Saturday for a roleplay sim I dearly loved. I saw lots of old friends and we talked a LOT about the depressing state of RP in SL and a common theme was; "It's sad that the off-putting role play groups are the ones whose sims seem to stay funded. Scattered about the Reunion we had all kinds of playstyles and some very good -people-. Unfortunately, we all have real-lives that keep us from being on 20 hours a day and real-world social interactions that arm us with the ability to get along with our own species. I suspect a good chunk of these "Parapost Nazis" (airquotes) I hear about but rarely meet are the folks who can spend way too much time in SL and whose people/coping skills have suffered. They try to ramrod others because they just "operate differently", and let's be honest.....who has NOT noticed that the internet draws some odd personalities at times? (Include me in that "odd" type) The folks I reconnected with with last night were WORTH boo-hooing over, and I probably did 2 or 3 times during the event :-) It bothers me to see them generalized into the same "Dickish" lump as the people behaving arrogantly; these are my friends and they have not earned that. Still, I acknowledge that individual experiences me vary. Unfortunately, the ones who -are- causing issues can be like the Energizer Bunny. Life was never advertised as "fair" :-(
  10. I guess I'm on the outs with -this- group :-) 01..I prefer Parapost, it just reads better. 02..I have never told anyone "parapost or I won't play with you". Being flexible means a wider base of people to play with. 03..Metered combat is like inventing metered sex and both would have one thing in common: neither are any fun to me :-) 04..The people who evidently were so assinine about forcing people to Parapost are probably part of the Shrinking RP Community problem,, and should be slapped with a wet mackerel for poisoning the well so profoundly. Para is an option, there are degrees to Parapost (some are very laconic and livable) and it should never be mandatory and a bar to play. 05..I'm evidently a weirdo; I adapt my style to the audience. Hey..we already knew I was a wierdo........ /me types madly
  11. Wait, when you mentioned rules - were they like these?
  12. I'm not sure if this crosses the line on the Advertising Ban, but I have met many fun people at Drama Libre. They only have two events a week (the big one is Saturday nights) and them theme is always a performance-artish fun gig :-) Its also a rather bohemian crowd there with Tinies, Furries, Human avatars of all types and age-ranges.
  13. Well, I don't live in Britain and have an Insane Level Fiber connection, and I have the exact same issues at sim crossings. I think the issue is on LLs side at the handoff between servers, but someone more hardware-savvy might have more to say on the subject. Unfortunately, unlike Cindy I don't have cake - but I do have a fresh-baked Chess Pie.......
  14. When talking about sexuality, it's good to remember that this is SL and SL is not the same thing to everyone. When I was stripping and working as an Escort, it became apparent that there were MANY avatars of both avatar-genders who look at SL as a solely a sex-game. Therefore, they presume that other people see it the same way and act accordingly. They're doing what they believe is normal here - reaffirmed by the fact that sex is big business here. When I was in the role play sims more, it became apparent that there are a LOT of avatars who consider all of SL a Live Action Roleplay. For them, everything is permissible because; "It's all roleplay and therefore not real". Me, I have no expectation that SL need to have any relation to RL. When I interact with people, I make sure of what they are doing with their SL. I'm Ok with roleplay as long as everyone knows it's roleplay. I'm a big fan of sex, but the context is important to me. Especially as the internet has so many people whose RL social skills are not yet well-developed. Its a hairball, so it's good to be up front about how you view SL and any "relationships" here. Ambiguity has caused a lot of hurt.
  15. I would never hurt Bugs! He's my big-widdle bunny! He guards the house!
  16. I'm sitting here wondering if I expressed myself a little too strongly at work last night.... But....after I did, they all left me the heck alone and I got way more work done :-)
  17. I'll admit this; as a native Sooner I was prepared to look down on all things Texas :-) I was pleasantly surprised by the driving, but also by the people there being so nice. I was there for my son's graduation from USAF Basic Training, so we did all the Touristy things you'd expect when he had a town-pass (Alamo, Riverwalk, Eating Like Pigs). My Spanish vocabulary got a much-needed workout and I really enjoyed the visit. Considering the nature of my job, the military usually sent me to places that weren't quite so nice :-) Don't get me started in Air Force bases either......it was kind of like "child from the slums sees The Hamptons"..... I'm happy for him :-) He's smarter than I was at his age ! Edit: There must have been one other crazy driver. A truck hauling snakes and alligators to a local reptile-farm overturned. The had 30-ish venomous snakes escape and recovered all but 2....so I stayed out of the pool that last night "just in case"
  18. I live very close to there currently (work). I agree on the local drivers, and it became even more apparent when I recently road-tripped to San Antonio, Texas. It was amazing, once I hit the Texas border - the maniac drivers vanished. I was there in Metro San Antonio for a whole week and drove home and saw 1 (one) crazy driver who local law enforcement were "talking to" a few miles down the road. The drive home was the reverse, Arkansas was OK but when I reached Memphis - the maniacs were waiting. I'm about to retire (for good this time) and I'm seriously giving thought to moving back to Texas or my birth state of Oklahoma.
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