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  1. You’ve hit upon the dark secret of SL, there ARE no male avatars in SL, only some faux males with aftermarket equipment.
  2. Thank you for caring. Legally, possible interventions may be limited; but good on you for taking up the concern.
  3. I say “nay”........ that would lead to the Xcite eggplant.....
  4. Checking online resellers might be a good idea. Posted as an example; www.discountcomputerdepot.com Horsepower may vary.....
  5. I had good luck with Asus “Republic of Gamers” PCs. My last was a G75 that ran very fast and refused to die. I finally retired it when I went iMac and when I log it on for monthly updates, it’s still fast 🙂 SSD, Dedicated GPU and I maxed the RAM however... wasn’t inexpensive
  6. Another skeleton pops up unexpectedly 🙂
  7. So what’s the going weekly rate for this ?
  8. I had a stalker once who was part horse, but only the horse’s backside. Did that make him a centaur?
  9. “Your world, your Imagination” does not imply “What you See is what you Get”.
  10. I should have been specific that the roleplay group in question was modeled on a very violent RL “Outlaw” club; which meant it was largely homogenous, male-driven and aped the nastier portrayals of that subculture. Unfortunately, its the 1%er “Outlaw” clubs that get all the press. HAMC, Bandidos, Mongols, Outlaws, Sons of Silence and others make the news for everything from Toy Runs to gunfights in casinos. Popular television has run with this by airing successful shows like Sons of Anarchy & Mayans MC. Sadly, Bad News is sort of its own PR machine and the uplifting stuff gets skipped as “not newsworthy”. This does not make me happy as i grew up around two-wheel culture thanks to my father and grandfather - but that’s the Pop Culture Society we have inherited....
  11. I agree. Oddly, there was no shortage of players who *wanted* that role for fetishistic reasons - so this particular player wound up moving to a Sim where biker’s were not so RL focused. It also produced another round of debate on “historical accuracy vs modern “correctness” in roleplay”.
  12. What if we had a “General Disgust” section instead of General Discussion? ..or do we have that ready?
  13. I’ll offer another take on that 🙂 SL has residents (like me) who gravitate here because RL injuries or illness make us appear “not normal” out there in the Real World. Disabilities can be coped with (I had an early-life stroke which affects my manual dexterity on one side and makes me talk like I’m sloshed (when I’m tired) but has not stopped me from being active or living my life. But the *painful* thing is how you get treated as “different”, “fragile” or less intellectually capable just because of how you look or sound. Here in SL I can 6-finger type so fast that people assume I’m typing normally and my *ideas* shape people’s opinions of me; not my visible differences. SL is a huge relief for me and others like me and if we tend to overdo “pretty”, maybe thats how we see ourselves ? Its nice to be forever under-30 and look like a fashion model in SL; but its even better not to be quietly pitied. We need to be tough enough to handle life as it is; but SL is a nice break 🙂
  14. Selene, in my RP Moderator days I had at least one VERY angry lady ask me to “Moderate” a gang because she agreed to be a “Passaround” and discovered what a dead-end role that was..after NOT reading their reference material.
  15. On my Original I served as a roleplay sim Moderator for a long time and we had at least two active motorcycle clubs along with other gangs. That sim is long gone now, but if you look in the more active Roleplay sims you can probably find one. I’m not sure about Crack Den, but it would be a logical pace to look. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs in SL run the gamut from “somewhat realistic” (misogynistic, authority issues, us-against-the-world) to fantasy clubs where they patch females and the members are more like somewhat-misunderstood cowboys. Outside of Roleplay sims there are several other MCs, at least one of which chooses to wear HAMC colors and hang around various nightclubs in SL. Personally, with one exception (they had a very good role player running things and created some very interesting Story), the RP sim MC’s kept me busy with Moderator calls as they seemed to be fraught with players who had trouble with Powergaming in free form RP - but online RP will always have players who “must win every time” and thats not unusual of itself.
  16. “Looking for Sex” and “Having Sex” are kinda two different topics. One way or another, humans spend a large portion of their lifespan mentally sexualizing the world, so all LL can do to police this in terms of *where* Residents can legally do the sexxorz. I would not be offended if someone politely expressed an interest in me while on a non-adult sim (I’d probably disappoint tho), but if their idea of Trolling for Sex was to use an oversized attachment as a lure in public......then they WILL be disappointed. We can’t regulate what people think; only what they actually *do*
  17. For those of us who live with brain injuries or other disabilities that impact our ability to speak clearly or appear “normal”, Second Life is a rare chance to interact with people *without* the stress of being perceived as abnormal, deformed or mentally less-capable by people who hear slurred speech. SL can be a little slice of sanity and a chance to “mainstream” that RL denies to some. My partner knows all about my limitations following a stroke and somehow loves me anyway. People I meet casually in SL and will not interact with outside of friendship have no *need* or special *entitlement* to know. Its really nice to be mistaken for someone “who doesn’t need a little help” So not everyone - who pretends to be what they aren’t - is out to maliciously deceive or take advantage of others.
  18. Actually, in my case I was meeting people in 80’s specific groups 🙂 I suffer from the suspicion that very few Gen-Z gravitate to SL and that the majority of “younger” avatars have typists who are a little further along in life (like me).
  19. I had the best luck looking into groups related to stuff I find humorous.....or age-specific groups where we all "got" each other's humor
  20. Talk to people...... really “talk” as opposed to thinking up a cool line. Initiate conversation, be friendly, repeat.
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