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  1. I wonder if saying “I’m a Troll” on a forum is an advanced form of Trollage?
  2. Maybe the key to retaining Residents is to be better able to direct them to content they *want* and ensure that they *understand* that the content providers are....other residents....and not SL itself ? Operating in an open “Environment” is a different ( or at least a more intense ) social skill-set than that used for a closed-loop “Game”. Perhaps if prospective Residents relate to that concept, they will be better prepared to “go find your own fun” as opposed to wandering and being disappointed by the lack of a set progression path.
  3. I can muster up some sympathy for the O.P. I ‘ve had a second career in the Business world with an overlap into non-profits. Attention to Detail is “God” when rolling out a new process - but so is simplicity and understandability. Understanding the 2nd and 3rd order impacts of your actions comes in right behind them. I love SL, but in all honesty - they have some issues with how they implement and roll-out new things. Communications seem un-coordinated at times and it almost *takes* a full-on firestorm to get them to provide clarity. This can be off-putting to many for a variety of reasons. But as I said, I love SL - I can work through the “word soup” for something I care about.
  4. Rhiannon, its awesome that you’re looking! I was going to suggest the Center, but was massively behind on my post 🙂 We have so many people looking for conflict these days, someone looking for harmony is just wonderful. Feel free to IM me up if I can help in anyway; I’m looking too.
  5. I think your question is interesting. SL is very Female-Avatar-Centric, but I’m unsure as to how the actual RL gender demographic of the Typists impacts that. For Clarity: I think racial/gender fluidity in SL is wonderful and I make a concerted effort “not to ask or care” about anyone’s RL. Anything that helps us understand each other, even in a small way, makes me happy. https://media0.giphy.com/media/12otUayU4Thsty/giphy.gif?cid=8fc3c8975d1b766b6a495336413368ab&rid=giphy.gif
  6. https://media1.giphy.com/media/l2R0c7Xc0YVwAjTtS/giphy.gif?cid=8fc3c8975d1b766b6a495336413368ab&rid=giphy.gif
  7. I’m glad to be aware of it then 🙂 Redundant Databases are simply redundant opportunities to “lose” data to Very Mean People. If this information “chopped” to a spun-off subsidiary, I’d be interested to know if other copies held by LL were eliminated. Knowing their Data Security Plan going forward would also be a confidence builder. I’ve had the lovely experience of having to wrangle LL, my Bank and PayPal based on an error made by LL that caused me some small financial issues. It was resolved 3 months later, but really never left me with a great confidence in their safeguarding processes.
  8. Y’know, like many others I am kind of on-edge about SL in general. LL has given me good reason to doubt their commitment to User privacy or to deal effectively with issues like stalking. Why does “we’re creating a whole new administrative bureaucracy that will have your personal information” *not* fill me with joy? Having my details in a whole NEW database that can be breached or mishandled is probably part of it. As many users are outside the USA and many inside the US use financial services like Privacy.com to keep their personal details PRIVATE - this could lead to a dip in LL’s revenue stream. Yes, its regulation-driven. I still don’t like it much.
  9. Tangerine Dream - “Q Gate: Granular Blankets”
  10. I usually shut down people who are using SL as Facebook or Tinder pretty quickly when I mention my grandchildren. But...as someone who has “impaired” speech following a stroke - if their phobias compel them to ask for voice; I am well-prepared to sound Drunk when I tell them “bye”.....
  11. Kyrah, I’m going googling to see if any kind of P&L statements are out there on the inter webs. BTW, I’m so glad you’re still SLing 🙂 My original probably owns a digital metric-ton of KDC 🙂
  12. Posted in support of Carter Tom...... TY for trying anyway. Also, as a Psycho-Stalking Survivor who got zero help from “management”; I feel you.
  13. People who see you online and pounce before you’ve finished rezzing Them: “Hi, how’s it going?” Me: “Still rezzing, its all grey goo and exploded mesh-body-sections in my world. How’s you?”
  14. Related to this topic: Do we currently have access to information about how *much* of current LL expenses that Premium Fees pay for? It might be nice to see a pie chart showing how much they take in on Premium, Tier and MP Transaction Fees, so we have some idea if Premium Fees are the best place to focus our efforts (I’m pretty sure they are, but just want to be sure). It might also be good to know the Subsidy Rate; how many Basic Accounts are serviced based in income provided by Premium Users. Basic accounts *do* provide income to the economy in the form of Rent and direct purchases, and also directly pay LL in the form of Marketplace fees....so I would be interested to see how much (or even *if*) Basic Users are subsidized by Premium Payments. It *could* be that Basic accounts are self-funding over the course of a year; I just don’t know. But if we know all that, we can determine the urgency needed where Premium is concerned. Disclaimer: If what I pay in premium also helps LL keep Basic Accounts free for other Residents - that will make me happy. I would prefer that any “excess” profit over what’s reasonable go towards helping the user base and maintaining the technical infrastructure that keeps SL alive. In RL I’m a semi-disabled person who gets to be “normal” in SL, so I value this crazy digital world maybe more than one might assume.
  15. What I would want is undoable; the ability to actually remain invisible to stalkers and their alt-hordes and their Scanners without having to “hide” on an Alt.
  16. I can so relate. I’ll friend you when I’m inworld tomorrow.
  17. Quiet time to explore Alone time w my Partner Roleplay
  18. My personal opinions only.... It might help to be very specific on whether you are looking to “lifestyle” BDSM with a specific dominant or just find someone to Scene with. “Lifestylers” are looking for some level of commitment - which varies by individual - but it might help to be clear on that. At one time, some septs of BDSM used the conventions of the “Consideration Collar” and the “Play Collar”. A Consideration Collar was offered to a prospective Submissive during a Trial period before any binding commitments were made; so that both Top and Bottom could see if this was a good fit for them. This would cover your desire to “get to know” a Dominant before committing to a Lifestyle Arrangement. The Play Collar might be offered for a single session of “sport” and bears no commitment, this might also suit your purposes if you want to Scene and then walk away. Just because a given individual is on the BDSM Scene, that does not mean they are into Poly or Hookup culture. Many Dominants are in fact looking for that one special Submissive that they can pour-into and make a genuine time-investment in, so it might not be germane to be too hard on them for looking for exclusivity. BDSM is not always completely about sex. A good approach might be to specifically look for Dominants who state that they are into Open/Poly/Multi-Submissive situations and are not looking for exclusivity up front. BDSM “Lifestyle” is a time commitment for both parties, so exclusivity is used by some as a litmus test for the ability to commit. Side Note: Some SL residents find it unsettling for someone to be up-front about having several alts, a prospective Dominant might see that as indicating someone with too wide a variety of tastes for them to satisfy - so maybe it might be a good idea not to *lead* with that, but bring it up after a personal relationship is more established ? Best wishes!!!
  19. I’d say I’m experiencing that right now 🙂 Is “Reverse ghosting” a thing?
  20. Velvet Thorn and The Nothing for FemDom The Chamber for more generalized BDSM...
  21. Technology has leveraged the greatest OPPORTUNITY for behavioral change within gender roles. Instant global communication has increased awareness and therefore enlightened many to *new* possibilities. Good ideas are hard to kill once they get communicated. Tools have made former gender-based restrictions based on upper body strength and reproductive (gestation) cycles largely irrelevant - although still enforced in many areas. Technology and Social Media have also caused some of the most conflicted messaging in history...the modern woman is supposed to be financially and emotionally independent while *at the same time* remaining ”forever 21”, having some version of a “perfect” body shape, buying shoes that kill their feet and generally conforming to Pop Cultures version of what “normal” looks like. ......and we tune in daily to make sure we know what that is.
  22. BDSM in Second Life is hard to quantify as “all one thing” because - just like in RL - it’s practitioners vary in ideology, motivation and the soft skills that underpin a good Dom/Domme. This leaves us with trying to narrow down the specific fetishes the Domme/Submissives wish to address and what hard limits they might have. That information -can- be quantified on a list. The value of that on an Avatar matching service means you can narrow the field of possibles considerably, and much faster than talking to one person at a time. The other virtue has to deal with anonymity. The person “seeking” has an opportunity to “screen” potentials without revealing their identity until they feel confident that they have a viable candidate. This reduces the chance of having people with a penchant for “stalking” behaving badly if they are -not- the One offered a Negotiation. Many people have issues with Rejection, so the anonymity of using the service is probably an emotional cushion for people -not- selected as they might not even know their profile was considered. Less drama is always good for SL. Avatar marching is no better overall than going door to door from the aspect of -knowing- who a person is; but it can help you rule out people whose compatibility would be low and spare everyone’s feelings in the process.
  23. Thank you Orwar.... This will be a shocker, but AvMatch.com did a great job of putting what I was looking for in front of -the right audience. Avatar matching services are looked at with a good deal of skepticism, but for this specific purpose - top marks 🙂
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