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  1. With all the varying interpretations of Non-binary  floating around, it might be good to clarify which point on that spectrum with which you identify. 

    Speaking generally, SL has a large BDSM contingent - but many on the scene are RL-older and the nuances may be a little different. I am also “older” so I know That of which I speak 🙂


    Saturday nights, you might want to socialize at Club Tryst as it seems to be a hotspot for many evolving lifestyles and is a really fun club of itself.

    Also, if you have any more-specific requirements or interests for a Pet or the type of Scene you are looking for Within the forums, that might get you more responses.

    Finally, welcome to Second Life. This is a very diverse community, so I’m sure the person(s) you are looking for are here somewhere !

    Much joy to you !


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  2. ...I had a similar odd dream-situation. The day after I had a serious food dream involving Taco Bell my Partner sent me roses and wine.........

    ..wait......feeling a little used here.....



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  3. The Secret House is something I just tumbled to recently, but it looks very nice as a gathering spot.

    Saturday evenings, Club Tryst is quite the hangout and they run late. I think they have other events during the week but I am not sure of the schedule.

    Velvet Thorn is quite welcoming, but its primary focus in FemDom (not FinDom) within the BDSM community. They are charming folks (disclaimer: I take pics for their blog every Saturday evening, so I am biased) and worth a look.

    In principle all of SL *should* be LGBTQ+ friendly, but this is sometimes not the case. Its a big grid and not everyone is as enthusiastic about everything as I would like. Thats their prerogative, I just try to avoid the mean ones.



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  4. 32 minutes ago, ErukaVonD said:

    Okay so this isn't my kink and i am by no means a dominant lmao but my biggest hit was 200k about 2 years ago maybe while findomming xD

    Random guy walks into loseria, begs me to teamview (well ayndesk) into his pc and buy whatever i want lol 200k was the biggest amount i could think of on the spot...looking back at it now i should have inserted more lol he boasted about being some banker of sorts and that he got into a fight with his rl wife and wanted to be ruined. wham bam. he tped out few minutes after that and i never saw him again lol he totally made my week.. hell whole month..

    other than that i regularly made like 10k 20k a day if the right subs would come by. i had specific pre made scripts for everything (even vore). i was all about the money. because some subs just want to be lied to and get their rocks off. some even have the means to afford it.

    if i felt that a sub was into the whole experience for long term real bond with a dominant, i'd do the kind thing and let them go. it's all about people looking for experiences they crave and people looking not to upload so often in exchange for well written scrips to give to their one time subs.

    *shurgs* i've been off market for a long time now, mainly because i have no time to just sit around and wait for money, i'd rather just upload and focus on my guy and enjoy my sl time. i however, do occasionally peek into the world of findom for quickie tips. but it's slow these days.

    so my advice to the op, if you're not some rich guy looking for sweet lies, don't pay your dominant a thing, true bonds need no funding imo

    I think that - if we were to be perfectly honest - that many of us have “SL Working Girl” avatars in our past 🙂

    .....the even more honest might have stories about Clients whose available cash exceeded their ability to stay awake and enjoy what they paid for....

    .....not that *I* have any stories like that 🙂



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  5. On 2/26/2020 at 8:16 AM, DMTLC said:

    Well, i was just curious and in the need of L$ i owe someone and was wondering if anyone could help me find a job or some other way to get money, my goal is 100k i know its a lot so i need to start somewhere. If anyone has anyway please contact me or Second life IM or even on this. Thank you

    -Tomas M.

    This is usually how people overspend on SL... three glasses of wine and Stealthic’s new hair becomes irresistible to me....all of it....



    So far as making money in SL (and I hope that was 100K LINDENS you were talking about), if you have insane skills with Blender or avatar component creation then you can sell things on the Marketplace.

    If you want to try the SL Service industry and can DJ or host; thats a very “variable” income until you get established.

    If you have great photo skills and edit well, you can get paid to do that as well.

    If you REALLY are determined, *good* sexworkers can get paid here (in SL terms, not good RL money) but that depends on your personal level of “flexibility”.

    SL Hitmen don’t do well, their victims just keep relogging........

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  6. 22 minutes ago, MelodyClone1 said:

    Why are so many people recommending this Avmatch? Spent a few minutes looking around and concluded that site is a complete joke. Unless you plan to spend money you can't do ANYTHING on this site. Want to message another person? That'll be 110L per message, and it costs another 110L to read a message from another person. Want to upload photos? You also have to pay some random amount for "upload tokens", not to mention the site was probably built in 1999 or something and absolutely destroys photo quality (everything is distorted and ends up looking like 240p). They also block you from putting up your SL name in your profile otherwise people would simply use SL itself to contact each other. The only two things you can do on the site: browse profiles, and send completely idiotic uneditable messages to strangers that look like they were written by a 12-year old who just discovered the internet (e.g. "I've got a poseball with your name on it", I'm not making this up).

    It's obvious they're trying to copy the pay2use formula like match.com or okcupid, but at least those sites/apps are well-maintained, look modern and are convenient to use, whereas this site looks like it was built by high school teenager in 3 days about 20 years ago and never updated and now parading around as a cashgrab.

    TLDR: AvMatch is a complete joke, people are literally better off using discord to make friends.

    I can only comment based on the results 🙂 I was looking for a play- partner to participate in a specific type of Scene, someone emotionally mature with interesting experiences and personality.

    Trying to sift people one-by-one in fetish clubs is a lengthy process and presents the problem of dealing with the ones who are just “not right” politely.

    Since I spend a good chunk of Linden$ on clothing and putting together a theme-build; I was willing to spend a little on taking the pain out of locating a playmate.

    For all the limitations and expense, I REALLY got a great value for my $. They managed to connect me with a wonderful human being who I still consider a friend :)

    Mileage may vary 🙂

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  7. 5 hours ago, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

    Can someone explain to me what is unnecessary, disrespectful, or annoying about having other people land in or on top of you? I say love thy neighbor and enjoy the warmth of huddling up with as many people as we can!


    Group hug!!!!

    I'll tell you what's a big -no- for me: that big round wooden platform at the landing point of the Sexy N00b Beach telling me every 10 seconds in Local Chat to get off (no pun intended).

    Actually, landing on top of the right person has started more than one relationship.....



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  8. Speaking for myself alone, I am VERY leery about looking for RL love within SL.

    I say that as someone who has been with the same SL Partner since 2005 (after we both changed avatars once because = stalker)

    My thought is this; SL is NOT the same thing to everyone.

    “Your world - your Imagination” was the mantra and many people took that seriously. Many, many people are here to “be what they’re not” and that can be off-putting to the phobic or just someone who is looking for a specific demographic. There are services devoted to RL matchmaking which would probably be more secure, more private and more user-friendly.

    Speaking specifically to the stalker that turned my life sideways;

    (01) - The interwebs used to draw a lot of really smart people with “different” social skills. Even after the web became more heavily populated with people from all walks of life, “socially different” people still gravitate to Virtual. The density in SL or any virtual world is probably heavier than RL because = self-selecting population. I ran foul of a very smart, very possessive and very ANGRY person just by being friendly.

    (02) - Linden Lab has a very limited capability to keep smart, possessive, angry people from making alt after alt and doing the same old stalker stuff. When the stalker has nothing much to do BUT make your life hell and possesses the single minded willpower to stay on task; life can suck.

    All that aside, I love my SL partner. Our “two hours a day” make me happy and I want to remain with her until one of us goes “irretrievably offline in RL”. Without SL I would never have met her, so my strong positive feelings about Second Life are largely tied to the love I have for her.

    But we keep our relationship here; why mess up what works?

    Note: I suffered a brain injury some years ago which limits me a bit in RL (less after a decade of therapy). Here in SL, I can fly, teleport and walk correctly (even when things were at their worst) and no one looks at me pityingly when I speak (because = text). SL has a population of people like me for whom it provides a chance to be “normal” (or SL-normal), meaning that romance is “normal” here for us as well. Small wonder I’m not itching to drag SL into RL 🙂 I am biased.

    ..and when time runs out; I want my partner to remember Amanda. Amanda - who was so average she could get lost in a sea of people by not sticking-out as somebody who “needed a little help” 🙂

    If taking SL to RL works for you; I’m happy for you. I’m very much in favor of love, we need more of it in this crazy, absurd world.

    But please guard your privacy intensely before going that direction; some things like Privacy beaches can be fixed only about as easily as stuffing toothpaste back into the tube (with your fingers) and the side effects are just as messy!


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  9. AV Match. I used it and wound up locating a truly brilliant Submissive Girl. (I was screening for experienced BDSM partners and got really lucky)

    Be prepared to put some honesty and work into your profile and then so spend time looking through your ”hits”.

    Having a photo in your profile really does help your odds as many people auto-cull empty or no-photo profiles.

  10. I’m *guessing* this has to do with the amount of Staff LL has to throw at any given issue.

    Having just shed some jobs at the Lab, they are more than likely having to prioritize where they utilize their talent. However, if this is a big issue it will probably bubble up their priority list as more people bend their ears about it.

    If its a matter of developing a Tool to do the work, that would probably get tagged for completion more quickly than something involving an ongoing human oversight presence.

    I like your ideas !


    ..and I’ll give you an uninformed answer A.K.

  11. Good luck with your search Eileen!  

    Poly is one of those things many people will tell you they *want*, but no one really knows its for them until they’ve tried it. Subliminal jealousy or a lack of honest/open communication Has wiped out more than one P-group.

    IMO, Poly makes sense within SL for any number of reasons - but I’ve had to wrestle my own (unsuspected) jealousy demons, so I also know it takes work 🙂

    Best wishes to you and (hopefully) yours!



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  12. OK, I’ve helped manage RP sims and my thought is pretty simple; “Questionable business or artistic decision”.


    RP sims generally have some kind of theme, some very exclusive to a historical era or Sci-if work of canon. Purists devoted to that era or canon will want to lock down avatar appearance to a set of criteria in the name of creating an Immersive Experience for those who share their devotions.

    Still, this is Second Life and the argument “why can’t I be a Furry Vampire in during a historically faithful French Revolution Roleplay?” is not new.


    But requiring mesh bodies to maintain an aesthetic is a step beyond that.


    There are reasons who sim moderators might want to do this;

    (a) Eye appeal - they want the whole place to be pretty with an eye to either an immersive experience or good publicity photos in some publication.

    (b) Griefer Suppression - Many griefers show up on 1-day-old system avatars and get their kicks disrupting a RP that someone devoted their time and no small amount of money creating. If more-expensive avatars are required to even be present, would-be griefers would have to shell out a little more for a 1-shot avatar.

    (c) Casual Player Suppression - People who RP casually and are not in SL as much have to consider making the financial investment on a mesh avatar. If a given sim wants to be “hardcore  gamers only” then raising the financial bar might be one way to do it.

    (e) Sex Appeal - they want all permanent players to meet some standard of bedability. OK, I made that last one up, but SL has no shortage of “just here for the SLex” folks.

    (f) Suicide - this is a passive aggressive way to get out of the pain and turmoil of running a RP sim without having to actually say “its too much; I quit”. After all, if they lose their player base or become financially unviable; they technically didn’t “quit”


    Here is why I say “questionable business decision”; 

    Keeping a RP sim financially viable is hard. Monetizing RP can put people off the RP, but you want to pay the bills and keep the sim open. Many sims used “mall areas” and “rental homes” to support the sim, so in order to optimize those things you need to be as welcoming as you can be.

    If you radically limit the potential player base, you limit your potential donor/customer base. So unless the Mesh Avatars thing is a ploy to “limit players to those affluent enough to really support the sim”; it looks like a financial move in the wrong direction.


    RP is art, limiting the genre to what fits that artistic vision is a legitimate creative decision - but there are a lot of starving artists for a reason; many visions don’t monetize.


    So far as “anything people disagreeing with being racist”, I shy away from that. These are artistic and business decisions and people will vote with their feet. Empty sims greatly influence creative changes, I’ve seen that one repeatedly.


    Personally, I want RP sims to flourish and I support both free speech and creative expression; so you’ll have to argue this out with the people making the rules. I love literate, freeform roleplay and I hope this creative form never vanishes from SL.



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  13. 29 minutes ago, Ceka Cianci said:

    I would love to dance with someone if I thought it was really just to dance and talk and listen to the music..But it always seems like part of something more than that, and that gets awkward for me..

    Anyone who ever asks seems like all they want to do is couples slow dances and I'm already in my groove and don't want to come down..hehehehe

    You *obviously* have wild powers of attraction Ceka. Be gentle with the rest of the world; with great power comes great responsibility 🙂

    Seriously; I know how you feel. My Partner and I started up building a circle of *friends* to go clubbing with and it almost seems to have grown into a girl-gang or a continual flashmob 🙂

    People DO tend to leave you alone and let you dance with your friends when you arrive in a mob........  too much digital estrogen?


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