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  1. I was curious as to whether you meant SL, these Forums or both 🙂

    The forums seem MUCH better than the drama-fest they used to be.

    Within SL, it largely depends on where you go and what kinds of groups you belong to.

    Unfortunately, there is an ideological schism between people who see SL as a “game” where anonymous internet people trash talk one another, and those who see it as a virtual world populated with real people.

    I am fond of Mute/Derender as a response to recreational griefers and Trolls.

    I try to get along with those whom I merely disagree with however, as I am sometimes successful in differentiating between candor and trolling.

    ..and yeah; RL is pretty much just as bad :-)


    ...and the REALLY annoying ones ......



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  2. Born today:

    Sir Michael Caine 
    Born: Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, 14th March 1933 in London, England, United Kingdom 

    Known For : English film actor best known for his cockney accent, he has appeared in major movies for more than 50 years including The Ipcress File, Alfie, The Italian Job, Educating Rita, Battle of Britain, A Bridge Too Far, The Cider House Rules and new Batman film series. He has been Oscar-nominated six times winning twice as best supporting actor for Hannah and Her Sisters and The Cider House Rules. He got his first big break in the 1964 film Zulu playing an upper class British Army officer Gonville Bromhead VC ( No Cockney accent. He was knighted in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II and although called Sir Michael Caine his official title is "Sir Maurice Micklewhite" In real life off screen his still uses his original name Maurice Micklewhite. He still lives in Britain and is an avid fan of Chelsea FC.  



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  3. A positive turning point for me was when I stoped trying to make my idealized Real Life here in SL and started building a Second Life that makes me happy.

    -I’ve had my Partner for 15-ish years now and we still socialize, share “fealz” and check on each other every day. Most RL relationships struggle to make 5 years.

    -I have my SL “family” (or maybe GirlGang) that in no way looks like a traditional RL family, but we COMMUNICATE, have fun and share common fetishes....

    -I even have certain social rituals that I observe because they are meaningful to me.


    From my perspective, “Family” and “Society” have been reinvented to suit (and take advantage of) the nature of SL.

    I found my Tribe here.

    If you have yet to do that, I recommend it.



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  4. It would be an interesting concept to attempt in SL, but it would require some education and publicity to differentiate itself from the regular SL (sex oriented) “companion” clubs.

    I will say this; recently on these forms a friend of mine posted a thread about *just* wanting someone to dance with. The popularity of that thread seems to indicate that “finding someone for company” might have a place in SL.

    If I recall correctly, “Hostess” clubs are primarily an Asian phenomenon. So to really get one going, expectations would need to be managed among the western population of SL.

    ...and you’ll still get 1 day old avatars popping in and asking where all the hookers are.......

    But it might be a refreshing thing to try 🙂

    Homer is “that one guy”


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  5. Ok, as former military I will admit that Gallows Humor is something I have a bit of appreciation for.

    But this morning as I was leaving work, I had to stop and engage in a stare-down with three contractors who “suspected” that one from another company -might- be an infection risk-factor. (There was no additional risk factor, they were misinformed)

    They were being hostile beyond the bounds of civil behavior and I had to deal with about 5x my weight in angry male construction workers.

    Lucky for me I have an overgrown attitude and my “mouse that roared” routine plus a little shaming worked.

    My heart goes out to everyone effected tonight. Please don’t panic and make it worse.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    That's just it. Of course they're free to set their own rules for their own sim, and anyone else is free to form an opinion about the requirement. And both sides are free to say what they think.

    I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what the reaction would be to a well-crafted avatar with a visible disability or deformity.

    In a way, I think I’ve seen that. At several clubs or venues, I occasionally run into people with avatars that were built so as to look extremely obese.

    I didn’t ask any rude questions, but I was wondering if this might be some kind of body-shaming activism.

    I’ve seen avatars with disabilities and deformities in Roleplay sims, but that was part of the character they were playing and not something that evolved “out in the wild”.

    Personally, in RL I *do* have something of a disability. I revel in the chance to “not get a second glance” here as I move around the grid.

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  7. Roleplay is performance art, and its very hard to regulate Art and Artists.

    That covers both the performers (the players) and those who provide their stage (sim designers, content creator, vision-providers).

    Piss Christ was inflammatory and  hurt many feelings; but it was displayed as Art.

    When people pay to set up a themed/period/vision-centric roleplay sim that requires a certain appearance to be “in theme”, they’re free to do that - with the caveat that others are free to react as many of the religious did when Piss Christ went on display.

    Racist: probably not unless someone can prove factually that the Creators were racist and acting on their documented prior behavior.

    But it is controversial - and a good debate is always healthy because someone usually learns something new in the process.

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  8. 1862 - U.S.S. Monitor battles C.S.S. Virginia

    On March 9, 1862, one of the most famous naval battles in American history occurs as two ironclads, the U.S.S. Monitor and the C.S.S. Virginia, fight to a draw off Hampton Roads, Virginia. The ships pounded each other all morning but their armor plates easily deflected the cannon shots, signaling a new era of steam-powered iron ships.



    Note: I started to build this post on the “pounded each other all morning” line from the article but......censors


  9. I’m at work an hour early getting ready for the time flip and giving holy hell to the Support Leader who showed up TWO hours early with his entire crew.

    To be fair....his surly crew is giving him more hell than I am and they will remember this longer.......

    So, its another night of General Discussion (GD) work in my little control room 🙂



    PS:  The support teams Evening meeting with their beloved supervisor looked a lot like this....


    Some days, work is just pretty darn entertaining.......

  10. How do I feel today?

    Happily not regretting the outcome when my RL ex called out of the blue and asked me to be honest about why the relationship (that ended LONG ago) failed.....

    Having had a *little* wine before bed might have made me more honest than I should have been.....

    ((I get to have booze RARELY, so when someone late night calls me and asks for honesty on that ONE EVENING I’m a little buzzed.....”in vino veritas”))


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  11. I’m glad you techies handled this already. The best advice I came up with involved either (a) sacrificing a prim goat or (b) reciting all the lyrics to Hamilton backwards whilst Baptizing a rabid duck.

    .....my loaner-goat is saved for another day now.....



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