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  1. Imagine the hysteria that night when I came home and my neighbor asked me how work was that day.... "Well, today I helped someone perform a milk-enema......"
  2. The solution was to allow me into the men's-room where he was holed-up in a stall and enduring a LOT of pain. I sent someone to the lunchroom for bottles of milk from the machine; which I handed to him over the door and instructed him to "apply topically" (it helps to dissolve the capsaicin which causes the burn). I'm pretty sure he never ate pickled jalapenos as a snack again, or if he did - he washed his hands thoroughly before adjusting his bottom.....
  3. This would be a follow-up to my original Vanity shot.... Originally, I had posted about the Giant Bunny my partner left me for Easter. Since then "Waldo" has become a permanent resident on our property where he chomps grass and leaves the pet cheetahs we already had roaming the grounds looking very disconcerted. Cheetah #1: "What the hell IS that thing?" Cheetah #2: "I have no idea but did you see the size of its poop?" This updated photo of domestic bliss is of my Partner and I enjoying our cuddle-chair-by-the-pool, watching Waldo guard the house (he's visible up against the foun
  4. I've been an Industrial First Responder for about 22 years now. My most mentally-damaging call was not a CPR thing - some guy managed to get jalapeno oil on his hemorrhoids...... I still have nightmares......
  5. I run into people like that from time to time. My theory is that if I keep running into them, they'll back off...... My insurance company loves me......
  6. Not knowing specifically *which* urban and Gorean RPs you are in, I *can* say that "location is everything". There seem to be a lot of hetero males in Crackden for example and I'm sure they are elsewhere. If you're seeing a lot of something you're personally not comfortable with, changing venue is often a good solution mainly because sims tend to "norm out" to various RP cultures. I haven't been around Gor in a long, long time - but as I recall there are a LOT of Gorean RPs in SL to pick from. Something else to consider (and this is one I have to monitor myself on); I come f
  7. Amanda Crisp


    Hello there S :-) Welcome to the Forums !!!'
  8. I really love roleplay (I am a frustrated Writer) - but SL Roleplay has been contracting a lot recently. Convergence might work for you - but the app used to be longish. i can think of three other sims that met your criteria, but all folded due to RP Purity Wars/Personality Conflicts in the last couple of years. If you find something amazing, please let me know :-)
  9. I can see someone's Busy Response now; "Sorry, I'll get back to you soon; I'm busy breeding my shoes..."
  10. Monso hair :-) (Monso & Mudskin) Really nice "messy" styles and their red-tones are awesome (unlike many red-hair textures).
  11. The Presence system really does seem to glitch a lot and say people are online when they aren't.... ...and some people are butt-heads and sometimes play deaf.......
  12. It truth, two people can live in harmony - but if there are three, two will Anathematize the third and declare some form of Holy War. That works for religions, philosophy, politics and even roleplay-groups ("that's not REAL para-post"). Our tendency towards dis-harmony is only offset by our libido. If humans were not looking for new Adult Relations constantly, we'd have wiped each other out long ago ;-)
  13. In my defense, it really was a massively bad hair day...... and the kids had been rowdy...... and it was tax day....
  14. Non-Mesh will probably continue to have followers, but the supply of new non-mesh skins and clothing will probably thin out dramatically as content creators go where the perceived money is.
  15. I kinda like the following reference and have used it for a while; The Catnap Kitty Body Proportion Kind of like some RL fitness programs project optimal shoulder, weight and hip dimensions based on height, The VERY smart-kittty author bases her SL sizing on head-size. Using it would help make sure the body-to-head ratio was correct. Also, as a question; don't shoe-bases and some mesh bodies throw off the body-height reading ?
  16. A couple of thoughts; (a) - At one time SL had several groups that offered a course of training for Submissives. I will try to dig up information and post that for you as well. If you can locate one of those, it will give you exposure to the terminology, customs and the more Accepted Practices of the BDSM community. It might also get you started off without falling into the hands of a Dominant who does not have your best interests at heart. Once you build up a baseline of experience, you will know more about your limits and kinks. (b) - If you re looking for a Female Dominant, the Ve
  17. I'm doing analysis for a multinational group on the upper-end. Trying to explain Pop Culture to other cultural groups is interesting, although it often underscores the absurd points of pop culture :-) "Its not supposed to make sense, its allegedly funny" Some days its fun, some days my brain hurts :-)
  18. There are days I have to resort to speaking very slooooowly and loudly to my target audience :-) Upper Management translation issues......
  19. My RL career has been a bad case of "take the complex and translate into a simple, digestible format" - so I'm going with Simplicity.... Its less work :-)
  20. I feel your pain :-) I had once posted a (now) painfully embarrassing story about how a Dungeon Skybox above land my Partner and I were renting got de-rezzed causing it to rain Goreans in our living room. At the time, I was unfamiliar with BDSM, Goreans and their customs. My rant was "special". Since then I think I have buried all the bodies and deleted all traces from that alt's social media.........
  21. Once, my alt helped run a role play area and I had a particular player who kept (a) making Giant Russian characters and (b) complaining that all the doorways were too small for him. (By a big amount) The sim management wasn't going to rebuild the sim for one guy, so the role play advice was "use the opportunities this gives you"; get good at creatively posting about having to duck and also use the opportuntiy to occasionally bash your head and go to the hospital to hit on the ER nurses.
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