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  1. The ability to either summon Ninja Guardians or Protective Pirates whenever one feels their avatar has been griefed.

    OK, I know this would never be used for its stated purpose......

    .....I just want to see that neverending “Pirates vs Ninjas” battle at Waterhead....


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  2. I have that little itch again, the one at the base of my scalp I discovered back in the 90’s. I thought I’d left it decades and an ocean away - but the scratchy little imp is back.

    The last time it popped up I was helping provide “humanitarian assistance” some ostensibly-civilized place where - if they didn’t like your gender, gender-identity, nationality or religion - your lights could be turned off suddenly and permanently.

    I’m sure they had reasons that made sense to them; I had my own for wanting to survive the trip. I’m pretty sure the Itch was my subconscious reminding me that even in places that were both beautiful and historic; Bad Things could reach out and touch me. It did its job and I lived to go through therapy about it.

    Today, I’m an considered an Essential Worker who has the additional worry that the people I’m responsible for will catch a Dose as the cost of doing their jobs. All of them are much younger than me, most have small children that their jobs force them to self-isolate from. I care for my elderly mother who thinks that I’m loopy for having my sister take that over out of concern that I might bring home something Extra from work.

    She thinks her spirituality will protect her, which worries me quite a bit. 

    So all of us are working our way through this. People DO need food, medicine and manufactured items -  so staying home would only be selfish. We take precautions, distance and “try to act normal”

    Meanwhile, I’m doing my best not to scratch that itch.

    The last thing I need is people worrying that I have cooties 🙂


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  3. I get annoyed when I go to a club and the DJ is non-stop bringing the whole CV-19 thing into Second Life.

    I’m considered an Essential Worker, meaning I have to go out in public daily and take my chances.

    SL is my little Reality Break and his constant Coronavirus dialogue and doomsaying were SERIOUSLY harshing my SL Buzz 🙂

    So I turned off the SL music stream, turned on my favorite iTunes mix and took my SL back.

    Funny, I like this DJ better when I’m picking the tunes......

    Can Mimes make it as DJs in SL ?




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  4. This is tough advice, but in SL it might be sane advice.

    Don’t worry about people’s alts.

    Alts can be generated instantly and are ubiquitous. Trying to keep tabs on “who-is-who” can eat up time and make you crazy.

    I have been to that show and have the tee-shirt.

    If people treat you as you want to be treated, give of their time and make you happy; enjoy it.

    If someone is an alt-a-holic or is just distracted or disinterested, their presence will fall off and they will fall out of your life in favor of people who want to be there.

    Evaluate whether or not someone has earned a place in your world by actions you KNOW are theirs, NOT what they -might- be doing.

    In a virtual world, the one thing you can always control is your expectations.


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  5. Personally, I think the “saving” of Sl will be; (a) better business decisions by LL and (b) flattening the learning curve required for New Residents to get to the point where they can “mingle” confidently and make better use of the variety of content available.

    But if we MUST change SL to a musical-era format, my vote is for ABBA-Life.....



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  6. 1 hour ago, LuxxyLuxxy said:

    I doubt that's what her intention is. She's asking what being nonbinary means to the OP in particular. A lot of people identify as nonbinary without fully understanding what that entails, so she's really just trying to figure out where the OP stands. ( That's my interpretation, but I could still be wrong. >.< )


    Clarity is important when dealing with topics that may be relatively new to the awareness of significant groups of people. That’s how we can avoid “arguments” where both sides are actually talking about two different subjects through sheer miscommunication.

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  7. On 3/28/2020 at 2:42 AM, xTornTwilightx said:

    I decide to play a male character. I get into a serious relationship with a girl character. Some people would say I'm obligated to tell her I'm really a girl. Others would say If I'm representing myself as a male character I absolutely should not tell her about who I am in real life. Others would say that unless I exhibit concrete gender dysphoria then I should absolutely not be presenting myself as a male to other players, *especially* in a serious relationship. The last one might sound nice until you think about it for five seconds and realize it means that your real life *you* must be represented to your best ability in the appearance and mannerisms of your avatar.

    The following is based on my experience in large, purpose-made roleplay sims with specific themes, I generally did not RP outside the formal setting:

    My past experience with role playing and moderating roleplay has been this; we *all* knew we were there to act out out the parts of characters in a free form play - so we maintained a hard line between In Character and Out Of Character

    There was no expectation that anyone’s character IN ANY WAY resembled the RL person or their personality.

    So, if the relationship was all IC (In character) then there was no pressure to disclose any of your RL self. It was considered normal not to even ask and awkward if you did.

    If the relationship had one party who was interested in the other OUTSIDE the IC one, then a bracketed (Out of Character) conversation takes place about it in which the players discuss this.

    Considering that OOC relationships tended to spoil the IC one (jealousy), it was not infrequent for the player making the OOC romantic moves to get a response that looked like this;

    Player2: (( I’m sorry, but I don’t OOC with anyone from the Sim/RP. Let’s have fun IC. ))

    Thats usually when you discover whether or not the person who asked you to OOC Romance is really committed to the RP or not.

    ”or Not” usually entailed drama, accusations and sometimes Moderator Involvement.

    So....anyone crossing the OOC line within their RP sim tended to keep it on the down-low back in the Day (in the sims I hung out in).


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  8. Maybe in the Roleplay forum you’ll hit more people who are “into” the subject?

    Personally I use the old reliable /me and “ “ to denote In Character action.

    If I am in RP and need to say something Out Of Character I post it in (( ))

    That pretty much seems to keep the dialogue straight, so long as everyone involved takes turns and knows we were IN Roleplay.

    SL has this odd thing where people will just walk up outside the RP setting and start emoting at people who have no idea what’s up. I kinda scratch my head at that one as it’s more about confusion than a Live Action Role Play.

    Personally, I don’t consider people chat-sexting just as a stand alone hookup to be “Roleplay” . I classify that as old-fashioned cybering (nothing wrong with that), unless it is a small component of a larger non-sex-centric RP. Sexplayers are free to do their thing of course, and all is in the eye of the beholder.

    Greetings from someone who also loves good, immersive, literate Roleplay. I hope you can find all that satisfies !


  9. 51 minutes ago, CaerolleClaudel said:

    OMG, you make toilet paper??????

    (bows and chants) I am not worthy, I am not worthy....

    Actually I did spend a *looong* time working for a company that does make toilet paper (among other things), but I moved on before the poo-poo hit the fan 🙂

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  10. My Second Life Definition:

    A virtual world populated by Real People who are both empowered to remake themselves in the manner of their own choosing and to participate in a global tribe that has the same opportunity.

    My Second Life Experience:

    In Second Life I have a virtual body that has none of the Injuries or scars of my real one and which lets me be “just one of the Tribe”. I have amazing friends, a wonderful Partner of almost 15 RL years (on our Originals) and the chance to indulge both my creative sweet tooth and my strange sense of humor. I’ve also had stalkers, griefers and people who gave me stress; but I can Mute/DeRender them here......

    ....and the longest romantic relationship of my life is here.

    I’ll take SL over RL any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    SL is what you make it; I decided to make mine something good.



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  11. I absolutely do, in fact I’m probably more of a “people person” here than in RL. Meaning I’m more likely to just randomly talk to people.

    Also, I’ve been seriously into my SL Partner for about 15 years now......which kinda seems to indicate that “real feelings” are involved where I’m concerned 🙂

    SL friendships have their ups and downs, just like RL. This is made more complicated in SL because in SL you sometimes encounter people who consider you “just an NPC in their personal Game”......but frankly, RL has no shortage of those.....

    I value and love my SL friends for many reasons and I can’t really ever see giving them up until I experience that “final fatal error” and go offline for good.

    Of course...in my little circle of friends I am also probably the “weirdness magnet” of the bunch; which is fun....



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  12. 10 minutes ago, Ardy Lay said:

    Mars!  You may be taking this "social distancing" thing a bit far.

    Ardy, the control room I run looks like a refugee from the Expanse already.......so it might not be a stretch

    ...altho some days Its the “Out-of-Control Room”



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  13. 25 minutes ago, Beth Macbain said:

    Also, as someone with a sister in law who is a nurse caring for the all-the-symptoms-but-not-tested-yet patients and reusing masks, and as an employee of a place caring for immuno-compromised children, thank you to you and your entire team for ramping up the schedule. ❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you Beth 🙂. I’m pretty sure the Big Auto Makers and such are curtailed, but our sector is headed straight to mars. We’re feeling the pinch as odd things run out, but maybe this is what brings about the Paperless Office for real.

    We’re so automated that everyone is an Isolated Worker on a normal day, so probably the only hazardous part is the commute here 🙂

    Many, many thanks to you and your Sister-in-Law as well. I think you have it a bit harder than me 🙂

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  14. So I work in a “Critical Industry”, meaning that as the government advises people to stay home - *we* are ramping up to 7-day weeks 🙂

    This is not a commentary on our schedule 🙂

    What entertained me tonight was how much joy an act of minor insubordination brought the workforce....

    So as soon as I got here, I found out that we had a new shortage.

    We already got through “Medical Masks”, “Exam gloves” and Printer Toner....but this one had people stressing; we were out of the free coffee for the lunchroom.

    Evidently, the coffee service stopped along with everything else and as we’re running at 130% - we sucked it down quickly.

    So I’ve got people looking at me -plainly distressed- and I’m on the spot to say or do something.

    So, I gathered up a couple of strong looking people and we went upstairs.....

    The Office Staff is Working From Home and for some reason  - their 10% of our workforce has 4x the coffee stored in their kitchenette as Operations is allotted.

    There was a big sign on the cabinet that was left by a long-gone and un-beloved Administrator; “These Coffee Supplies for Admin Staff Only. I’m Serious”

    The protective force field failed to strike us dead as we redistributed the Company Property down to the main lunchroom.....

    My offgoing counterpart was in the lunchroom when our little parade came through and he plainly was concerned about what was up.....one of my helpers told him we were “stealing”.....

    So the coffee crisis  was averted, the Resident Manager thought the whole thing was completely understandable when I called him after the fact..... (I’ve never heard him giggle before)

    But the part I keep hearing about is the look of satisfaction on my face when I gave that sign a vigorous yank.........I *may* have said a bad-word too.......

    I have issues.


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  15. I tossed a giant potato in the Insta Pot, “baked” it and then it made an exit under a yummy blanket of Salsa, taco meat & shredded cheese!

    This is much prettier than mine;


    This is about two meals for my way-of-eating, three if I just let myself SMELL it and gain weight when it first comes up.

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  16. I’m not especially scared.

    I take precautions because we live an an era of “elevated risk”, but I’ve had practice doing that.

    Mainly I’m hopeful that this event - unfortunate as it is - might nudge us a bit closer to getting our mutual act together.

    The illusion that “things like that don’t happen here” has been pierced, so maybe that can lead toward a change in how we deal with Big Problems and also each other.

    Because if we can’t, our odds in the evolutionary lottery only get worse.



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  17. 6 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:


    Do come in and have a seat – oh, any seat but that one, dearest: it’s Louis Quinze.

    Would you like some tea? It’s a special blend of jasmine I have made up just for me, and shipped in specially from Satori.


    These are terribly dark days for our beloved Linden Lab and Second Life, are they not? Sansar has failed, and the Lab seems to be retrenching. EEP (whatever that is, but the acronym doesn’t sound very hopeful, does it?) is proving problematic, and the sad, benighted masses who labour beneath the weighty impediment of a single moniker still cry out in vain, the poor dear things, for last names. Sim (or Region) crossings bedevil us all: just last week, I was booted unceremoniously from my BMW, and for a whole 5 minutes before I at last found my vehicle spinning in circles around a stand selling gluten-free avocado toast, I was a (*gasp*) pedestrian.

    And, did we need more evidence that the End of Days is upon us, I’ve noticed that some of even the most fashionable in-world stores are now selling something called “jeggings.”

    Truly, these are dark days.

    Well, dahlings, as you know, I’ve never been one to sit by idly while the world around me descends into an endless round of dreariness and off-brand knock-offs of haute couture. So, I took some time from my terribly busy schedule to jot down some ideas that will engage us all, as a community, in making Second Life a much much nicer place for me. Oh, and for you, of course, too. I ran some of these by a very good personal friend of mine who has some small insight into the workings of our lovely little virtual world, and he was resistant at first. “But Ebbe,” I insisted, “the residents of Second Life, even the little people, have fueled its success from the beginning! With, of course, some nudging from the cognoscenti.” And he had to agree.

    So I’ve put together an exciting four-point plan to de-drearify Second Life that I just know will excite you nearly as much as it does me. To ensure that these are easy to remember and implement, I’m having them printed up, to be distributed through vendors at all of the most exclusive boutiques in-world, so that we can be sure that those most capable of embracing its spirit understand their roles. But I thought it might be nice to share it with you as well.

    Read on, dahlings, and enjoy!

    • The Oases of Beauty Project -- Every sim (yes, yes, dahlings, I know . . . "region") in Second Life should be equipped with a tastefully-appointed cafe-*****-art gallery. Is there anything worse than expending one’s energy in a morning of shopping, only to discover that the only available place to refresh oneself afterwards is a radioactive dystopian diner run by giant mutant cockroaches? I think there is not.

      A lovely model for these oases of relief might be "Isabel," in Mayfair -- I'm sure you must know it: scrumptious tapis, and a precious decor to die for! We might mix it up a bit, to speak colloquially, with some other models -- perhaps “Deux Maggots” in Paris, for the those who favour turtleneck sweaters and Existentialism with their au lait, or Singapore's "Odette," or that lovely little place on 7th Ave S that specializes in that Thai/Hawaiian fusion . . . well, I'm sure you get the idea. We might assemble a small but select committee to choose art to display in each, on a rotating basis; I have, of course, many commitments, but I'd be delighted to serve. The dress code shouldn’t be too restrictive, of course: we don’t want to entirely exclude the hoi polloi, but I think we might demand a minimum complexity of 120,000 from the clientele?
    •  The Beautify the N00b Project -- Nothing can mar a visit to a beautiful sim -- I mean, of course, region -- more than tripping over a poorly put-together resident! The poor dears have absolutely no idea, of course, about how to make themselves presentable, but that is where we can help! I propose that each of us adopt a n00b, and assist them in finding properly stylish vêtements et accessoires. Our guidance will be invaluable in improving their drab little virtual lives, and it will be, besides, a public service for all! No longer will I need to derender, derender, derender in an effort to keep my screen free of the fruits of an afternoon spent at Fabulously Free.

    • The MANTan Project -- When I was last at Battery Street for a lovely little soiree celebrating the launch of the newest batch of those sweet little starter-homes in Bellisseria, I overhead a little discussion of something called the “ARCTan Project.” I didn’t really care to ask much about the details, but it involved a great deal of numbers or some such – no doubt my accountant will be able to handle it for me should it ever actually be implemented. But it did give me an idea to help improve everyone’s existence in Second Life. What would be an enormous boon to us all is a set of minimum standards for men’s attire. The men with whom I associate, of course, know much better than to appear before me wearing anything less than the very best and most stylish clothing, but we all know how difficult it can be for the less well-motivated male to find a decent suit, tie, and pants ensemble.

      I propose a revision to Second Life’s base code to ensure that only tastefully appareled men will be fully rendered by our viewers, while those with more questionable tastes in garb appear instead as jellydolls. We can devise a point system, based upon the individual components of the outfit: jeans with holes in the derriere, for instance, would score very low, while any man wearing a hoodie would automatically, and without regard to the rest of their outfit, be rendered in our viewers as a mahogany hat stand. This would encourage men to seek out the very best available to them, which would in turn incentivize the creators of men’s clothing to produce more sophisticated and tasteful clothing. No more rack upon rack of tattered graphic tees and low-slung joggers: soon, it will be Saville Row everywhere you turn for men’s clothing!
    • The Forum Wallpaper Project -- Well, honestly, dahlings, look around you. Is this really a nice place to be? Is it well appointed, or tastefully decorated? Has even a minimal effort been made to emulate the stylishness of the world’s greatest forum? (I mean, of course, the ancient Roman one.) Think how much more pleasant it would be to engage in delightful banter amidst great art and design! What I propose is that the forum’s visual theme be varied, on a rotating basis, by the addition of images of some of the loveliest designs that the world has to offer. I have taken the liberty to produce a mock-up of how this might look, using motifs borrowed from the Arts and Crafts Movement (don’t you just adore William Morris?) These little decorative touches – like the signed Basquiat I have hanging in my bedroom – can make our days that much brighter and more stylish, n’est-ce pas?


    So there you are, dahlings. Be dears, and spread the good word! And I’m always delighted to accept applications from those eager to volunteer – please DM me your resume and accompanying reference from your favourite designer!

    Let’s get to work, making Second Life beautiful again!

    Mwah mwah!

    LOVE this pic Scylla!

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