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  1. I would slightly disagree. I encounter people expressing parts of who they are that - for whatever reasons - they cannot in RL. IMO that is self-expression, not putting on a role like an actor playing a part.
  2. Create some stock sound-bites that you can drop into the que when you're verbally running low on content. I like gag "commercials" a lot :-) I have one for a combination Mortuary/Pub that usually gets a laugh when the "stop in for a Cold One" punchline hits......
  3. Welcome back! Unfortunately, many places -do- place an emphasis on Voice - especially if you DJ, do erotic dance or escort. Unfortunately, SL places less emphasis on Textual Relations now that SL Voice and Skype are easy options. If you still want to dance, my first thought would be to apply at places where no one will care about voice-verification. That would mean places catering to the gender-fluid community. I am not sure if we're allowed to call out places by name on the forum (some consider that advertising), but when I get home from work and into SL I can IM you at least
  4. SL has as many jerks as RL - only here you can mute/de-render them :-) I get bothered at people who keep persistently ignoring my "I don't talk about RL" statements, but over time I've gotten pretty good at giving them the "move along please".... ....I have friends here who are worth having, so dealing with the unrealistic "what, this isn't Facebook/Tindr?" types is just the price I'm willing to pay.
  5. I never let any guy's drooling stop me from dancing with whom I want to :-) They'll just have to contain their jealosy........
  6. I've seen M+M in clubs that are not strictly non-Hetero, but its not common IMO Girls dance with girls (if they're not INTO girls) because it turns guys on (in some cases)..........the male of the species is visually stimulated.
  7. It occurs to me that Me + Fire usually ends badly....... but here I am :-)
  8. I have fond memories of discovering a glitch in one of my big brother's C64 games. He was the big war game and aircraft jock and was really -battling- this game. Its objective was to fly a B1 bomber somewhere and blow up the Bad Guys and he kept getting shot down....a lot..... I discovered that if I set the altitude to 1', I would make it all the way to Moscow and was invulnerable. I still remember him sputtering; "But....it's cheating if you DRIVE to Moscow!" Wish I could get some more of those times :-(
  9. That's actually a bittersweet topic for me. Prior to the Interwebs I had left active duty and was in the reserves while chasing an advanced degree. I was either in school, running, or at my day job - with reserve duty once a month and eating up a couple of weeks every summer...... so no time for things like "social life" or "family". I got absorbed into the Internet Collective -after- going back on extended active duty to make use of my shiny new skill set and have some really sleep-disturbing experiences. When I was finished finding out that humans can be really awful to each other
  10. Some years ago due to a brain injury, my RL body began letting me down. For me and people like me, SL is a chance to be "normal" and not the object of pity or bad humor when my speech sounds drunk, I have a "can't walk well" day or being a gifted seven-finger typist is just not enough. I think it's relative to your situation :-)
  11. Personally, I think with certain individuals it's already here. I have friends here I and really wild about; but I have no urge to know them in RL. When I think about them, I visualize them as I know them here; and I am OK with that. I'm comfortable with seeing people as they prefer to be seen, and it hurts my ability to be their friend not one little bit :-)
  12. I LOVE the Darwin awards........ The Raccoon-Hunt in a sewer-pipe was one of my faves......
  13. The actual eclipse may be over, but if you have a 3rd-shift "day sleeper" in the house, you can still have a little fun with it. a.. Turn off their alarm b.. Set the clocks in the house back several hours c.. Wait for full dark d.. Wake them up screaming; "OMG! The Sun never came back !!!!!!" Then back away......
  14. Just a thought - but a Non-Searchable Person is very likely a Ninja...... ......might be best not to search too hard for a Ninja......
  15. I have always avoided Gor for several reasons but I do understand that it still has a following :-) YKINMKBYKIOK:-)
  16. I would agree :-) I try to -welcome- new Residents into the community, not run them off by enforcing standards that can't be aware of and therefore not responsible for. One of the great drawbacks of SL in general and the RP community in particular is that sometimes, people whose social skills are a little "different" gravitate to it. Somehow, those same people seem to sometimes self-appoint themselves as 'voice of the community" too.... They don't take into account that "new" people don't appear already steeped in the lore of freeform RP, and when they interact OOC - it comes across as bos
  17. I never thought so. It's handy to have a convention to keep OOC differentiated from In Character - it actually avoids butt-hurt and my objective is always to -expand- the RP community and not let misunderstandings lead to drama. I have met people who had unreasonable and unrealistic OOC requirements from RP, and the short form response is that if we could not work it out; I politely bow out. Having some simple and consensual RP guidelines (that can bow to the Scene) are handy - no need to re-invent the wheel every time.
  18. Generally, when I'm RPing with someone we are also communicating OOC (out of character) in IMs. Most especially if we have never written together before, one of the questions is "what post size do you go for?" (You can also make that question fairly obscene if you like). Anyway, by OOC communicating on preferences you can avoid being labeled as "Dickish" by not dragging someone who prefers brevity into a marathon typing session. You can also discuss limits ala "I prefer to FTB (fade to black) on sex and not RP that" as well as avoid other pitfalls that come with RPing blindly forwar
  19. THIS is one of the best "looking for" threads in a while :-) Good luck in your search :-)
  20. I wish only the best for the people of Barcelona and sincerely that the world in general suffers a sudden breakout of sanity and reason as opposed to reactionary violence.
  21. Y'know, as a longtime SL role player and "utility NPC player" (I filled in roles needed for various stories) I have been; Male, Female, Andro, Gender-Integrated Caucasian, Black, Asian, Native American Furry (Plushie), Neko, Demonic, Gender-Fluid Devil, Vampire, Lycan, Elvish, Android, Cyborg and various aliens I was a dog on several occasions..... Irish, South African, African-American, Scots, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Australian, Colombian, Mexican, Cherokee Been lawyers, strippers, cops, hookers, ministers, nuns, cowgirls, doctors, housewives, shopkeepers,
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