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  1. I have a VIP to entertain from the Home Office. I could deal with this; But this is what I have waiting for me..... Which makes me feel all....
  2. *sigh* Cutting my SL-time short tonight because someone decided 3rd Shift at my RL work needs to have MEETINGS...
  3. For Women; Well-made shoes that accentuate the outfit Glasses (I know, that's not what everyone is into - *I* am) Well-made skirts that don't make one's backside look like a carnival tent and don't expose Christmas Non-exaggerated physical proportions
  4. L500 sounds awesome. I can find some really strange stuff for L500 on the marketplace
  5. I was never a big fan of Universal, could I get a Paramount or United Artists avatar instead ?
  6. I was going to skip some decorating this year, but at the last moment my son lucked into Christmas leave and I feel compelled to make the place look as normal as possible. The includes having a cat sitting in the top of my tree looking smug :-)
  7. I have been a lifelong cat person :-) My current fuzzy friend is a tree-CLIMBER but he has yet to take it all the way over. He just roosts up there below the star and looks superior to all of us :-) Note: This .gif is NOT my cat. My cat is a successful tree climber.....
  8. Those boots are all that remains of the one time Santa tried to crawl down a lit fireplace.... ...and thus was the annual "Burning Santa" gathering founded.
  9. Bickering with relatives in the ER waiting room......I'm not waiting for treatment, I'm the Immoral support......
  10. I was thinking of "combat" in the sense of the flame-wars and drama that break out on the forums sporadically. Its better than it was, but we relapse frequently :-)
  11. Turkey Hunting..... But this year...its different....... Have a great day everybody!
  12. I prefer either one that sees me left alone :-) I can de-render and Skybox my way away from the visually unappealing; so as long as I don't have invasive neighbors, I'm happy. I do have a funny story about the door-to-door, home-invading n00b evangelists from WAY back who wanted to know if my Partner and I were "lesbeans", one that was an entertaining little vignette about "right to privacy"......... but that's for another time :-)
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