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  1. As long as people trim the crust that is the coast and abandon the interior of the mainland things will never change. I don't know many people that would want to pay the same price (in tier) for a crappy landlocked parcel as someone pays for a coastal one. If there was only some way for the Lab to adjust the tier based on the value of the property so, those with more expensive parcels pay a higher rate since they are obviously in demand and worth paying extra for and those taking the scraps get a lowered rate making them more attractive to buyers. That is one of the main reasons I moved to Bellisseria where I could have a piece of the pie on the water without paying through the nose for it. I mean when you get into the hundreds of thousands of L$ you're in the $300-$400USD range for a little 1024 parcel and that's not only unrealistic but ludicrous to most people to spend that kind of money on virtual land when they can rent it for about what it would cost in tier.
  2. Is this some kind of mall like I've seen all over SL with vacant buildings for rent?
  3. I take it that the "significant progress in laying the foundations for the long-awaited Name Changes feature" back in October wasn't that significant after all.
  4. We now stand at 607 days since they announced "the return of last names...". Why even worry about what it costs when it's becoming clear they can't even figure out how do it? They could make it free or charge a millionbazillion dollars and it wouldn't matter since it doesn't exist.
  5. This just happened again … DJs that talk over the music on the mic … Hello visitor 3720, Hello visitor 3721, Hello visitor 3722, Hello visitor 3723 ….. Shadup and play music!
  6. They're not bots, they're just resting their avatars.
  7. Yanno if I could just filter out everything prior to 2015 or 2012, something like that … that would be nice.
  8. Remember when mesh heads first came out and people reluctant to change because they didn't want to all look the same? I bet some of them bought a premade shape. 😎
  9. Maybe you don't get it because you're posting under an account with a last name and your accounts that are affected are your alt accounts which you may or may not use daily. When I signed up there was no option of having a last name and I accepted that. It wasn't an issue for me until Linden Lab made the statement on March 21, 2018 that it became an issue. "The return of Last Names - You’ve asked for it (a lot!), so we will provide a way to customize your last name in Second Life! More details will be available later this year."The return of Last Names - You’ve asked for it (a lot!), so we will provide a way to customize your last name in Second Life! More details will be available later this year." As one of their "FIFTEEN REASONS TO CELEBRATE" They opened that door and if people with last names don't get it, that's okay they don't have a dog in that hunt. Why should they care that people with a resident tag were told by Linden Lab that this was going to happen but what if it were something you did care about or something that did affect your daily Second Life experience? Would it affect you or would you care if Linden Lab decided to scrap the 10% reduction in mainland costs or the double mainland tier for premium members? What if they decided tomorrow that the Environment Enhancement Project (EEP) is just too hard to implement and decided not to continue work on it? What if they decided that they've built enough new Linden Homes to satisfy their obligation of "Linden Homes improvements - We're bringing newer and better Linden Home designs this year."? What if almost 2 years in we didn't have Animesh or they decided that it was just too hard to do so they scrapped it and what if Bakes On Mesh had never left the oven? The forum is full of other people who asked and continue to ask the same questions of BoM, Animesh, EEP, Linden Homes and reduced mainland costs. Some have been satisfied and others have not. Linden Lab said it March of 2018 and again on September 30, 2019 stating that "the last month we’ve made significant progress in laying the foundations for the long-awaited Name Changes feature". Sure, it could be considered a vanity thing but so are mesh bodies and heads and everyone can have one or more of those. While it may not affect you, you may not care or understand why doesn't make it less important. It was one of their reasons to celebrate and we who have been waiting for it are not celebrating it yet. So what if we ask for progress on if or when it's going to happen how does that affect your Second Life?
  10. Can I get a Second Life mini game so my avatar to play Second Life while I'm in Second life and if so, can it be mobile?
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