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  1. Ummm, okay? That's nice but my SL home still looks just like I described.
  2. It's a box made of smaller boxes, some even have a rounded edge.
  3. First let me restate, I am not saying there is anything wrong with the pool area. As I said at the very beginning of this thread that they are beautiful places. I am however questioning why the community at large does not use it. I began by asking myself why I don't use it and I laid out those reasons along with some solutions that I thought of. What I'm asking the community to weigh in on why they do not use it. So far some people seem to agree that if they could rez their own stuff they would use it more and some people are providing me with many solutions on how I could use it, I appreciate that. The fact remains that these areas seemingly go on unused. Where's the community in these community spaces? I know all about the pickle parties, I've been to a few of them and met many friends there. I'm not trying to pester the Moles or pull them away from building more houses but wondering where my neighbors are and why meeting them in these community areas in so uncommon. Are they sitting in their homes or on their platforms? Are they in group chat or here on the forums? Does it have to be an announced gathering to come out to one of these spaces and meet? Would you for just one day leave your comfort zone and stand around the pool the same as you stand in your living room. Shopping on marketplace, in group chat or on the forums not by yourself but some of us together as a community?
  4. That is why I am trying to shed some light on the subject. While it may be too late from some regions does that mean it can't happen at all?
  5. Would this be any different in a rez zone on the Blake Sea, on a road or at one of the lighthouses which already exists?
  6. I'm only asking if it is possible and offering solutions. If we do not ask we do not receive anything.
  7. Simply sloping the floor would have made it so that avatars of all sizes could have used the pool too. If we all put stuff at our own home doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a community space in the first place?
  8. Sure, wearable stuff is an option, I could rez the stuff at my house and edit it all the way there too but the harder things are to do the less likely they are to get done.
  9. If Linden homes are truly starter homes then you have to take into consideration that people with less skill would have to buy, modify or create these things to use the pool or use what's there. I don't think the solution is making things more difficult than it needs to be.
  10. I think that is an excellent point considering we already have 249 Land Impact already invested in the pool furnishings... which balloons to 459 with the extra crates and barrels. While it looks really nice if people don't use the space then it is wasted space.
  11. Moving is not a proposition many want to undertake during the current housing shortage.
  12. While swim AOs might work when you're two feet tall, in the case of my friend he found it difficult to swim in waist high water.
  13. I find the animations in the stuff provided a little lacking which might be fine for you but I would simply prefer to bring my own. That is one of reasons I started this thread and one of the reasons I don't use the pool.
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