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  1. I am the only person that logs on to the forum from work so what would my boss think? Can you even imagine? LOL Who is my boss? I bet after he or she read your posts and profile he or she would say "You actually pass your time on this site with this kind of T$#%^? Hey shouldn't you be standing in a line somewhere or at the mailbox, isn't that like working for you? See you people think you can give it out so take it politely, you know, dish it out, so you can take it, right? I posted to the few that I felt I wanted to. Enjoy the thread as I am not wasting anymore time with the same Regular forum nasty posters. Cheers!
  2. No don't give yourself that much credit, I could care less what you thought you pointed out, as stated to another poster I didn't post this to get into the word war with a person like yourself. Your opinion means nothing. I do not need to know more about my job and no it's not up to you if I tie anything to my rl period. You can have all the opinions you want, they are your opinions, from your links you have no clue to what i was referring to and BTW the huffingpost? Really. Your post reflects the same way you post to others.
  3. That's a good one PI, well done!! I suppose it's not allowed to post what i did because i didn't name the person as I shouldn't have in my post? I wonder what brought you to this post? Whistle blows to leave work and go home in 12 minutes so thanks to all who replied, even the snarky ones LOL
  4. Correct but it wasn't a question. Again my post was apparently very unclear as to the type of post it was. I typed without going back to re read so I see how it came off as a question. People can't change rl laws because it's sl. I guess in some minds if they don't get caught it's fine to do. So when you don't get permission it's ok to do and I don't know my job I am told? LOL Most people that post regurlary in this forum have morales and aren't law breakers as you can see by their posts/replies, that was my point. My fault for not being more precise in my post.
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: I interpreted your post as wanting a discussion on the matter and I can also see why people thought you were asking a question. Why would you post at all if it wasn't a question or you didn't want a discussion or other's opinions? Just to show you are a big expert? If you don't want to be called on mistakes or errors be sure of what you are talking about before you post. If you don't want replies don't post at all. Since you did post and we are free to respond, here is my response: Have to agree that you don't know much about the legal use of brand names or your an example of a little bit of knowledge being dangerous. There have been many court rulings about the use of brand names in free speech. In RL, you can use a brand name in a discussion, a statement of fact, or in a comparison of two products, a review or even in a satire without permission. What you can not do is use a brand name to mislead people or for any type of personal or commercial gain in RL without permission. You can discuss a SL brand in general here in the forums as long as its not purely negative, compare brands features, use it in a review, even in some cases give recommendations as long as it is germane to the general discussion and in the proper subforum. However you cannot promote a brand or name a brand in a name and shame post. You also cannot post here referring to RL or SL brands for the purpose of getting people to a web site or promoting the brand. You can though post a link to a SL brand in the form of a MP listing or Slurl to a store, in answer to a question such as "Where can I buy this <specific item>?" , although some new or over zealous moderators have been known to remove it. From the Community Guidelines: Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. No advertising or promotion of specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services, unless the forum area is specifically for the buying or selling of Second Life products or services, for example, a “for sale” or “wanted” forum. Do not reference other websites offering any product or service. Note: It is OK to have a signature line with a link to your Second Life profile or information about your Second Life business. I wasn't going to reply after the person who thought they worked next to me said I need to understand my job better, wasn't looking to argue with ignorance so I was stopping there. It has nothing to do with another's opinion and I am not a big expert as you say, i do know my job however. Should I assume I know the details of your job if you gave a broad spectrum of anything that falls under the umbrella, no that would be wrong. I do know the law and the legal limitations of TM and Copyright as i spend my day creating brands and doing all the necessary steps protecting them. I was not going to play word knowledge war with a rude &*^%. My post was not a question and I can see how it came across that way. I can't use names or point at the people doing this, I am just making a statement because i find people that ignore RL laws because they are in SL should not have entitled use to someone's TM or Copyright, that's wrong. This was not about a discussion of an SL brand, it was about how someone decided to make their own laws using a TM name at their discretion not the company. You can't just use a TM in an ad how you wish you need permission and or to purchase the license for how many times you will use it or a one time use. I am not going to get in a heated snarky BS arguement with the people that replied, constructive critism or pointing out error is ONE thing but a rude reply is another. You obviously know the law and apparently you have educated yourself in it, My post could have been a discussion if people knew how to post without snark as you did. BTW you are entitled to agree with Ms. Nightfire of my knowledge or lack there of, I have nothing to prove to anyone. I was making a point. Innula, Dillon and Melita I appreciate your replies.
  6. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Izzabelha wrote: I work in rl building brands and it is illegal to use the name of a comapny for any reason unless you get permission from the holder of that TM. Hmm, maybe you should learn a little bit more about your real life work. Because, it's not illegal so use the name or brand of a company in RL, if done properly. Also, no need to get permission. As long as the reference is not deminishing the company or brand, and a disclaimer or credit is used, people in RL can use names and brands. Yes, even in their own ads. It's done in RL all the time! Now, SL is not RL. So, for any SL ad placement, Linden Lab TOS and rules must be followed. Are there people breaking those LL rules? Sure. Hmm, maybe you have no idea of my rl work, Branding and Identity can cover a lot of jobs, what is my actual job title? Right. Branding in the real world can't be used in a virtual world without license or permission. Wow, thanks for the heads up that sl is not rl. See the bolded quote? No it's not true. Sorry. Done properly is to use the name or brand without consent? You need to dig a bit firther before you tell someone about a profession i doubt you are in. My whole point was that so many people have no clue how to use a TM name. Some of you were even involved in a thread about a TM name and jumped all over the OP of how using a TM was wrong lol. Funny how you certain few posters just assume and shoot off your text. Most of you have snotty ignorant replies to people as you did here. If you read it it was not a question. Not replying to any more posts. Thank you
  7. I thought I saw a thread awhile back about people realizing it's against the TOS and illegal in the real world using a trademarked brand to promote your visibility here in sl to pull people in to view MP listings. I would think the same went for the forum use as if it's not against TOS it is certainly against the rl law to make use of a TM name or brand. I wonder how certain people get away with breaking the law while others have their stuff pulled for what seems a more "personal" reason. I work in rl building brands and it is illegal to use the name of a comapny for any reason unless you get permission from the holder of that TM. I am just curious as to how it works here now since when i was in sl before. I can use a fashion designers name and even use capitalization to push your mind of a similar way the logo works? Nope can't. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Intellectual_Property Edited for the link
  8. Hi Alicia, I read your profile, I think you may attract more people if you don't require people to be on sl weekednds and evenings as well as days. You say you use sl to escape rl, which many do, but it seems as though you are looking for a more rl relationship. I would suggest maybe not putting so many restrictions on someones's sl and maybe they would be more willing to warm up to you. Your profile comes off as a bit angry and scorned, most don't want that drama either. Obviously these are just my opinions and I am not bashing you. I know it's much more fun to share sl with someone
  9. Sorry, but my rl job has to do with branding and I have legal knowledge of terms of use, in no way even to just "hint" at the fact of a TM brand is illegal. I love how people just skate around it because of the verbiage used. What's wrong is wrong, there is no debate on how many levels you can use a brand when it's not yours. Look at the way the name is typed out, it's called a bait with a famous brand and this should be removed. Also for sl modeling, please explain the worth of that. Fun is one thing but to dupe people into spending a lot of lindens on some fantasy fame is sad, no matter what people use sl for. Those are usually the people in rl that have a very singular lifestyle and need some uplift in a non-realistic way. Sad thing is that most of the people need validation when rl should be a priority. I look at these contests, always have as what they are. You can't use a TM brand unless you own it. Period. BTW TCL is not her modeling agency, it's a different name LOL so read the previous post before this one, vast difference. People should fully understand how things like this work in sl as to not have their lindens used for something that is not what they truly understand. I am not interested in anymore of your PR work for redtess69. I responded to her post. MP ads can't "bait" people to look at their listings using TM or copyright brands, so I suppose this forum has different rules than the legalities of rl laws. Interesting.
  10. I just checked the Christian DIOR website and unfortunaely the company does NOT lend it's name in any way shape or form for people to grab attention to events rl or sl. I would suggest that you rethink using a trademarked name, even in the way you implied. Since you seem to be the spokesperson for the OP I directed this at you. MP stores can't use licensed or trademarked or copywrite protected content. Just because this is sl doesn't mean the law should be broken.
  11. Monica Querrien wrote: Red is an active model in SL, so it's not surprising that she would be affliated with a number of agencies and organizations. Please read the following link for more information on The Creative Loft: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/Calling-all-prospective-models-Styling-Contests-are-starting-do/td-p/1811313 If you are familar with the modeling industry, the majority of the contests are geared towards certified models, i.e. have graduated from an academy. However, there are a number of people who haven't went to school, but still have a flair for fashion. This contest is geared towards them. There are a significant number of residents who use Skype (and it's free). As laggy (espeically when using voice) and at times inconsistent as SL can be, Skype is an alternative way of communicating so if the sim crashes, or you crash - you can still be in contact with other people and be updated on the current events. If you have questions or feel like something is being left unsaid, you can always talk to Red inworld about your concerns. Yes I am familiar with the so called sl modeling world as through the years of being on and off sl i have many friends. This ad did not explain she had her own modeling agancy and to want people that have not spent money somewhere else after winning some contest usually resorts to signing up with place that sponsered. I am not sure why skype was not explained in the ad, also wondering why it took you and not the OP to answer any questions here so that takes any validation in my eyes as who this person is as honest with this ad. sl is vast and even people in the modeling world surely does not know everyone who has participated. I wish more people were informed that paying someone to be an sl model is silly. You learn to navigate your avatar with multiple key use and a hud so movements don't seem jerky. Pixels being a famous model taking a class that costs a large amount of money is ridiculous, my opinion, but backed by facts. If you want advice on putting outfits together there are many free blogs. I hate seeing people taken advantage of in a virtual world that a certificate is seemingly silly but you paid real world money for. I also in my many on and off years of sl have never had a problem with voice if you are in a laggy area and a machine that can't run sl then yes slvoice doesn't remain steady. The OP could not answer the replies on her own post, she should be happy to have you run to answer. Enjoy modeling. Edit- I can't call it the modeling industry in a virtual world where there is no such thing as actual requiremnets but a good skin and paying for pixel clothes, the ability to use the nav keys 2 at a time which most of us oldbies do as it is, and a hud.
  12. Why do you need a skype account? So you don't want any Models that have been trained by other agencies, but you seem to belong to many agencies?? You don't mention you have a model agancy so I think this may be a bit fishy...and also the "The Creative Loft" leaves some questions open. Is this a way to get people to sign up with your model agancy? If so, instead of steering them in some "wow you lucked out all this and not paying for modeling school" seems not the full story. I think you may have left out some important details and I am still wondering what skype would have to do with this.
  13. I saw this post in another category, so seeing it here in this one I am guessing it didn't get a lot of attention that you were hoping for. I was wondering, i see you posted you and your dom/husband looking for a pet/sub, your post is pretty clear on what RP you are looking for, but people come to Second life a lot to be anonymous and to ask that if they are not single in RL they have to tell their sig otyher, boyfriend, whatever what is going on in SL with you 2 seems a bit odd. If you are looking for a RL sub/pet you should state that (still seems to be demanding on another's RL as that seems a bit off base) but to tell a person that you are going to RP with you are controlling their RL, I think scares most away or they will ie to you (I am not saying everyone in SL lies but to get around your telling them what they have to do in RL I would suppose, as many do especially in the dom/sub RP at least until trust is established and then you really only get what they feel like sharing if it's true), I think you should take that demand of people's privacy off your list and you may get more results. Hope you find the person you are looking for, the only reason I mentioned this is because I seen your other post in another category for quite some time. Good luck in your search.
  14. Hi, I am not sure if this helps, but I crash a lot and can't move due to having a lot of scripts running on my avie. I also crash and can't move in a laggy sim with a lot of high prim things and scripts running. When I have left the certain sims, the problem is gone and also other times when I remove scripted items from my avie, e.g., all the attachments that have reziers and color change I usually make a copy now of copy items and delets the scripts), etc without huds I seem to maintain a stable connection. Hope you solve your issue as It is frustrating to crash!
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