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  1. I like the twist you put on this. I actually made something of same concept I just did not go to quite the lengths. I merely used the channels to an advantage and had the other person listen to the message they typed on channel 88 and said in OwnerSay. I like that there was much more thought added to this and I think it is great work.
  2. Well, I do appreciate your feedback. I am sure no one was calling you dumb. However I did use a randm channel rather than key generated because I prefer it in item that will not be talking to other scripts because there are to many item that are key generated channels and less chance of hitting the random channel than another scriptor who used the same code snippet. However I will point out my own mistake that I forgot to put +1 for the channel to make sure it never hits PUBLIC_CHANNEL. Other than that though all I see that was changed was the name of the variables.
  3. This is a simple example I made of the fairly new llTextBox. This is free software for anyone to use or learn with. Please use as you like just keep it free software. ////////////////////////////// //Made by ZachSmith Resident// ////////////////////////////// //Global Variables// integer listen_handle; string detected_name; //Default State// default { //Touch_Start event for when the item is touched// touch_start(integer total_number) { //Set the channel to be a random float that is rounded to the nearest integer since channels cannot be non whole numbers. integer channel = llRound(llFrand(10000)); //save the name of the person touching to a variable to be used later detected_name = llDetectedName(0); //set the llListen function to listen on channel for message from the key of the detected toucher listen_handle = llListen(channel, "", llDetectedKey(0), ""); //give instructions on how to use llSay(0, "Please type your suggestion in the Text Box and then press send. You have 2 minutes"); //Show the text box for them to put a message into llTextBox(llDetectedKey(0), "Type your suggestion below", channel); //set a timer event for 2 minutes giving them plenty of time to type a message so we can then close any listeners. llSetTimerEvent(120); } //listen event which is a result of the llListen listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { //Instant message the owner and tell them the name and suggestion that was just typed in the text box llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), detected_name + ": " + message); //remove the listener to help reduce lag llListenRemove(listen_handle); //turn the timer event to 0 so it does not continue going off every 120 seconds llSetTimerEvent(0); } //timer event, result of the llSetTimerEvent timer() { //tell the user that they are out of time and must click again to reopen the listen llSay(0, "Sorry, you did not type your message fast enough and has timed out. Please try again."); //remove the llListen so it will take less resources llListenRemove(listen_handle); //set timer event to 0 so it will not continue to say they have run out of time. llSetTimerEvent(0); } } //string name = ZachSmith Resident;// //integer value = TRUE;// ///////llSetAwesome(name, value);///////
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