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  1. Quoted for emphasis. Second life can be a safe-haven for people to get away from Drama, not run to it. Don't run into house fires.
  2. I've quit SL several times unsuccessfully, you'll be back.
  3. What i can say to this type of conversation; -is that a couple years ago, i was still using Cable Ethernet connection speeds at a very basic price package, and on a Gaming PC with a decent network card, i usually always ran into an array of loading/texture/sim issues. Fast-forward to today, I've upgraded to 250mb Fiber internet on the very same Gaming PC, and I've seen tremendous differences (improvements) overall since I've returned to Second Life. I don't know how much of what i just typed can be extrapolated as useful or constructive, but for me personal, my bottleneck all these years appeared to primarily exist inside my internet connection speeds.
  4. Mine still looks like a trash-fire was being attacked by a Hotdog stand. I want to try and fix that.
  5. Once upon a time it was mostly about Naruto, The Empire shopping district, shooting people with weird gadgets, Lost City of Angels, renting an Apartment and then losing it a week later due to... reasons, and the .Hack sim. Back in it's glory days, there were RP sims everywhere. Now all we have are glory-h...i'll stop there. But in all seriousness, there is a lot more to Second life then the urges of the flesh, but what we do have can be somewhat tedious to discover.
  6. Howdy Community, i could really use some assistence in finding something. I am currently in search of a high quality Roller-Skating AO (preferably MOcap), i am still activly looking, but the choices via the marketplace are quite dismal. Thank you in advance!
  7. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Nothing as amazing as you two this time for me. I put this on my feed this morning, and forgot to upload here: Morning just making its way through the shadows. Wowzers! the shodowing and shader quality is pretty stunning! I've only messed around with the DOF settings so far, but seeing this snap-shot plus a dozen others really motivates me to dive into the shadow and advanced lighting settings! ; ♥
  8. Ahhh, i've been looking for a Gaming zone of some sort, i will deffinitly have to check you guys out! ☜(˚▽˚)☞
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