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  1. since they have upped the prem account to 11.99 monthly i think we should get more linden for that also i know we just got new houses and such but for 11.99 a month u would think we should be more like for example the people who been gettin 500L every tuesday should be boosted to like 1,000 a week and the ones who get 300L should move up to 600L a week
  2. We are a new country club opening up we play old school country, outlaw country, New age country, Blue Grass Country we are looking for experience Dj's and Hosts or if your just starting out that is fine too we give 90% tips to both dj and hosts and we do contests also.... so if you interested give me or my faince a message in game for app and we are also hiring for EXPERENCED MGRs of clubs also Owner: Stormie Holiday Co-Owner: Electriksky Northman
  3. was just wondering if there is a update on the weekly allowance for the lindens SL gives us
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