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  1. Yes thanks. I just realised it's the capital D. Thanks for the link to the function.
  2. Hi. Can anyone tell me why my code gets a syntax error at the Do of the Do...While loop? float wsquared(float w) // return the square of the argument { return w*w; } float thimblea=106.039; float thimbleb=200.718; string txt=""; float OldDist=900; float newDist=900; default { attach(key id) { vector avpos=llGetPos(); float posx=avpos.x; float posy=avpos.y; float oldDist=llSqrt(wsquared(llAbs(thimblea-posx))+wsquared(llAbs(thimbleb-posy))); //use pythagoras to work out the distance integer a=0; integer b=1000; Do { a++; string txt=" "; }while(a<b); } }
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