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  1. Well im sorry for being such a newb but id like to ask for your all mighty knowledge one more time: -"Good. Just be aware, in case you didn't already know, you'll need to do a few things before LL will allow you to upload mesh models. You need to have payment info on file (even if you're not actually paying anything), and you need to complete a quick IP rights quiz. The payment info is so they can verify your identity, in case of IP issues. The quiz is so they can be reasonably certain you have common sense enough not to get into IP trouble in the first place"- About having payment info on file , i have an activated paypal account linked to my second lif, does that work? and the IP test thingy how does that work, and what is it about? -"3. Select everything you want to export."- So in the scene, it doesnt have to be all merged together for it to upload okay? as in say i make a bow with a bunch of stuff on it do i have to merge vortics somehow so it uploads all in one prim? or can it just be different things and extract them all together? And if i make a hoodie and the details are separated without being merged will it affect the model when its imported and wore? About the textures, i have been wondering, can you upload the mesh textured or you have to uplod the texture later inside SL? About the weight system, lol wut? i've read about it but never understood a thing about it.
  2. Chosen i have to say, ive browsed around the forums and ive seen your responses and i really love how much time u take to help others. i think im going to follow your advice and stick to meshing, but there are some things i dont understand, for example after im done modelling the whole thing together, is there any kind of tutorial you know about for texturing the model? And if im going to upload it as a mesh, can i model the whole thing with polygons? The exporting, you really lost me on that one, could you explain me some more about how to export the scene so it can be uploaded as a mesh into SL? (Im using Maya 2012) Thank you very much c:
  3. So, im new to this of uploading models to second life, i followed all the possible steps i could find online to fix my problem but no luck. NOTE: This model was started as a cube. One thing i did realize, is that the only way for htis not to happend (or for it to almost not happen) is if i make aa sphere 20x20 (and god that's tedious to work with for a beginner.) Model in maya: http://i.imgur.com/SiBue.png Model in SL: http://i.imgur.com/KT8T0.png Bitmap (SL): http://i.imgur.com/Xl5vt.png
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