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  1. My alternative avatar account hanabito resident was hacked & then put on hold for *****. I wish to have my account back please. If I get it back I'll delete whatever the hacker put in.
  2. He can't view adult or moderate content, because he put wrong the year. He is 18, & just turned 18 last year, & joined Second life yesterday. He cant view any content, but general due to a mistake when signing up for second life. May someone help please?
  3. Hi I am looking for a boreal forest with some snow like land. Can somebody please hook me up with an abandoned land like that? If it is free or at a low cost in linden, I'll take it. I only have 19 linden. I'll try to make more if it is at least up to 500L with an inland job. I want a place where I don't need to pay rent & I can do what I want on it. I don't have a credit/debit card to pay for a premium account. I don't have an actual paying job to get the money for a premium account. I am getting job training at my school. I am a student & I live with my parents. My boyfriend lives do
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