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  1. [EDITED 6/20/2016] Marketplace still will not load. So, I just do not go there. I have no more time for this. I did a clean reinstall of firestorm and marketplace website still not load properly. The problem is with the Marketplace website, since all of my other sites are running well. I only have a certain ammount of time for foolishness, and I have run out of time for this BS.
  2. I tried to drag a selection box around them, but they did not highlight . I hope they soon update the building tools and remove that junk. But I learned a good lesson Thanks again
  3. I tried to test out the build tool on my beach. I created some grass and plants that I want removed. I have no idea how to remove them, some are across my property lines also. I tried to highlight transparent but it has no effect on this grass and these plants. (update)Thanks everyone for your response. I had to redo my whole property in order to remove that grass & weeds. I had to remove all of my objects and subdivide my land into seperate parcels. Then I returned all of the grass and weeds. It worked well. They are all gone. Unfortunately it created quite a bit of work for me, since I
  4. Yes it was a 1 prim object. And it looked the same at all angles. Here is the rose vase I bought. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Red-Roses-in-Red-Vase-1-Prim-Hologram-Giftable/4450884 It is not a sculpty, but a hologram.
  5. I have seen these 1 prim objects. They look the same at all angles. I want to use a lantern texture I made but it looks flat. I need it to look like a lantern at all angles. Lindal Kidd, here is a link to a 1 prim rose vase hologram which looks the same at all angles. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Red-Roses-in-Red-Vase-1-Prim-Hologram-Giftable/4450884 [UPDATE] I just found out how this rose bush was made: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dvandva-avBuilder-26-1-prim-full-perm-AnyView-objects-signs-plants-etc/1266775
  6. Thanks Sephy McCaw. I will be getting new equipment indeed.I will checkout the Intel 3570. I will also look for the solid state disk also,instead of harddrive. Thanks again, and thanks to all who responded.
  7. Thank you very much for your informative reply also,Nalates Urriah. You have given a lot to consider for my next PC purchase. Unfortunately the one I am using now is a laptop, so I cannot do much upgrading on it.I will probably choose the Inel i7 processor and Invidia graphics card. I will make sure I have the maximum speed and power needed before buying. I will keep in mind what you said, "Other games are more dependent on the graphics card than SL is.A big step up in graphics card doesn't give you a big step in SL performance.The memory, CPU, and graphics card combnation ALL affects SL's pre
  8. Thanks Ayesha Askham You have been very helpful also.I think you are right, I really will need a whole new PC , with a power supply that is able to run the GPU needed for SL. I really think SL can only be truly enjoyed by those who are able to run it on the "Ultra" setting. At this setting you can see the clouds in the sky and many other details. When I go to this setting my av no longer moves. Thanks again to everyone who responded with helpful info:man :manvery-happy:
  9. Thanks for your response, VRprofessor. My PC is just a cheap laptop. There is no way I will be able to upgrade this one to make it compatable with SL. My FPS is well below 10, and usually below 5. It is impossible to run SL with such a mindless PC.I will be looking for a new PC with similar processor and graphics card as those you have mentioned.
  10. I will be getting a faster fiber optic ISP soon, which should help my speed some. I am running a little over 700 kbps (DSL) now.I know now that I can never enjoy SL until I get a PC and ISP which can keep up with the hard to load sims and clubs in SL. You can view my system info on a screenshot I saved by clicking here.If anyone has any suggestions on a PC that can perform well in SL please let me know.
  11. I have been having the same problem since yesterday.When I try to log in at my premium home I get moved to another location. I get an error message saying my home is not available now. When I try to teleport to my home another error message appears saying I need to logout and try again.
  12. I had the very same problem and worked for 2 days on it, crashed every time I tried to save a photo or upload a texture. Finally I saw this post and uninstalled my Microsoft Skydrive. I was able to begin uploading textures again right away! Thanks for the help!
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