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  1. First, sorry that some of you are also having this issue, but nice to know i am not alone. I am going to check periodically and see if they have a fix,....... I did see that someone suggested a different viewer for a totally other reason, but I decided to try. I installed "impudence" and it seems to be working. Make note of this though... when you log in to sl using impudence, they ask for your first name, last name, and password...... I found that your first name is your username., last name is resident, and then your password......... good luck all... I am Cinneebunz/sweeetsin.......look me up if you have any questions or if by chance you have found something out that would help.. Thanks and good luck
  2. Earlier today I bought something on the markeplace...when i got it, my computer started acting funny..... At one point i was bumped and while waiting for my laptop to unfreeze, 2 or 3 different radio feeds started to play........but yet sl was off. I had to do a hard reboot and when I tried to log back in, i got the error message in the subject area. Tried to log in on different viewer and still nothing. I cannot log in.....does anyone know what i can do?
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