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  1. wiked Anton wrote: is there nothing more important in your life than the dying of a singer?...many other people died that same day but there is no mention of it.........what of them? does one need to be a celebrity for someone to care wether we have passed?....seems so. Is there nothing more than you acting like a douchebag?
  2. Coby Foden wrote: Look here: Naruto 3D MMORPG in Secondlife
  3. Old news is old. I still wish to post it here for people who do not know. Here's the URL to see some news: http://en.ria.ru/world/20120604/173831212.html Anyway, here's a few videos..
  4. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Well, it's still not 10:18:11 SLT/PDT yet, is it? You got about half an hour. P.S. I've heard of people having their accounts put on hold for weeks/months. If it all got resolved in one day, I think I would consider myself lucky. But I'm a glass half full kinda guy. By the time I read this I figured out why(today). The issue is now resolved. I shall have access back to the account by Monday or so. I've used LL's "support" system to commuicate with them over it. I've provided screenshots of everything, just now in my ticket.
  5. So, I still cannot access my LuciaRiley account in world. I'm not going to wait much longer in order to use it.
  6. They still need to hurry up.
  7. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: LuciaRiley wrote: y u no let me login LL?! My gripe of the day is how horrible Linden Lab Support is. I've tried contacting them and they yet to reply. Back when LL was reintroducing office hours as user group meetings there was a push to get a support user group. The users were saying they needed to meet with LL support to go over some issues. At the time it seemed that LL felt they should try to improve support first and meet later. Then the user group meetings took a turn for the worse and here we are. User groups like that burn out too quickly, anyway. NCI helpers even admit to sucking
  8. lawl, I think they b& my LuciaRiley account just for calling the Lindens lazy.
  9. Shelby Silverspar wrote: Based on the message you have it's possible your avi is ghosted and whatever sim it's stuck on needs a restart. Also - sometimes when I have gotten that message myself, logging in an alt will fix it, sometimes not. I'm going to try that with this alt. Thanks for the help
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