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  1. I do this! use a wired controller, and a patch from microsoft website. Somewhere on here there's settings instructions for your sl viewer. Using games controllers can be glitchy but good fun!
  2. Try entering contests, mainland london has many from 11pm slt come over! http://slurl.com/secondlife/London%20City/108/108/24
  3. Hmm, there's not an option to upload an image is the issue.... Thanks for the tutorial tho
  4. On the forum there's a I'd box with av image and kudos, etc. How on earth do I add my own pic? I only have the default pic :( <--- answered lol!
  5. lokirat


    That is very odd! Try downloading the viewer again
  6. Tell me about it! Its trying my patience. When I send group notices or anything but chat, the active window will switch to the main chat. When I win this battle I'll report back. All I can suggest for now is don't press enter or look away from the screen. Lol, just be aware for now where your text is appearing. I find it will switch every 20 seconds. ...update: ok i found it, in preferences, chat, choose "flash toolbar button" on everything, it should now just flash orange, and not steal the mouse.
  7. think i have another griefer. whilst building in public sandbox island my cursor centrerd and would not do much but shake in a 1cm area.... i chat " hahaha trolol lol lol la la lol..." came to post here and it stopped. well solved, but still i didnt find this topic in search so hope i can ease others worry
  8. update- swapped to agni grid after i gave laptop a restart. sheep still attached,got a good luck and the spray says ....swapped back to viewer and sheep have gone, lmao. back to trying to build a pet rat
  9. just had the same here. sandbox island. just saw clouds hit me from behind and rezzed into 2 sheep sprayed with "linden" lmao- it was funny-ish, yet kinda concerning. my avatar looked horrified, bless flew into the sky, no option to detatch the sheep- they glowed in purple on right click. my viewer crashed... is still on not responding now.
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