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  1. My market store is based on limited quanity no copy items. Things such as breedables and gacha resales. Each item only has 1 available (since i cant put multi of the same item in one listing for these types of items). The items are listed through the magic box old system as it is the only way these can be listed. When the item sells and gets delivered i have a listing left with zero quantity that i try and unlist asap so people arent wasting time looking at sold out listings. I am trying to delete all the old (fully delivered) listings of things that are sold out as they are no longer needed. The actions on the right of the screen do NOT give me a delete or remove option. I have tried getting this option when the item is checked for liested and unchecked and there is still no option to get rid of it. The list is getting very unorganised and long needlessly being full of non existant product and i would really like to clean them up to make the rest of my stuff easier for me to look after. On a semi related question. I had some items that the labs unlisted since i had more than one of some of the items and they got unlisted as spam (i wish there was a way to list these products that r the same in one listing as it took a lot of wasted time filling them out individual so if someone knows how to list them all as one for the gacha items please tell me). I have removed the items the labs have taken off the listings from the magic box and refreshed my listings and they are still showing in the listing highlighted red not letting me do anything with them. I cannot clean these up as they wont let me delete them or anything. How do i get rid of these since the items r no longer in the magic box? 2 part question but they are related. help please my market listing list is a mess with stuff that doesnt exist anymore and like i said the delete or remove option isnt there. Hi I never got a response to this question and I still need to know how to do these things as my MP listings are a mess without being able to delete the things that dont need to be there anymore. Maybe the labs can answer, do they read these?
  2. Why are all folders being worn when I click to wear only one folder or even one item? I choose one thing to wear and it starts putting everything in my clothing folder on. I have deleted any new items I have gotten or opened since this problem began and cleared cache and relogged. The problem is still happening weather I choose to wear a folder or one item inside a folder. Tons of attachments and cloth items attempt to be put on at once. Help this is making a ton of lag and making it impossible to get dressed.:matte-motes-confused: thanks the 2nd method seems to have solved it but if you know what causes this id like to know so i can avoid it happening again in the future.
  3. If a person already has a marketplace store, are they able to have another one at the same time? If they have say a store selling finished products and want to sell build kits as well but don't want them listed in the same store. If the products are that different in the real world a company would have a retail outlet and their supply wholesale business would be separated. I don't want to have the finished products listed in the same store as the build components for marketing and sales purposes. I'd like to know if the programming allows to have 2 separate stores on one avis account or if the alternate store has to be on an alternate avi. Having the second store on a second avi would mean having to have the inventory items for both avis.. one for selling purposes and one for using the materials in the finished products so i'm hoping there is a way around having to do this. I would like to be able to have them on the same avi as it will save a lot of hassle and doubled inventory. If it is possible to do this please let me know as well as how to do it. thanks i have added coments to the jiras with some suggestion to maybe compress the 2 into one solution that may work for both jira groups.
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