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  1. The best way to get "free" lindens is to enter party contests with a couple of friends working together. Most will pay out several hundred lindens for 1st place and decreasing amounts for 2nd and 3rd. Also in most cases, the contests are based on votes by other guests at the party. With everyone voting for themselves or refraining from voting, a person can easily win with the help of 3-4 friends. In fact, the rule of thumb is you need 4 votes for every ten entries (people in the contest, NOT people at the party) to win 1st or 2nd place. Contests are usually posted in the SL events section under either nightlife / entertainment or contests. My BF and I used to go to Orgy Island and win quite frequently with the help of another couple until we were accused of cheating. They have L$500 contests daily - sometimes more often - and there is no fee to enter. The last time we were there it was taking three votes - my BF and the couple we went with - to win 1st or 2nd. Good luck!
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