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  1. Yes, the bubble girl. I didn't know it had a timer. I haven't tried it on yet. I'll check tonight! I think this may be the solution I'm looking for. Thank you so much!
  2. I was thinking of getting a few stand alone restraints that I could possibly lock down. If I got these cuffs would I be effectively inable to remove other things on my avatar, like other restraints that may not have that timer feature? Could these cuffs possibly be hidden under a costume, if I were to so choose? I have this suit that turns me into a floating balloon girl that I'd love to be able to trap myself in.
  3. I have the RLV viewer, but was under the impression that most objects required someone else to lock someone into them, in order to make them unremovable. I just want to create my own predicaments and set a timer for how long I'd be stuck that way. Btw, I am referring to things that I wear on my avatar and not rezzable objects.
  4. I asked this in another thread, but I thought I might get more answers if I devoted an entire topic to it. Is there anything available that would allow me to lock things onto myself and make them impossible for me to remove myself until a timer runs out?
  5. Ok, thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
  6. Yeah, 6pm SLT. That sounds absolutely perfect, because yeah, I'd like the timer to reflect my online time if that's possible. The suit that I have just completely makes any access to my inventory impossible and that's how it locked me in. I'm guessing with this lock thing, I still have inventory access, I just can't remove certain attachments that are locked. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get the key when it is sent to me.
  7. I don't have any land to put a timer on, but if you know of a place where I could rent a parcel tiny enough to keep something for cheap or have a place I could use, that would be awesome. I'd just need a place to rezz the box. I really only made this av to use every week or 2 when I feel like doing this type of thing. I'd kind of like to be able to either set the timer to a specific time or have it be a random period of time between x and x hours and I don't want to know what the random time is. I really appreciate your help. I won't be able to be in world until probably 6pm, so its no rush.
  8. If I were to friend you in SL and then give you the key and tell you not to give it back to me until a certain amount of time has passed would you be willing to oblige? :matte-motes-big-grin-evil:
  9. Yeah, I want to lock stuff on myself and then not have freedom to unlock any of it until a timer runs out. I have a mummy suit from Doll Life that does that, but I'd like to have an array of things besides just that.
  10. I really just want to be able to put a bunch of restraints or some sort of av on myself and then set a timer for a random time period (like say between 2 and 8 hours) and then lock myself out of my inventory where I'll have to deal with whatever I did to myself until the time is up.
  11. Is there any sort of collar or device where I could just put some restraints on myself and then set a random time period where I'd be restricted from removing whatever I did to myself? If I could do something to myself and then find a good busy club that would be friendly to that sort of thing and leave myself trapped there until the timer runs out, I could probably amuse myself without anyone else's help. I have one suit that does that, but I'd like more variety and to be able to use some other things that aren't specifically designed for that.
  12. I'm not new to SL, but I made an entirely new av for kinky stuff. I really just want to log in every once and a while when I feel like it and engage in a little bondage. I like being led around on a leash. I like suits that restrict things like chat, movement, and interactions with the environment (though I like to at least partially be able to see and partially read chat, even if I can't talk) and I like not knowing how long I will be stuck in a particular predicament. I especially like this in a public area where there are people who can see me but I am pretty helpless around them. I just really like bondage. I'm not particularly comfortable with being nude in public, anything graphically violent or blatant sexual acts. I just want to be trussed up and led around and/or left somewhere in public. Where could I go to find someone who would be willing to do those things to me on nights when I feel like logging in? Maybe once a week. Possibly skipping some weeks, possibly twice a week depending on my moods. I'm new to BDSM in SL and so forgive me if this is poor ettiquette. I'm just not sure where to find someone like this. Thanks.
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