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  1. my account suspended for this default, I'm trying to pay with my paypal account verified and international card help me Error> There was a problem charging your payment method.
  2. samuelxc


    Os Brasileiros podem usar paypal normalmente? com cartão internacional certo? Não sei se é verdade que dizem que somente os EUA podem usar paypal , gostaria de saber se é verdade... Desde já, obrigado.
  3. EDIT when I sell my lindens it appears: You haven't accepted the newest set of Terms of Service yet. You cannot execute Lindex transactions until you've done so. Pleaselog in to the Second Life Viewer. how can I log into my account if it is on hold? THAT IS THE PROBLEM and when I pay my debt with paypal appears: To use your PayPal account with Second Life, it must be verified with a bank account. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For months I'm trying to rec
  4. EDIT Vocês não entenderam , minha conta esta bloqueada por divida e eu tenho dolares na minha conta paypal americana porem ela necessita de uma conta bancaria americana, e isso não tenho já que sou Brasileiro , como vou fazer pra pagar a divida? Não tenho cartão internacional, por favor será que não tem como enviar o dinheiro apenas transferindo paypal para paypal???
  5. samuelxc


    EDIT You do not understand, my account is locked for debt and I have dollars in my paypal account U.S. however it requires a U.S. bank account, and I do not have since I'm Brazilian, and I'll do to pay the debt? I have international card, please will not have to send the money to just transferring paypal paypal??
  6. Quero recuperar minha conta, ela esta suspensa(em espera) a mais de 3 messes, posso?
  7. samuelxc


    My account was suspended after several attempts to change password after having suffered a hacker attack. WHAT should I do to recover my account? I'm desperate
  8. samuelxc


    I received an email saying my password was changed, the bao changed my password, after that I can not log in my avatar with more terrar and premium pay. Please be able to solve my problem will be grateful
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