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  1. how is this thread pointless in face what im trying to say is the SL Servers needs to be more sercuity agains these kind of things and stuff
  2. ok so as my experince wih SL everything is been messing up alot so here are ines and others people issuess or problems 1.Crashing Crashing happens when some one entry the reigho with lets of stuff or they are wearing a have item or object with scrips int it and it's crashing everybody in it 2. Crahsers are people also know as Grifers.trollers and etc waalks in to a sim and do what every they can to crash the sim and have it off line for a period of time now i am not the only person here who is tried of this now this needs to stop better yet LL Upgrad yall servers with some beter sercuity to keep things like this from happening ok serious and 3rd party viewers as will if LL can upgrad there servers and make it more stable maybe SL can work better and wont have serious bug and glitch and etc thats caseing problems and issues ok so LL please Upgrad the Servers serious
  3. one of my another account has received that message can some one explane to me all about this and what has happened and what happened and how can i get that account back and everything im worryed now and scared :(
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