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  1. So I've been getting randomly banned from my most favorite places to shop and now today I went shopping and logged for a bit, came back and was trying to take my sister there and we are BOTH banned. It's totally random and I've talked to most of the owners and they all say neither my sister nor I are on their ban list and they don't understand why we are getting the banned message. I've tried different viewers, viewer 3, firestorm, phoenix, hybrid and the normal Second Life viewer and still banned on all of them. I'm getting quite upset because I've never been banned from anywhere before and
  2. :womanfrustrated:I haven't owned land for over two months now and it keeps charging me the $8 teir monthly. I have it set to NO land tier and yet it keeps charging me and now I'm negative in balance. I refuse to pay something 1. TURNED OFF!! And 2. Haven't used. Yep thank you for the answer! I contacted Billing and they said there was no reason what so ever for them to be billing me and I'm waiting for a refund now :) But like I said before I haven't owned land for awhile now so I had everything in order on my side, just a billing issue. All settled now :D Yay!
  3. Brand new build! Beautiful adult XXX furniture throughout, working tv, (Youtube as well as adult sites), on the beach with a romantic view. Not to mention a beautiful view of the UNDEVELOPED!! Land from behind the house. Prim restricted as it's already furnished... I will make acceptions for special requests if I see fit. Send IM or notecard to Smirfette.Resident in game. I have stunning photos apon request....
  4. Anyone know a good place to find a dog, or furry that wants a female human?
  5. I signed up and it said I would recieve $1000L sign up bonus, and $300L a week as long as membership is active. I was wondering when I would recieve this? Because I was under the impression that the $1000L was instant and the $300L started on a specific day, like all mondays or something like that.
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