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  1. Gamja , you come across as being very angry at men. maybe IM me inworld, prehaps we can chat
  2. Here is a great pole, its all covered in here including: online sex for woman, types of orgasms, fake orgasms and women not being able to orgasm becuase of tiredness, so at least im not alone. The sniping can cease and we call all crawl back into our holes and be friends again http://abcnews.go.com/images/Politics/959a1America​nSexSurvey.pdf
  3. Here is a great pole, its all covered in here including: online sex for woman, types of orgasms, fake orgasms and women not being able to orgasm becuase of tiredness. The sniping can cease and we call all crawl back into our holes and be friends again http://abcnews.go.com/images/Politics/959a1AmericanSexSurvey.pdf If you ask a hundred woman your question, you are likely to get a hundred different answers. What you are really asking is are you alone in not climaxing but still enjoying the sex? Not "wonking off" Well yes, let me explain. Of lets say ten of my real life friends, including myself, that I have known since high school and are in touch with regularly. At least four feel the way you do. Sex is a mental thing for them, "wonking off" is not not needed for them to enjoy it. Two are into female "wonking off" and again climaxing is not a big deal. Two like climaxing multiple times, one of them loves penetration and one is a borderline nymphomaniac. This is by no means a scientific pole, I am just giving you a small sample. We are all different. Nobody has the final say on what's right and what's wrong. As for men not understanding female genitalia and how they work, neither do some women. I could give you Sandra's manual to what works for her, but it wont necessarily work as well on Rebecca. You know what works for you, and its up to you to tell your man what you like and don't like, otherwise why would some lesbians buy strap-ons and some be repulsed by the idea? Is the road map to your jade gate going to work for your best friend? Apologies for the sometimes crude explanations. But there's sometimes no way around an issue but to go straight through it. /me switches off the lights and heads inworld muttering "meh, last time I give sexual advice in an open forum. Everyone is an expert on other peoples experiences."
  4. Our relationship is a little different, we agreed to make it as real as possible from the beginning. Yes there are times when I can't climax with him for various reasons. Being in a D/s relationship complicates this somewhat, Its not a turn off for me knowing that he values my happiness. He wants to know that, like was mentioned above, he has pleasured me and I like knowing that I can make him happy and give him release. It may be ego driven or it may be genuine, I think it depends on who you are with. For me, just like in RL, making love is part of being in love. Its a physical act, whether virtual or not, that consummates our relationship. Part of our problem was time zones. I am a few hours ahead of him, so by the time we get home im exhausted, its late and I really only want to sleep. We had our first fight over this very issue last week. What solved it was communication. Once he realized I was just very tired, we swapped our usual time to a few hours earlier and im happy to say that it worked out very well. :smileyhappy:
  5. There are these 4 really annoying dogs in the Hyde Park Sim. Try looking at around 4:30pm London time. Love to see them in matching kennels *smiles
  6. I was disappearing in plain sight. Heaven help me I need to make it right
  7. My Master, love and best friend. thats says it all, but for the many people who see it as something different, they are welcome to there own experience. Submission for me is a beautifull thing, Ultimately its about 4 things Honesty, obiedience, love and trust Dont put yourself into the hands of someone who is abusive becuase they where abused themselves. And dont give up responsability either, you carry your dommes name in your profile. Its just like any other relationship, Give and take. And If you're just having fun or looking for a quiky, forget what I have said and go hire yourself a domme by all means. Its a lifestyle choice based in love, not a cheap thrill.
  8. For My BF Abegail, you never got to experience SL hun, R.I.P.
  9. Nasty back-biting aside, There have been some good places mentioned above. There are decent & strong Masters out their. Most of the good ones will require some kind of voice verification, but If you meet their requirements, and really enjoy submitting to his will, you will find one soon enough. Keep looking girl, and choose wisely. You can always ask them for a little voice when you meet for the first time to verify for yourself that he is not 14 or 54.
  10. No indeed, I am in a new relationship in SL. Sex included. I think it all depends on who you partner, just like in RL. If you are unable to bridge the gap between RL and SL sex then It is probably better to have an AV that reflects that. Also this partnership that I am In may lead to a RL relationship. And that's a powerful tool for people to use when it comes to dating, courting whatever. I will live with him in SL for a year or two before I allow any RL contact. That way I have an idea of what he is like domestically. I know I know, I can here the shouts from across the room, I know it can be dangerous, I said a year not next week Besides that the sex In SL is good but not like RL, and If he wants me in RL then he better be prepared to put in the time in SL. And to all the naysayer, who will undoubtedly tell me here that I should go out in RL looking, Indeed I have and still do, but SL is nice for a girl for a few reasons not the least of which is looking great all the time, and being able to block/mute the little trolls who follow you when you're shopping or hanging out. And to those who ignore my profile and keep on hitting on me, I use the same methods I use in RL and they work in SL just as well.
  11. This is for my Gumby, makes me cry everytime. We will always have SL my Love
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